Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Which zodiac signs in the Chinese zodiac are compatible or not compatible? Find out what couples match or the relationships in which the partners only get to suffer and, in the end, break up.

Find out the degree of compatibility and predominant traits of each zodiac sign:

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart 2022 on a scale of 1 (less compatible) to 10 (more compatible) :

chinese zodiac compatibility


Compatible signs – Dragon and Monkey

Rats love passionately and are possessive, loyal, and ask for loyalty in return. They select their life partners carefully because they want to spend the rest of their lives next to that person. In terms of love compatibility, the Rats are a perfect match for Monkeys and Dragons.

Rat-compatible signs – Tiger, Goat, and Horse

Although initially, a Rat and a Tiger might get attracted to each other, in fact, they do not match at all. Although charmed by the Tiger and thinking there is plenty to learn from him, the Rat is the one usually initiating the romantic relationship, the Tiger will start suffocating the Rat’s need for independence.

Also, the Rats are spontaneous, while the Horses are known for their propensity to be rational. At the same time, both of these signs are stubborn, with the Rats often trying to make themselves heard by the Tigers and convince them they are right, while the Tigers will not answer as expected, which will greatly annoy the Rats.

Rats and Goats will not have a lasting romantic relationship either because they rather get involved in totally different activities. If the Rats like to use their energy for various physical activities, the Goats choose to remain in the same place and preserve their strength.


Compatible signs: Snake and Rooster

It is love at first sight! The Snake is compatible with the Ox in all regards. They can have a successful relationship, which will be pleasing both partners. They are both family-oriented and desire a lasting and loving relationship.

They are compatible! The Ox is a good match for the Rooster, as they complement, respect, and support each other. The Oxen give everything and are willing to offer even the Moon from the sky as long as they feel appreciated and esteemed. An interesting relationship, with good chances of success!

These are two loyal and loving zodiac signs. Their relationship can function if both partners are willing to make many compromises. The Rooster and Ox ask a lot from each other, and sometimes this can be frustrating. There is a strong physical attraction between them; therefore, many issues will get solved in the bedroom.

Incompatible signs: Money, Goat, and Pig

There can only be a dull and monotonous relationship between the Monkey and the Ox. Sex is good, but that’s about it. Their relationship has a stormy, passionate start, but the fire goes out quickly.

A Goat and an Ox can make a good home only if there is communication. The partners must learn how to discuss and defuse conflicts before the situation takes a wrong turn.

A relationship between these two zodiac signs is doomed to fail. The Pig and the Ox cannot find common ground regardless of how much they try. The people born in the Pig sign want fun and adventure, while the Ox seeks stability and peace next to the partner.


Compatible signs: Horse and Dog

There is 100% compatibility! Solid relationship, good communication. The Horse and the Dog make a good home, but both partners must keep in mind that passion in a couple must be maintained, and in time, they will settle for a peaceful, monotone life. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the small pleasure of everyday life!

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Incompatible signs: Monkey and Snake

They can be friends, but not lovers. The Monkeys simply refuse to quit the pleasant routine in which they indulge. The Tigers want to be free and independent, eager to enjoy each second and explore the unknown all the time.

A person born under the Snake sign will not feel great in the company of a Tiger because it is too bland and flat. The Snakes look for fun, and adventure, unlike the Tigers who adore routine.


Compatible signs: Goat and Pig

The Goats and Rabbits are a perfect match! The people born under these astrological signs are compatible and have all the chances to make a durable couple.

The Rabbit and the partner in the Pig sign are spontaneous, passionate, energetic and eager for adventure and fun. There is a strong attraction between these two signs.

Incompatible signs: Rooster

Lack of communication. The Rabbit and Rooster can’t manage to carry on a discussion, regardless of how much they try. There is a strong sexual attraction, but it is not enough for the relationship to work. These are two proud and arrogant signs, with no chance of functioning together. The conflicts will burst daily.


Compatible signs: Rat and Monkey

There is compatibility between the Dragon and the Rat. It is a good union between two partners who value originality and creativity. The Rat and the Dragon want to have fun and have an exciting life together.

Two extremes that attract each other. Both partners are curious and nosy. There is a risk that the relationship will burn up quickly, with nothing left to say or do together. The couple Dragon-Monkey will get tested quite often, and it depends on them to overcome the obstacles occurring in their path.

Dragon Years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Incompatible signs: Dog

Incompatibility! The Dragon is sensitive and capricious. The Dog has moods and exaggerates. A pair formed of these two zodiac signs has no common interests. There are low chances for marriage, as the Dog, a serious and family-oriented person, would want.


