Dreams About Water Meaning

In general, the dreams about water symbolize your emotions in real life. Symbolically, the water can indicate the need to take care of yourself and escape the unwarranted stress and the remaining emotional conflicts. In the subconscious mind, it is a sign of self-renewal.

Sea or ocean

Dreaming of stagnant water such as the ocean or a calm sea represents inner peace and harmony; you experience inner calm, comfort, or feel content.

Dirty water dream meaning

Dreams about dirty or muddy water are usually unpleasant dreams about contamination or about being wrong place. Usually, the dreamer encounters a situation in which he attempts to escape from something. And the dirty water dream represents this feeling of being trapped and lost.

Muddy water dream meaning

Generally speaking, mud in a dream symbolizes adversity and duties you will have to take on soon, responsibilities, and problems related to your professional or personal life. If you dream about falling into mud, it means that a close person to you (maybe even family members) will plot against you. These people will likely set a trap for you, and you might even fall into it. You need to be very careful with everyone around you and not trust people so easily.

Swimming in dirty water dream meaning

If you dream that you submerge yourself or swim in muddy water, it could mean that unpredicted but unnecessary expenses will occur. You will try to finalize some plans, but you will fail. Perhaps it is about your lack of patience, or perhaps it is just bad luck. Things will not go well for you for a while, that’s for sure.

Turquoise water dream meaning

Dreaming of turquoise water could mean that you will meet someone and have unexplored feelings towards them. You will love these feelings. If a young woman dreams of turquoise water in which she plays with her boyfriend, it is a symbol of fulfilled dreams and happiness. A dream in which you stepped into turquoise water foretells unexpected job offers.

Clear water dream meaning

If you dream of clear water, such as a lake, it means that you will befriend a young person that will make you feel good. The dream in which clear, flowing water appears means that you will have good thoughts and work capacity.

Dreams about flooding

The floods are devastating, reminding us that no matter how technologically developed humankind is, the force of nature can defeat it. In dreams, they tend to be associated with restlessness, torment, emotional/sentimental pain, and an overwhelming feeling.

The floods can have various characteristics as oneiric symbols. It is paramount to distinguish if your dream is about a biblical kind of flood (a deluge that destroys your world for a new beginning), a small flood, or only the threat of a flood. In the latter case, it may be an exaggerated, unjustified fear or some negative feelings.

Snakes in water dream meaning

Dreams about water snakes are relatively rare, but they are correlated to basic emotions and feelings that stay hidden in the subconscious mind and influence our dreams. Whether it is about hidden fears or a process of emotional healing, the course of life can be affected and changed in the near future.

A water snake swimming peacefully in calm waters is generally the silent witness of some positive emotions. If the snake bites you while you swim, it is probably a warning that you need to pay more attention to personal emotions.

Dreams about waves

If you feel threatened or scared by them, if they knock you over or engulf you, it means you are overwhelmed by what happens in daily life, and you are not in control and can’t manage to keep your balance. Huge waves mean stress, anxiety, and things that take us by surprise and unsettle us.

The only context in which powerful waves have a positive meaning is when you overpower them and feel triumphant over them, for example, on a surfboard.

What if you dream you are drowning?

It is a warning sign that you need to take a break because things don’t go as they should. You no longer cope with a certain emotional, professional, or financial aspect of your life, which creates feelings of fear, danger, uselessness, and helplessness.

If you get out unharmed from the whirlwind of water, it means that you have the necessary resources to save yourself from the situation that concerns you.

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