Feng shui Cardinal Directions

The first step toward understanding Feng Shui is to comprehend the importance of location.

One must know that location may be defined by North, South, East or West, but it is expressed and activated through Flying Star natal charts, the Five Elements and the Eight Aspirations of the Ba Gua.

Before you are overwhelmed by the many ways by which you analyze and apply principles to improve the flow of positive chi in your spaces, let us touch upon the basics of the directions of North, South, East and West using the Ba Gua of Eight Aspirations Theory.


This direction is dedicated to career luck. To achieve quick results in your career, use water to activate the North.

A compass is key. We recommend the Lo Pan Compass as the most accurate way to locate direction.

Smaller water features can be used to energize the North sectors of individual rooms, while a landscaped water feature outside that is accessible by a door or viewed by a window is a highly effective way to invigorate the household as a whole.

A garden fountain is a great option to add a water feature out of doors without having to place a pond.

Aquariums make a fabulous water feature that will allow you to express this sector through fish, as well. Keep 9 fish, as the number is lucky: 8 should be gold and one black.

The black will absorb inadvertent negative energy. Also, you do not have to use actual water to have a water feature. Use a painting depicting water or paint the North wall blue to signify water.

Metal energy is useful in the North, as well. Painting the North wall white, silver or gold, or decorating with accessories in these colors are great choices.


The South is the key to luck in recognition, fame and reputation. It can also bring promotions.

This sector is a prime location to activate these energies and can especially help those who are public figures, entertainers, and writers.

As the South belongs to the element of Fire, items that are representative of this element are necessary to bring about the flow of chi for recognition luck. The color red, bright lights and candles are useful tools.

Horses placed facing into the home with a light shining on them can bring elevation in society, success in the political arena, scholastic achievement, and the ability to outshine those with whom you are in competition.

A phoenix and especially a pair of phoenixes in the South will attract amazing opportunities into your life.

Other birds are wonderful feng shui enhancers here, as well. Love birds bring excellent relationships.


Here we find the sector for Health and Wealth. As the East is represented by the element of Wood, one would correctly assume that the addition of wood to the East would bring the flow of positive chi.

The East is also the place of the celestial dragon. One must always activate this sector with the image of the dragon. We highly recommend a statue of the dragon holding a pearl as it is one of the most powerful images to place in the East.

Use plants freely here, as young plants with broad leaves are excellent for accumulating wealth chi. To create a money tree for wealth activation, choose a tree with a solid trunk and tie coins with red or gold ribbon to it.


As we move on to the West, we find the place of the White Tiger, which is a great symbol of protection. It is also the home of the Trigram of Joyousness and the sector of Descendants’ Luck.

Within this space is the opportunity to create happiness as a result of a joyful, fulfilled family. When the chi of the West is energized, the bonds within the family grow stronger and make parting an unlikelihood.

The West is also widely known for children’s luck. Those with trouble conceiving without physical cause can activate the West to help bring a child into their life.

To do so, utilize a screen, painting, crystal sphere depicting 100 children, images of pomegranates, or an elephant image.

The element of the West sector is metal and the color is white. The best activators of chi for the West are a variety of gold coins. It is extremely unwise to use water in the West, as this will deplete the chi of this corner.