Dog Horoscope 2024 & Feng Shui Guide for the Year Ahead

Welcome to the much-anticipated unveiling of what the Year of the Earth Dragon has in store for our loyal and steadfast friends born under the sign of the Dog!

If your birth year falls within 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, or 2018, then you indeed belong to the honorable Dog zodiac sign.

In Chinese astrology, the bond between Dogs and Dragons is seen as a connection based on respect and admiration. Dogs are known for their loyalty, friendship, and devotion, while Dragons are recognized for their strength, courage, and wisdom.

As we enter the Year of the Dragon in 2024, the alignment of these two signs is favorable for those born as Dogs. The natural loyalty and companionship of Dogs will combine well with the strength and wisdom of Dragons. This partnership indicates stability and support, implying that the people born in one of the Dog years sign will unlikely encounter major challenges in this promising year.

So, dear readers, join us as we explore the Dog’s horoscope for 2024. Let’s uncover the mysteries and revelations that the Year of the Earth Dragon has in store for the Dog, knowing that the path ahead is harmonious coexistence and mutual benefit!

Will Dogs Have Good Luck with Money in 2024?

The financial landscape in the first quarter of 2024 will be quite active. From the beginning of the year, freelancers and businesspeople can anticipate increased earnings. However, if you’re considering expanding your business, there might be better moments than this one. On the brighter side, if you plan to buy a car, this period favors such purchases. It’s worth noting, though, that the stars suggest limited financial support from family during this time, so self-reliance will be key.

In the first quarter, expenses may pile up, and income sources could shrink, so substantial gains might not be on the horizon. However, if you change jobs, a raise or enhanced earnings may come your way, possibly with opportunities for overseas travel.

The second half of 2024 brings improved income prospects for Dogs. The more effort you invest, the greater your earnings will be. From August onward, additional income streams may emerge. Nonetheless, exercising caution against unnecessary spending is advisable.

 While economizing, remember not to compromise excessively, especially on essentials like a brief getaway. Furthermore, the Dog’s horoscope indicates that health-related expenses will be relatively low, offering opportunities for savings.

Consider major investments after the second quarter of the year. If family conflicts arise over property matters, it’s prudent to postpone major decisions during this time.

How Will the Dog’s Career Progress in 2024?

In 2024, the Dragon’s influence will substantially support your professional pursuits. However, students seeking career paths may face some challenges. The Dog’s 2024 horoscope emphasizes the need for extra effort right from the start of the year if you aim to excel in a significant examination. Distractions will be plentiful. The second quarter of the year holds promise for those searching for overseas job opportunities.

At the outset of the year, health issues may crop up and impact your career or educational aspirations. Therefore, the Chinese horoscope advises maintaining good health while managing your tasks and responsibilities. Patience and determination will be your allies in achieving your professional objectives in the coming year. Not much will change for those in corporate roles, although work pressures are expected to ease. If you’re contemplating a job switch, June and July could be fortuitous months. Businesspeople can anticipate increased sales, and the third quarter will be an optimal period for business expansion, complete with innovative ideas.

In the third quarter, you’ll understand your life’s aspirations. This period is especially favorable for students preparing for significant exams, as the Dragon’s energy will bestow the motivation they require.

In the final months of 2024, entrepreneurs will begin to witness the rewards of their expansion efforts. The year will offer such opportunities for those considering pursuing professional courses related to their occupation or business.

Feng Shui Guide for the Dog in 2024

For our beloved Dogs, two remarkable Feng Shui objects will play a pivotal role in enhancing good fortune and safeguarding against negative influences in 2024.

1. Money Frog Statue:

The Money Frog, also known as the Three-Legged Toad or Chan Chu, is a revered symbol of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. Placing a Money Frog statue in your home or workspace can amplify your financial luck throughout 2024. Position it in your wealth corner, typically the southeast area of your home or office, to harness its money-attracting energy.

2. Natural Nephrite Jade Dragon Necklace Pendant:

The Natural Nephrite Jade Dragon Necklace Pendant embodies the wisdom, strength, and protection associated with the Dragon, which happens to be your celestial friend this year. Wearing this exquisite pendant close to your heart can infuse your life with the Dragon’s auspicious energy. It serves as a talisman of good fortune, warding off negative influences and inviting positive chi into your daily experiences. 

Natural Nephrite Jade Dragon Necklace PendantSee It
Money FrogSee It


Early in 2024, long-term relationships will be quickly challenged by bothersome property matters, rare legal issues or an unexpected increase in career duties.

 Between mid-February and late April, watch for complex workplace and financial decisions to introduce key discussions between loved ones. Romantic partners and close relatives may soon reveal unusual opinions or strongly felt values. 

Refuse to be derailed: astrologically, much of 2024 will involve witnessing the more private fears and beliefs of loved ones or re-establishing common goals in long-term relationships. For many Dogs, this phase of emotional work followed by renewed romantic clarity has been stalled for approximately 19 months: expect loved ones to offer surprising statements and high degrees of passion, loyalty and sentimentality. 

Single Dogs will likely begin complicated and potentially life-long relationships before the end of July. If so, expect passionate attractions to arrive without warning and be quickly established as permanent relationships. 

Later this summer a new era of sensuality and, oddly enough, financial confidence arrives. Beginning September and lasting for most of the next 16 months, key issues of sexuality, emotional security and economic wealth will prove remarkably lucky. 

For many Dogs loved ones will rekindle lost feelings of intimacy and explore new levels of trust, sharing and involvement. Between October 17th and early January 2025 watch also for unexpected family advancement, home expansion or financial opportunity. Relations with older family members and strong alliances with key officials are accented: stay open to sudden business or employment proposals. 

2024 Dog Horoscope by Element

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog is further classified into different elements, which determine the individual characteristics and fortunes of people born under the sign. Here’s a closer look at the 2024 Dog Horoscope by Chinese Element:

Water Dog 1982: Dogs born in 1982 belong to the Water element, which makes them sensitive, intuitive, and emotionally complex. In 2024, Water Dogs can expect to enjoy increased stability and success in their personal and professional lives. They may receive recognition for their hard work and experience financial growth. However, it’s important for Water Dogs to maintain a balance between work and personal life to avoid burnout.

Metal Dog 1970: Dogs born in 1970 belong to the Metal element, which makes them strong, loyal, and hardworking. In 2024, Metal Dogs can expect to experience stability and growth in their careers. They may receive opportunities for promotions or new job offers. However, Metal Dogs need to be cautious about their spending habits and avoid taking unnecessary financial risks.

Wood Dog 1994: Dogs born in 1994 belong to the Wood element, which makes them ambitious, adaptable, and creative. In 2024, Wood Dogs can expect to experience significant growth and expansion in their careers. They may receive new job offers or opportunities to start their own business. However, Wood Dogs need to prioritize self-care and maintain a work-life balance to avoid burnout.

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