Feng Shui Bracelets for Love, Money, Health or Protection

On January 12th, 2021, once the year of the Rat ends, we will enter the Metal Ox Year, the first sign of the Chinese Horoscope.

In this article, we will present you the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most powerful bracelets, in terms of the Feng Shui effects they generate throughout 2021.


Almost anyone wishes to have luck governing all the sectors of their life, but luck tends to belong in coming, even in the most difficult moments.

The Feng Shui specialists recommend you to invite chance in your life, by using few tricks that can help you obtain health, prosperity and luck.

From wearing lucky bracelets to designing your house in Feng Shui style, you have all kinds of lucky solutions at your disposal.

Wearing lucky bracelets has always been associated with spirituality, occult practice, love and divine protection.

The ancient Egyptians were some of the people who religiously carried this kind of objects – but they were more inclined towards stone and precious metals objects – to protect them from malevolent spirits, to gain fertility and to increase love and health.

Bracelet Charm for Love

Feng Shui bracelet for finding balance in love, for attracting your soul mate or to make your partner come back in your life.

Ever since antiquity, the astrologers have associated the precious stones with certain zodiac signs, considering that by wearing the stone corresponding to your zodiac sign, it will exert a beneficial influence over your life.

For the Horse and Rat peopleluck in love and a good reputation are facilitated by wearing bracelets with amethyst, jade, pink quartz or bracelets with the dog symbol.

The effects of pink quartz on those who wear it:

It is considered a stone of pure love, promoting all types of love.

Natural pink quartz stimulates: communication capacity, understanding and expressing emotions, creativity and artistic talents, an opened interests in arts. It brings love, friendship and happiness, reducing stress, depression, fright, resentments, regrets, fury, failure, jealousy, guilt. It increases the fidelity towards husband / wife / family.

Pink quartz is beneficial for heart, kidneys, circulatory system, ears, throat, sinuses, it also facilitates fertility, regulates sexual problems, reduces migraines, it is beneficial in case of leukemia, vertigo, wounds, it balances the activity of the genital organs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, lungs, ganglia, thymus, it helps in tissue regeneration, it balances the yin-yang energies, it prevents sprains, it helps lose weight.

By bringing emotional balance and calmness, it gifts the wearer with love, inner and outer beauty.

It is recommended for those who need better discipline, for those who lack the courage to take responsibilities, but it can also be worn in time of emotional turmoil: divorce, failures, and troubles.

Bracelet Charms for Money and Wealth

Success & Abundance, Money Magnet Bracelet

Mala Bracelets with Spheres – a special jewel, which is said to stabilize health and to boost business, by helping you gain money from unexpected sources.
These Mala bracelets models are used for fulfilling wishes.

The wish must be said in mind or out loud and it must be repeated for each individual sphere. Thus, your intention is transmitted to the Universe. It is said that wishes can be fulfilled faster and easier in this way.

In Feng Shui, the coins symbolize wealth and represent the metal element. These can be used in the metal sectors to fortify the energies of this element, such as northwest, which governs the luck of mentors and west, which increases the luck with regard to children. Also, they are useful in the northern sector, the sector of water element, because metal produces water.

For Snake and Dragon natives: By wearing jewels with ruby, sapphire and coins, you’ll attract higher amounts of money and an increased work capacity.

Bracelet Charm for Protection

It offers total protection against any negative energy and any evil thought. Moreover, the agate stones have the power to transform the negative energy into positive energy.

Don’t leave the bracelet on when you manually wash dishes, when you bathe or in any other situation when the stones might come in contact with detergents or chemical solutions, to maintain the stones and string durability!
Stones only like clean water and gentle sun.

The protection bracelet is ideal because it contains no metallic elements that can cause allergies, irritations, rashes, it is adjustable and easy to maneuver, it does not weight down the hand because it is relatively light and it is a bracelet universally loved!

Bracelet Charm for Health

Unexpected Miracles – Karmalogy Beads

This bracelet is one of the best things you can buy in this life because it can bring you a lot of benefits, if you wear it all the time. In fact, this bracelet gives us the chance to be more active, full of energy and healthy, and it does so by acting as a protective shield for your body.

Rudraksha Bracelet For Good Health and Wealth

Rudraksha are the fruits of a tree, with natural healing power. By wearing them, they ensure success, self-confidence, control over your own health, blood pressure, mental stress, anxiety, happiness, they bring and keep love in your life and they also bring wealth and success.

Ancient Indian medical tests claim that Rudraksha can prevent ageing, they prolong life and help balance the human body chakras.

If initially, it seems trivial, after you find out more about it, you realize that this jewellry is a real talisman.

Made out of Rudraksha beads, which are the hard fruits of the tree with the same name, growing in South-East Asia, Nepal and India, the string is considered divine.

Also, for the Rooster and Monkey natives, wearing bracelets and necklaces with emerald or turquoise will bring them benefits such as: decreased risk of illness, increased power of physical regeneration.

These bracelets offer protection, luck, good state of health, spiritual peace and a calm and relaxed mind.