4 Chinese Zodiac Signs Likely to Get Rich in 2023

Money plays an important role for most of us, and for some, it plays a key role. It is good when there are many and bad when there are few.

The Chinese zodiac reveals which signs will be financially successful in the Year of the Rabbit 2023.


If the Dragon equates money with happiness, then 2023 appears to be bringing him the chance to be very happy indeed. 

Dragon’s best opportunities will come through a friend, neighbor, teacher, or a near relative. That isn’t all the good news though, because not only will he stand to gain in financial status, but he will have fun doing it too! This is probably due to Dragon taking on a partner that he really enjoys being around.

The Dragon might decide to buy some land, invest in artistic/entertainment areas, practical/material goods, or even in cattle.

Communications are another possible area of investment. In his own life, Dragon has to keep the lines of communication open and his network up and running because the advice he gets or the gossip coming his way is likely to light up his days with a laugh or two. He must find something he really likes and wants to do this year and go for it!


The Horse has to plan on making money at what he is the very best at this year…communications. Not only can he make money, but you will likely have a great time doing whatever it is the Horse decides to do. 

Networking, telecommunications, selling items for the home or car sales are only some of the possible areas that might make a positive impact on his budget. Siblings and extended family are featured, so a family-based business could be on the horizon, or even an inheritance.

I spoke about the Horse money-making potential earlier, but I want to talk about his career and reputation a little too.

 The horse will be balancing his family life and career this year and trying to keep both on an even keel. He could find himself changing careers in 2023. A computer field, electronics, humanitarian causes, group endeavors are all potentials.

The Horse must try something he would have never thought he could do…dream big.  

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Pig’s land of opportunity in 2023 lies no further than right under his feet…assuming he is standing in his living room. 

Outer worldly things are not where the Pig luck will be found, but things closer to home and having to do with family, home-based businesses and real estate are where he will find his bliss in 2023.

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His home is paramount to his happiness and the Pig could decide to expand his abode or there might even be an addition to his family, which could lead to the need for more square footage.

This could be a child coming into his life, or perhaps an older relative will come to live with him, a new pet is also a possibility, one who will brighten Pig’s life for years to come.

For Pigs who are looking for opportunities to invest, 2023 should lead you to many. Look at rather obscure investments or those that have to do with large warehousing companies, hospitals or even the old safe standby, government bonds. Real estate is the best area of investment though. 


For many Dogs, 2023 is a year of unprecedented growth. You have the Tiger as your bodyguard, and the Dog needs it because, with the focus all on him, people will be trying to get a piece of him

There is an element of luck with the dog this year, and he will be increasing his friend base and growing his dreams.

The Dog might not be doing as well on the inside as it appears on the outside however. His emotional equilibrium is off and all that glitters is not gold. He will probably be able to keep up appearances anyway, but at what price to his soul? 

The Dog must deal with partnership issues as they arise because those closest to him will cause him the biggest problems this year. 

Money will come from unexpected sources or from exciting, innovative sources. Dog’s finances could fluctuate greatly, with money going out as fast…or faster…than it comes in. 

The dog has to curb expenses where he can and make sure to save some for a rainy day because it will definitely pour at some point next year.

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