Christmas 2022 Feng Shui – Christmas Tree Placement & Color Guide

The winter holidays represent the perfect time when we can also relax with the help of Feng Shui, accumulate more strength for the coming year and avoid stressful moments during the holidays if we surround ourselves with as much positive energy as possible.

If you feel sad, depressed, and lifeless or, on the contrary, very nervous and you fight with everyone in the house, negative energies likely predominate in your house, which is why things are not as they should.

Decorating Your Home for Christmas 2021, According to Feng Shui

Here are the best Feng Shui tips for your house during the winter holidays.

Use Decorations in the Lucky Colors of the Year 2022

According to the Feng Shui art, during the holidays, especially Christmas, it is recommended to use the lucky colors of the year 2022, such as green, red, or yellow, to attract positive energies and wealth into the house.

Also, you can decorate each room in different colors.

If you decide to use shades of red and green for the living room, dark blue, silver, yellow, or gold are an excellent choice for the bedroom.

According to the Feng Shui theory, simplicity and order are essential for obtaining peace and relaxation in the house, which is why it is better not to overcrowd the rooms with too many decorations.

House Cleaning

Before the holidays, you need to clean the house, eliminating at the same time the space energy by opening the windows and burning sage incense sticks. Spray rose oil in the bedroom to attract love, and place a pair of Mandarin ducks above the marital bed.

Feng Shui Tips for Placing the Christmas Tree in 2022

Depending on where you place the tree, you may enjoy the following benefits in the new coming year:

  • If you place the tree on the east side of the house, you will enjoy health and family life. When you place the tree on this side of the house, you can use fire colors such as red, pink, yellow.
  • If you place the tree on the southeast side of the house, you will enjoy abundance and money.
  • If you place the tree on the south side of the house, you will enjoy fame and a good reputation.
  • If you place the tree on the north side of the house, you will enjoy a successful career. The colors you should use to decorate are in water and metal shades such as blue, gray, and white.

Light candles

Lighting candles, by the presence of real fire, will purify our centers of energy and eliminate stress. The closer you stay to the fire, the greater the benefits for your energy field. Consider arranging several colored candles to light in the evening. However, avoid lighting many tea lights or candles in the Feng Shui east area since it is associated with health and wellness.

Use Essential Oils

Stress can be alleviated, and the magic of holidays can be completed with essential oils; by placing them in different areas of the house, you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Moreover, they purify the air and freshen up your entire home. Use special essences for Christmas: cinnamon, vanilla, tangerines, oranges, lemon, or cloves.

Decorate the Yarn around the House

What is around your house is as important as what is inside. This is why you should improve the exterior side of the house by any means necessary, whether by planting some flowers, cleaning the dirty areas, or fixing something broken.

If you cannot remedy what brings negative energy, use a Bagua mirror, known in Feng Shui tradition for its ability to reject negative energy. Beware! You should never place the Bagua mirror inside the house! It must be set above the main door, outside the house. 

The most important thing is to decorate your home for Christmas in a way that truly makes you happy. Do not reuse the decorations from past years. Be creative and open to changes – it is a good Feng Shui practice!