Large Garden Buddha Statue Buying Guide

Garden Buddha Statues can turn any space or outdoor corner in a sanctuary for relaxation and meditation.

Outdoor Buddha Statues add a touch of sophistication to any garden and represent wonderful Feng Shui remedies, contributing to our health, prosperity, and happiness, depending on the statue we choose to buy.

There are many styles and sizes of Buddha Statues to choose from, but a large outdoor buddha statue is  the most indicated for gardens.

Many manufacturers offer statue finishes that can withstand the elements of nature and therefore are suitable for external use.

Stone is the principal material for practical reasons: it is available in many parts of the world and can be obtained in large blocks, it has a uniform texture and hardness, which makes it suitable for carving.

Some of the hardest stones used for Garden Buddha Statues are granite, basalt, and obsidian.

large buddha garden statue for feng shui

The metal most used for manufacturing Garden Buddha Statues is bronze, but gold, silver, aluminum, copper, brass, and iron have also been widely used.

Most metals are extremely strong, hard, and durable, with a strength that permits a much greater freedom of design than is possible in stone.

A remarkably durable substance that is fast becoming the material of choice for the production of garden ornaments is resin, this is why there is a large selection of Resin Garden Buddha Statues on the market.

Who was Buddha?

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world, founded by Siddhartha Gautama, later known as the Buddha.

Most scholars agree that Buddha was probably born in April-May 558 BC (or, according to other tradition, in ~567), in Kapilavastu.

Son of a king, Śuddhodana and of his first wife, Maya, he got married when he was sixteen with two princesses from the neighboring kingdoms and left the palace at 29. He had obtained his “Perfect and Supreme Awakening” in April-May ~523 and after he preached for the rest of his life, he died in November ~478, at the age of 80.

Buddha’s life and teachings have been the topic of many Buddhist literary works, such as poetry, critical essays and sacred text and also the inspiration for a rich and diverse Buddhist art – religious images, paintings, dance and sculptures, which exhibits distinctive forms and characteristic of cultures and countries from all over the world.

In the present, Buddhist art constitutes an important part of overall Buddhist cultural legacy as many people choose to display beautiful and meaningful Buddha Statues in their gardens, commercial and residential building places.

Here we list four of the best buddha garden statue options out there to help make your day more efficient

NameMain Properties 
Sitting Buddha High Faux SandstoneCreates a perfect atmosphere for rest and meditationBuddha , the statue is holding an ingot symbolizes receiving wealth.Check On Amazon
Meditating Bronze Buddha LED FountainSets the perfect ambiance for improving your meditation skillsand successCheck On Amazon
Laughing Buddha Garden StatueLaughing Buddha also knowns as Happy Buddha, Money Buddha , the statue is holding an ingot symbolizes receiving wealth.Check On Amazon
Meditating Buddha HeadRepresents the knowledge and wisdom of BuddhaCheck On Amazon

Sitting Buddha High Faux Sandstone Outdoor Statue

Characterized by a very strong refinement and technical sophistication, this 29 1/2″ high x 20 1/2″ wide x 14″ deep and 25 pounds Earth Touching Buddha outdoor statue is made of easy to maintain resin, with a weathered sandstone finish and is ideal for patios and gardens, creating a perfect atmosphere for rest and meditation.

large buddha outdoor statue

The Buddha statue – legs crossed, the left hand in the lap, and the right hand pointing to the ground with the palm facing inward – is the most common posture in Thai temples, known as ‘Calling the Earth to Witness’.

The gesture illustrates the moment Buddha called the Earth Goddess to witness that he achieved enlightenment underneath the Bodhi tree, the central experience from which the whole of the Buddhist tradition unfolds. The product is designed for outside and it can be exposed to sun, wind, rain, snow or frost with no risk.

Meditating Bronze Buddha LED Fountain

A perfect ornament for the garden, the fountain displays a Buddha Statue in Meditation posture, holding a basin which contains a lotus flower. The carving is made of highly resistant resin, with an aged bronze finish and it measures 24″ high, 19″ wide, and 19″ deep.

buddha led statue with fontain for garden

The ornament includes amber-colored LEDs, a pump, and a 6’ft electrical cord.
The fountain is designed with great attention to details for an outstanding and unique glowing effect, with LED lights surrounding the small lotus flower that triggers the flow of water and the larger lotus flower functioning as a basin with small holes that allow the water to circulate.

