Feng Shui Remedies for 2018

The annual energies are some of the most important in feng shui. On the one hand, they have their own negative or positive influence, depending on their importance and, on the other hand, they are important because they combine with the already existent home energies.

An annual energy can turn a very good situation because it weakens a prosperity energy or, on the contrary, it can be a natural remedy for a negative energy, improving a bad situation.

The best zones in 2018 are E (East) and SE (Southeast), because here is where the energies of prosperity and favorable inter-human relationships will be situated. The advantage during this year is that these 2 favorable energies are side by side, thus forming a larger beneficial zone.

The common elements that support the 2 energies are fire and wood. Here is a good idea to have active objects (TV, music, moving objects), flower pots, wooden objects, wooden blinds, candles or scented sticks.

If there are windows in the S or SE, it is better to keep them clean and bright, without covering them with thick curtains.

Wood and fire are represented by few colors such as green, light blue and red, for fire.
feng shui 2018
The most unfavorable zone is S (South), which can bring blockages and bad luck.

Avoid active objects. If your TV is placed here, it definitely needs to be moved. For reference, in E or SE, as it’s mentioned above. The unfavorable energy from S is an earth energy, and in order to be subdued, it must be consumed. The elements able to consume it are metal and water.

Here is a good idea to place metal bells with 6 arms and a black, round bowl, filled with water and salt. The salt has the remarkable effect of attracting negative energies. Change the water once per week.

SV (Southwest) is also affected by a negative energy, which can bring forth legal problems. Don’t place active objects in this zone, instead place wooden and water elements as remedies.

Placing bamboos in water is a good idea and the more bamboos, the better. The number of bamboos can be 1, 3, 4, 11, 33, 44. If the number is even, they can be grouped differently.

In the center of the house we have a favorable energy, especially for children. Their energy is the one that helps them learn and develop in a harmonious way. It would be ideal if the center of the house is an open, airy and bright zone.

One last warning is the NV zone, where we have an active sickness energy. It is advisable to avoid this zone and not to place the couch or the TV there. If the bed is orientated with the head toward NV, it is advisable to move it in another position.

The remedies for this energy are metal and water, especially metal coins tied with a black string and a round bowl, preferably black, filled with water and salt.

For the coins, most often, you will find on the market a red string version, but for the remedy of this specific energy is necessary to use black string or, if it’s not a handy option to change it, you can remove it and place the coins in a bowl.

Details and example can be found right below

1. The beneficial direction for prosperity: E and SE
Here is ideal to have an open zone, suitable for circulation, bright, clean and with no stored objects that can block the energy. We can place interior decorations that represent wood or fire.

In the E, earth is also beneficial, but we can take advantage of the fact that the 2 energies for prosperity are side by side and use common remedies.
We should face this direction every time we have the chance. We can place here the desk, facing SV, the television set or the computer, in order to sit facing that direction.

We can decorate with wooden elements or red, purple or pink candles.

If the bedroom is facing SV, we can sleep with the head towards that direction during 2018.

In the eventuality the SV zone is occupied by a closet, bathroom or pantry, prosperity will be much difficult to stimulate and we recommend to activate other beneficial energies, depending on the feng shui home analysis.

Here are some recommendations for few accessible wooden or ceramic objects, which can be used as decorations in the E-SE zone in 2018.

2. South direction where the negative energy activates can bring blockages or bad luck
It is good to avoid facing towards S and to eliminate any active object such as TV, computer, household appliances or aquariums. This year is not recommended to renovate this zone and you can even use it as a temporary storage room.

We move the mirror if it faces towards S. If in the S we have the living room, the kitchen, the hallway or the front door, we recommend placing metal bells with 6 arms to rattle as often as possible. The ones from the picture are just an example. The bells can be golden, silver, white, black or coppery.

Metal has the role of a remedy for this energy, therefore metal objects are beneficial, regardless of their color.
Avoid mirrors, even if they have metal frame, because they amplify the energy instead of diminishing it.

Also, another remedy is water. It can be represented by bowls filled with water, black colored and round shaped objects. A black, round bowl, filled with water can be a very good remedy.

3. The center of the house in 2018 is dominated by a positive energy that mostly supports children
Estimate where is the center of the house and try to make it an open, aery, bright and clean space.

4. Health can be affected by the NV energy
This energy can be diminished with certain remedies: metal coins tied with black string and a black, round bowl, filled with water and salt.

Pay attention to the fact that specialized stores sell coins tied with red string.

Red represents fire and fire is not a recommended remedy, therefore you can untie it and replace the string or you can let them loose in a bowl. They can be discretely placed under a rug, under the couch pillows, in the back of a painting, in the chandelier or in plain sight, depending on your preferences.

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