Which Zodiac Signs Are The Least Jealous ?

Although it is often considered proof of love, when taken to the extreme, jealousy can lead to the demise of a relationship.

It was proven that some people have a bigger tendency to become possessive than others, and this, to a great extent, is influenced by the zodiac sign.

Find out which zodiac signs are the least jealous and how jealousy can influence love life:


Dragon Years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Between going out with their friends, a demanding job and a spa session, Dragon natives have no time to become jealous.

The natives of this zodiac sign are extremely focused on their own person and they rather prefer to invest in themselves as much as possible and develop than to interact with other people.

Also, for the Dragon natives, jealousy is, in the first place, a sign of lack of confidence in your own person and secondly, in your partner, which is totally unacceptable for them.


The Rat natives are living the moment, they live every second at the maximum and enjoy life 24/24. For these people, drama is not part of their vocabulary and a jealousy outburst is simply unthinkable.

Free spirits by definition, the Rat natives seldom have stable relationships, precisely because of their fear of being limited or controlled by another person.

Therefore, if they do consent to be part of a couple, at the earliest sign of jealousy, they will not hesitate to say “Goodbye!”


One of the most independent zodiac signs, the Tiger simply cannot grasp the concept of positivity.

They love freedom and they fully offer it to their partners, expecting to receive the same in return.

Tiger natives are logical and rational people and their relationships are based, in the first place, of friendship, and jealousy is not part of their value system.

Chinese Zodiac Signs that will never get along in a relationship

Unfortunately, not all Chinese zodiac signs get along in a couple. Some relationships can turn out to be strong and durable, because the two signs are completing each other perfectly, while other relationships can never work.

Here are the Chinese zodiac signs which will never come to terms with each other in a couple, but have more chances of being friends.

Pig & Monkey

This is a relationship that will go down in flames and it’s never something good! The Pig and the Monkey are two natives with extremely strong character, very stubborn and never keen on making any compromises.

But, if there are no compromises in a relationship, the relationship itself is doomed!

Unfortunately, these two zodiac signs are and will always be very competitive and this is something that will also make them think they are competing against each other…however, a healthy relationship is formed by two people acting as a team.

Dragon & Dog

Unlike the Pig and the Monkey, the relationship between the Dragon and the Dog will initially work, and everything will seem nice and lovely.

Unfortunately, this is not lasting happiness, so a painful breakup will be inevitable.

The dragon native is a very impulsive person, which can easily turn into a jealous one.

The Dog natives won’t take well these behavior manifestations and will get out hurt from a relationship he very much wanted to make it work.

Goat & Tiger

The Goat and the Tiger are so different that a relationship between the two of them will never work, despite their best efforts.

They have very different life principles and they want different things. The Goat needs safety and security, especially from a financial point of view, while the Tiger is the least material person, therefore spends impulsively, without thinking of the consequences.