The bottom reservoir and pump can be accessed through a detachable cover, situated at the back of the fountain.
The Meditation Buddha Statue sets the perfect ambiance for improving your meditation skills and is a perfect carving for people who desire a serene life.

Laughing Buddha Garden Statue

A joyful element of decor that lifts your spirits and reminds you that laughter is the best medicine. This Hotei Jolly Laughing Buddha Statue is made of hand-cast crushed stone, bonded with high-quality designer resin, a solid and resistant material and it is hand-painted in a two-tone faux stone finish.

The statue weighs 17.64 pounds and its dimensions are 10.5″ wide x 9.5″ deep x 25″ high.
The Laughing Buddha Statue or Budai is regarded as a symbol of happiness and good fortune. It brings laughter, prosperity, success and financial gains to its owners.

This Happy Buddha is not a statue of worship or prayer, but for being displayed in a garden or patio and its presences is purely symbolic and auspicious. Rubbing the big, fat belly of the Buddha Statue will bring luck and plenty of giggles, rubbing his earlobes will attract wisdom and rubbing the gold he holds in his hands will bring wealth and abundance.

Meditating Buddha Head  Outdoor Statue

The Buddha Head Statues are one of the most popular Buddhist artifacts as they perfectly represent the knowledge and wisdom of Buddha. Buying Buddha Head Statues can help the evolution on the path of spiritual enlightenment as they can act as a source of inspiration and knowledge for anyone.

This gorgeous, high-quality statue illustrates a Meditating Buddha Head, perfect for displaying in the yard or garden. The Meditating Buddha Head is made of lightweight cast resin, with a superb weathered stone finish and greatly detailed craftwork.

The head is hollow on the inside, with no hole. It is waterproof and it withstands the elements of nature with no signs of wear for many years. The statue weighs 9.8 pounds and its dimensions are 18 1/2″ high x 11″ wide x 10 1/2″ deep.

Change Your Garden – Change Your Life

The successful practice of Feng Shui starts with the outdoors. Your garden and outdoor space can be designed using the principles of Feng Shui to help improve all aspects of your life.

The goal is to create a garden that provides the energy that you want it to have. The great thing about Feng Shui is that even skeptics will benefit from the use of the principles.

Promote good chi in your garden by reviewing the path chi takes. You can make changes to the path once you understand the current flow of chi in your garden.

In Feng Shui terms your garden is representative of your future so it pays to take special care in keeping it nice.

To start with you should assess any aspects of negative or bad chi in your garden. These can come from sources such as electrical lines, large buildings, hospitals or cemeteries nearby or even by dead ends.

To counteract these negative sources of chi try using wind chimes, upward facing lights such as those used on walkways, gazing balls and even by placing statues in the garden.

Clear any clutter from your garden to allow the free movement of chi. Remove any dead plants and replace with only thriving plants. You want to establish a feeling of peace and inspiration in the garden – not stagnation and frustration. Use curved pathways to encourage chi to move gracefully through the yard. The best choice for the shape of garden beds is typically square or rectangular.

Start with a rough sketch of your current garden. Then on another sheet sketch a garden that you prefer. Compare the two to see ways to make changes.

When planning the garden pay attention to the elements and use them wisely in your plan. Each of the segments of the Bagua symbolizes a different area of your life.

You should enhance the segments that you need help in. For example, if you need help in the relationship area then make sure that that area of your garden is set up properly.

You will want to incorporate all of the elements into your garden plan. The elements are earth, fire, metal, wood and water. Garden or patio stones for a pathway are a perfect way to add earth to the garden area. A fun way to add water is to add a water garden or fountain into your garden.

These are peaceful elements that add beauty and grace to the garden. Add a metal bench to your garden for the metal element.

The fire element is represented by the use of red or through the use of lights or candles. You can add patio lights to your path for a beautiful fire element.

Wood is most likely already in abundance in your garden because it is represented by plants, trees and shrubs.

You will find that incorporating all the Feng Shui elements into the garden will help make a peaceful and relaxing area for you where the chi will flow properly.