Best Tips to Stay Healthy with Feng Shui

The underlying principle of Feng Shui (pronounced ‘Fung Shway’) is to live in harmony with your environment so that good energy surrounds your living and working spaces.

Some of the basic steps I use to evaluate a home or business is to observe the physical location. Driving into a neighborhood, my senses are alert to the types of people living there.

Looking around the street entrance, I check the ‘lay of the land’ and compare the relationship between the physical formations and the dwelling. This action comes from the Form School of Feng Shui. The four directions are a concern to be considered.

The Chinese look for different shapes of the landscape. Land that is higher in back is considered good, because it provides a safe resting-place for your home.

Those homes nestled between other small hills seems to give us that ‘arm chair protection’. Today, we live so close together, being creative with your outdoor space is an asset.

Using gardens, lighting, ponds, trees and other landscaping cures, can help to attain a feeling of spaciousness.

When I look at the property, I check for power lines, churches, schools, walkways, the entry position and ‘missing’ Guas.

Make sure nothing blocks the smooth flow of Chi or energy through the front door. Remove clutter inside and outside. The energy you invite into your home can affect your health and/or flow of money.

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Having offices in our modern day dwellings challenges us to consider what is more important, bringing in more income or having that extra guestroom.

Working with each individual is necessary to determine their desires.

Placing the Bagua over your floor plan is essential. Some consultants don’t bother with this step. Being an artist, I am a visual person. I need to physically see the space on paper to assign the designated colors for each triad of the 8 sided grid used to locate the entry of the Chi.

Next, I ask a client to “decide which aspirations they wish to improve.”

This discussion gives me clues as to where to start on the wheel of life: Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth and Partnerships are an example of some choices upon which to work. I get excited in every home and business, because I know Feng Shui works.

Each section of the Bagua is given an action to perform. Working together, these aspects, which represent ourselves, form a perfect ‘heavenly’ machine.

If one area is jammed with dirt, grime, bad colors, clutter or broken windows, the whole of the house or business becomes inactive.

For example, if something happened to your eyes on your physical body, you would rush to the best doctor available to evaluate your sight. Yet, sight and eyes ARE represented on the Bagua map. Your vision is represented and housed in the Fame and Reputation section.

When the entryway or front door is in the middle of the house, look across the structure directly to the back of the home. Are windows, doors or maybe a fireplace in this section? What is happening in this area? It affects how you see the future.

And finally, what area of your home is not being used? Each room is a part of who you are. When a room isn’t used, this part of your life is inactive, too. Working in the seldom-used room brings life back into your home and provides the body with a much needed workout.

This week seemed to be emergency time for me, filled with a variety of chronic health problems. Friends called with pains. Looking for clues, I use the home as a map of their body. Chi needs to flow in a smooth and unobstructed manner.

When it doesn’t the body’s dis-ease builds up. Renewed balance is achieved by treating the outer environment to stimulate change in the inner environment. To regain balance and health within the body, look at the center of the dwelling. From this center, check the 5 elements of the house. Water, or Career, contains the wisdom of low back, kidneys and knees.

The Wood element in the Family section represents liver, tendons and upper back. Fire is assigned the responsibility of heart, eyes and hands in the Fame area; while the Earth element embodies the spleen, stomach and muscles and is located in the center, or Health section of the house.

The Metal element correlates to Children and Creativity and promotes the action of the lungs, skin and body hair. Check your home for clues to better health.

Rooms, which house children, are very important spaces to clear energy. If your children are having sleep and eating disorders, check their living space.

Children are very sensitive to colors, sounds and Sha (negative) energy. Reading houses is so revealing, like reading a detective novel, it’s never boring. Finding the connection between the person and their dwelling provides so many clues! Solving the mystery is the exciting part.