How to Decorate for Chinese New Year 2023 to Attract Health and Luck

The Chinese New Year 2023 celebration lasts 15 days, and it is known all over the world as the Spring Festival.

People start to decorate their houses a few days before New Year’s day, and most decorations are red, but in 2023, the lucky decorations also have a Tiger drawn.

, The Spring Festival is the time of the year when all the members of the family meet, and all those who live far away from home, return to their families.

It is an extremely crowded period in China, which is why the Chinese government had decided that everyone will have seven days off for celebrating the Chinese New Year.

The preparation for this holiday starts about a month before. For this, people buy gifts, objects, and materials to decorate their houses, clothes, and food.

Before the actual preparation of the festive dinner for the New Year, all the purchases need to be completely finalized.

Remember that the most important thing to attract good luck in the Chinese New Year is to have a lot of faith and attract positive energies to achieve what you set out to do.

The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and it is announced to be one of intense activity and great energy movements. Here is how you should decorate your house to take full advantage of the positive energy and prosperity the Year of the Rabbit has to offer:

Lucky Red Lanterns

The luckiest and most popular decorations for the Chinese New Year are the red lanterns (Chinese Red Lanterns). You can hang them everywhere to attract luck: in trees, on buildings, on the house door.

red lanterns for chinese new year 2020

New Year Couplets (对联 duìlián /dway-lyen) 

On windows and doors, people hang couplets made out of red paper, written with different lines of classical Chinese poetry and greetings for the New Year, to attract luck in the house.

The lines are rhymed, and each line contains 5 or 7 characters. They are written with black ink on red paper, and they symbolize the wishes and hopes of the host for the coming year.

All the houses are decorated with red paper couplets with written greetings for wellness, happiness, prosperity, luck, health, and longevity.

chinese couplets for lunar new year

Decorate Using Oranges and Tangerines

According to Chinese tradition, on the New Year, it is a good idea to decorate the dinner table with tangerines and oranges because these fruits are known to attract fortune. It is also recommended to place on the table some trays with sweets and dry fruits to ensure energy fluidization.

Paper Cuttings

The Chinese families decorate the door of their houses with red paper cut in the shape of the word “fu”, which means “luck”, but also with images depicting fishes, bats, and other animals that correspond to the respective year – in this case, the Tiger.

Metal Decorations – For Luck and Prosperity

Metal is the element that attracts optimal energies on your side so that you can complete your goals with maximum precision and efficiency. As an element associated with west and north-west, the Feng Shui masters recommend you to choose colors such as golden and gray.

Kumquat Trees

The Kumquat trees symbolize prosperity and luck, which is why, on the Chinese New Year, we should decorate our houses with these “golden trees”.

Golden Pumpkin

If you want to have luck and money on Chinese New Year, it would be good to place on the bedroom nightstands a golden pumpkin. Also, this will protect you against sickness, and it will maintain a perfect mood.

Red Envelopes

Get ready in advance a few Chinese red envelopes. Place them on the tables, for each guest, because this is a sign of generosity and love, which will be rewarded with luck and prosperity.

Blooming Flowers

On New Year, as a symbol of rebirth, every house needs to have blooming flowers. The floral arrangements made of plum and bamboo blossoms and pine branches are very popular during this period. The plum flowers symbolize perseverance, bamboo signifies flexibility, and pine, which is evergreen, symbolizes longevity.

Glass bowl full of fruit

Apart from being used for decoration, in the esoteric world, these pots are used to bring good luck when filled with fruit.

On Chinese New Year night, they should be placed in the living room or dining room. You can also put cinnamon and vanilla sticks in them. They have a greater power to attract luck when filled with fresh fruit, not plastic.

You should also pay attention to the objects you have in your home, whether decorative or personal, if you know they have brought you good luck, whether it is a dress, a brooch, a piece of jewellery or anything else.

Square Plates and Round Teacups

Usually, a platter with oranges and tangerines, candies, and eight types of dry sweet fruits will be placed in the guest room, symbolizing “abundant happiness”. The sweets tray must be round or rectangular, and it is called “the tray of togetherness”. After some sweets are served from this platter, the adults will place in its center a red envelope.

Besides these arrangements, people clean their houses to ward off bad luck and repaint the doors and the window sills, usually with red paint.

Traditionally, each family performs general cleaning of the house to eliminate any unhappiness, in the hope of a better year.

Before the beginning of the holiday, the houses need to be clean, and all the cleaning supplies are thrown before the New Year.

One superstition claims that if you sweep during this period, you throw away the luck for the entire year.

In general, throughout the Spring Festival, large quantities of food are consumed, larger than at any other time of the year.

This huge quantity of food symbolizes abundance and wealth in the house they are served.

In general, throughout the Spring Festival, large quantities of food are consumed, larger than at any other time of the year.

This huge quantity of food symbolizes abundance and wealth in the house they are served.

During the last evening of the year, people don’t sleep even after midnight, to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year.

At midnight, they open the doors and windows for ten minutes to let the old year pass, and to make way to the year that is just beginning.

The evening ends with fireworks to ward off the evil spirits.

Some say that those who don’t follow these rituals and traditions risk not having a very good journey in the coming year.