Compatible signs: Ox and Rooster

The Ox-Snake relationship

Usually, it is said that these two zodiac signs make the best pair! And this is easy to understand, especially since there is a strong sexual attraction between them. In some cases, the relationship Ox-Snake can be perfect. The people born in these signs can have a long and harmonious relationship.

When we talk about compatible signs with the Snake, the Rooster is the winner. The people born in the Snake sign are joyful, sociable, and very intelligent, and all these qualities are like a magnet for the Rooster.

Because they pay a lot of attention to fine details, the people born in the Rooster sign are a great match for the Snakes.

Snake Years : 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Incompatible signs: Tiger

The association Snake-Tiger is rarely favorable. The two zodiac signs don’t have a lot in common, and they can face many communication issues.


Compatible signs: Tiger and Goat

The Horse and Tiger union will definitely withstand the test of time. The Tigers appreciate the people with leadership skills, and the people born in the Horse sign successfully fulfill all the qualities required by this “job description.”

Both the Goats and the Horses want to be the center of attention, focus on quality, and have a great dose of optimism. Once they decide to be together, these two zodiac signs are unstoppable.

Incompatible signs: Rat

The relationship between a Horse and a Rat needs many compromises to work. The Rat must first get used to the slow pace of the Horse. Moreover, he is more straightforward and less diplomatic than the Rat would like.


Compatible signs: Horse and Rabbit

Surprisingly, the list of compatible signs for the Goat also includes the Horse. Although apparently, these two zodiac signs don’t have a lot in common, they can make a stable couple.

Also, the people born in the Horse signs have serious intentions and think in the long run, while the Rabbits love to have safety when it comes to home, family, and love. The two zodiac signs know how to mix business and pleasure and are unstoppable when they form a couple.

Incompatible signs: Rat and Dragon

The two zodiac signs – the Rat and the Goat – are more fit for friendship than romance.

The people born in the Rat sign want a serious relationship, while the Goats are anything but constant. They have a lot of differences of opinion and often face communication problems.


Compatible signs: Rat and Dragon

The Monkeys and Rat not only match when it comes to love life, but they can also establish a beautiful friendship. They both value trust and communication, and honesty is paramount for them.

Also, the people born in the Monkey and Dragon signs are passionate, romantic, and have a keen eye for details.

Their relationship is like a love story you can only see in movies. They are dedicated to the couple’s life, and nothing could make them give up on what they have built together.

Monkey Years : 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

Incompatible signs: Tiger

Their relationship has a tumultuous start, but it can end fast if they are not careful.

The Tigers will be discouraged by the capricious nature and the whims of the Monkey. Instead, they will be attracted to each other due to their passion for new and fun.


Compatible signs: Ox and Snake

The relationship between Roosters and Oxen is hot and passionate. They have a lot in common, so there is mutual appreciation and respect between them.

The Roosters can never get bored in the company of a Snake. The zest for life is specific to both partners. In this couple, there is a lot of consideration and support.

Incompatible signs: Rabbit

The Rabbit is too sensible for the vain and eccentric Rooster. The odds of a successful relationship are low.


Incompatible signs: Horse and Tiger

There is a lot of desire and sexual attraction between the Dogs and Tigers. Their relationship is full of passion, but it can burn up quickly if they don’t maintain communication and respect.

There is support, and respect, but also a lot of extravagances in the Dog and Horse relationship. If they are not careful about their spending, they will likely end up in a financial crisis from which they will hardly be able to get out.

It can be a beautiful and lasting relationship if they avoid arguments about earnings and money.

Incompatible signs: Dragon

Both the Dog and the Dragon will want to dominate in the relationship. A couple made up of two egocentric and domineering people has no way of withstanding. They can be good colleagues and collaborators, but not lovers.


Incompatible signs: Rabbit and Goat

The ideal partner for the Pig is the Rabbit! Their relationship works perfectly, the partners complement each other extraordinarily well.

They communicate well, and they are open, charming, and eager. They like to experiment and know how to give each other the independence they need.

Between the Pig and the Goat, there is attraction and strong feelings. They feel wonderful in each other’s company, their sex life is going great, and everyone will be amazed by the overflowing sensuality of this couple.

Incompatible signs: Snake

Tension and a lot of fighting! They have a hot and intense relationship but short-lived. The Pigs and Snakes are two very jealous zodiac signs, and their crisis can destroy the relationship.

In the bedroom, everything is perfect, but problems occur outside of it when the two partners try to impose their point of view at any cost. They have strong personalities but are way too different.