Feng Shui 2021 Forecast and Remedies

The Chinese New Year 2021 starts on February 12th.

In 2021 we can expect a period of calmness, harmony, and peace around the world.

The year of the Ox, 2021 will be a time for emotional and spiritual as well as economical reconstruction.

In other words, the destruction caused by the pandemic in 2020, various conflicts, misunderstandings, as well as the general economic crisis will be the starting point for a new vision regarding the development and technological evolution of the world economy based on new, more viable criteria.

In the Chinese zodiac, among the 12 zodiac symbols, Ox is the second, after Rat. That is why it is considered by Chinese astrologers as the owner of the year of reconstruction, after starting a new 12-year cycle.

The Year of the Rat, 2020, was a year in which many countries such as China, USA, Japan, Israel, Italy, Spain had many problems caused by the flu and the economic crisis.

The year 2021, of the Metal Ox will be the year in which these countries will attempt to consolidate their power, and fight against the economic crisis.

Both them, as well as many other leaders, will pay more attention to agriculture (an important source of food), housing construction and environmental protection measures.

The Year of the Metal Ox, 2021, is governed by the Yin principle, that inspires our self, understanding, and emotional warmth, immersion in our personal life and strengthening of family relationships.

It is the time to get in touch with our inner being, but also find values, harmony and love in the interaction with our close friends and people.

Your Luck in the Coming Year of the Metal Ox

Monkeys can expect to be rewarded for their efforts and perseverance from recent years, either financially or sentimentally.

Given the direct conflict between Ox and Sheep, we can expect a very unfavorable year for this latter sign – Sheep.

Meetings between the natives of these signs will be marked by states of uncertainty, forced changes of home, company headquarters, accidents or dramatic unfavorable changes.

Areas in conflict in 2021

  • #2 black sickness Star this year is in the north
  • #5 Misfortune and sickness Star this year is in the southeast
  • #3 Disputes/Quarrel Star is in the southwest
  • Grand Duke is in the northeast 
  • Three Killings is in the east 
  • Sui Po is in the southwest

The colors of the year according to Feng Shui are: metallic gray and aqua blue .

Lucky numbers of this year will be 5, 7,16, 23 şi 81.

The influence of the Metal element in 2021

Metal is the most expensive Feng Shui element. In ancient times, metal was only found in the houses of wealthy people.

In Feng shui, metal has overwhelming importance, because he counteracts the influence of the most unfortunate flying stars : sickness star and the Wicked Five Yellow star

How do we find the Metal Feng shui element in our homes?

– static, modern or vintage metal objects: trays, vases, candlesticks, platters, fruit bowl, statues

– moving metal objects : metal wind chimes, gongs, Tibetan bowls, perpetual motion machine.

-Feng shui metal remedies : Pagoda of the five elements, Kalachakra Stupa, Pillar with heard sutra, Wu Lou, the statuette of the 8 immortals.

What are the benefits of using metal in Feng shui?

  • you can improve your sleep and your health
  • you can become more sociable
  • you can be more successful in weight loss
  • you can have a higher chance of conceiving a baby
  • you can stop financial leaks and bad luck
  • you can activate future, long-distance prosperity

What can happen if you use metal incorrectly from a Feng shui perspective?

  • you may face betrayal, lack of appreciation
  • you can diminish your prosperity
  • you may face problems with aggression and theft
  • you may have endless conflicts in your home

In order to fully benefit from the positive energies and to eliminate negative energies from your house or office, the scheme of flying stars must be placed on the premises of the home or workplace, and the rooms or areas corresponding to the favorable elements must be enhanced with star-specific remedies.

As for the negative stars, they too can be diminished with the help of specific remedies.

Flying stars 2021

Positive areas :

  • ·West- #8 Annual star
  • South – #1 Annual star
  • East- #4 Annual star
  • Centre- #6 Annual star
  • Northeast- #9 Annual star

Negative areas

  •    Southeast (bad luck and sickness star) – #5 Annual star
  •   North (Sickness star) – #2 Annual star
  •   Southwest ( Disputes and legal issues) – #3 Annual star
  •   Northwest- #7 Annual star

The influence of the Kua number on the zodiac signs, in 2021:

The Kua number in 2021 is number 6.

According to Feng shui, positioning various objects in the living room, office, or in the bedroom can block or summon positive energies, bringing you luck or bad luck on certain levels.

If you want to reinvigorate your current relationship, or meet your soulmate, arrange a small love altar in your bedroom, in the place indicated by your Kua number, placing there a statue symbolizing mandarin ducks or a pair of doves, a framed picture of you and your boyfriend, a vase of red roses, scented candles.

If you want to improve your health, place bamboo in the specific corner, a turtle statue, the symbol of longevity, or the statuette Wo Lou, a pumpkin-like fruit, which is said to keep away diseases and negative energies.

If you want to improve your financial earnings or advance in your career, make sure to place, in the correct corner of your office, a tree with amethyst branches, a turtle with money in its mouth or a golden rooster.

It is also good to always have a bowl of fresh water on your desk, to capture negativity and increase your creativity.