Chinese New Year 2024 – Animal, Period & Celebrations

Say goodbye to the Water Rabbit 2023, as Chinese New Year 2024, known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, promises to be an exciting time. Brace yourselves for the fearsome Year of the Dragon, itself a token of tremendous power, strength and good fortune. Being the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Dragon holds ultimate supremacy, being widely regarded to be the mightiest and most authoritative of all the Chinese signs.

In myths and fairy tales, dragons spew flames from their nostrils and hold princesses captive until rescued by heroes. In Chinese astrology, dragons are, from Saturday, 10 February 2024, with the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, mythical creatures that bring with them optimism and hope in 2024.

The dragon is the most promising and powerful of the 12 zodiac signs, associated with prosperity and vigor, and also the only mythical creature in the Chinese set of astrological signs, including horses, rats and pigs.

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Dragon 2024 opens a beautiful period of opportunity filled with fresh beginnings and unexploited possibilities. The whisper of this legendary creation’s limitless potential energy sets our spirits ablaze, predicting a flood of luck and wealth for anyone brave enough to grasp their dreams tightly. The dragon urges us to wander into unexplored lands and to make bold decisions.

A buzz of excitement and anticipation spread through the air as the Chinese New Year 2024 arrives, announcing the onset of a pulsating celebration full of age-old customs and traditions. Leading up to the grand spectacle, families meticulously clean and decorate their houses, throwing off the past to embrace the new. The colorful ornaments make their way through every nook and cranny, as the gentle scent of delicacies adds to the atmosphere, boosting the mood of joy and unity.

Since ancient times, the New Year in China has been the longest and most important holiday. Chinese New Year is celebrated not only all over China but also in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Christmas Island, Brunei and Indonesia – in general, wherever there is a significant Chinese population. The New Year celebrations last for two weeks (obviously, of course, not all of these days are weekends) and end with the Lantern Festival.

  • Chinese New Year’s Eve on February 9, 2024
  • Chinese New Year’s Day on February 10, 2024
  • Lantern Festival on February 26, 2024

First of all, Chinese New Year is a family holiday. Even if a person lives alone for a long time, they should spend this holiday with their parents and family. That is why, on the eve of the New Year in China, there are huge queues for train tickets, and tickets must be bought in advance. The festive dinner on New Year’s Eve is always hearty and plentiful. The table must include chicken, fish, and soy cheese, as the names of these products in Chinese agree with the words that mean “prosperity” and “happiness.”

In the northern part of the country, people celebrate New Year with trees called pelmeni-jiaozi, in accordance with the expression “meeting of old and new strings.” Additionally, the shape resembles traditional Chinese gold and silver bullion dumplings, symbolizing wealth. In the south of China, they prefer a dish called niungao, which consists of pieces of glutinous rice, symbolizing the improvement of life every year.

During Chinese New Year, it is customary to stay up all night, a tradition known as “shou sui,” to protect the year. Chinese people paste red paper on the door with paired calligraphic inscriptions (wishes for the New Year). Also, on the door, there is a hieroglyph for “luck” in an inverted form because, in Chinese belief, “luck came” and “luck turned” are the same.

On the first day of the New Year, it is customary to set off fireworks and crackers and burn incense. It is believed that fireworks scare away evil spirits, while attracting the spirit of happiness and peace for the family. Chinese people believe that on this day, deities visit the spirit world and “reckon” the past year, so they welcome the return home in the evening and pay tribute to their ancestors.

In the first five days of the new year, it is customary to visit and congratulate relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances on the New Year. However, gifts for the new year are not given. Instead, children receive Chinese New Year I-sui-ch’ien – pocket money in special red envelopes. According to ancient tradition, money should be given to every child who visits your house during the first 15 days of the new year.

Chinese New Year is a lively holiday. For several days in a row, noisy fairs and folk festivals with dances and performances by street artists are held on the streets of cities. On the 15th day of the new year, at the Lantern Festival, colorful lanterns light up the streets. As on the New Year, folklore performances are organized. The traditional food on that day is yuanxiao (tangyuan) – sweet-filled cakes made of rice flour.

What is the Chinese New Year 2024 Animal?

2024 will be the Year of the Wood Dragon, beginning on February 10 and ending on January 28, 2025. The Dragon is the fifth of the 12 zodiac animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig). The Years of the Dragon also include 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, and 1952.

While dragons in European mythology are regarded as dangerous creatures, being considered as monsters, the Chinese dragon is famous for its unparalleled wisdom, representing a symbol of power and domination. It is no coincidence that a series of Chinese emperors chose it as the emblem of their empires, and it is depicted on flags, palaces and tombs. The Chinese dragon is the equivalent of the legendary Phoenix Bird. It shoots flames from its mouth, burns turns to ash, and, like the wonder bird, has the ability to be reborn.

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What Is the Personality of Someone Born in the Year of the Dragon 2024?

According to the Chinese zodiac, all people born in the years 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024 belong to the sign of the Dragon. They are usually ambitious and intelligent, self-demanding and hard working, always striving for perfection in all aspects of life.

They love to lead, to be in the center of attention, sometimes forgetting about potential dangers. The representatives of the Dragon sign are honest and trustworthy to those around them, but they are also proud, sensitive, and sometimes even irritable. Guided by their native curiosity, they love adventure, travel and adventures.

When it comes to love, “dragons” are more cautious: they are hard to fall in love with and are indecisive, but quickly win the sympathy of the opposite sex.

Interesting Events That Happened in Previous Years of the Dragon

1928, the Year of the Earth Dragon – It signaled the beginning of the Nationalist government led by Chiang Kai-shek. It was also the year of the first Olympic Games in Asia, in Tokyo, Japan.

1940. the Year of the Metal Dragon witnessed the intensification of World War II. Germany invaded Denmark and Norway in Europe, while Japan attacked Indochina. Meanwhile in the US, the first African-American is elected to Congress, to represent Illinois.

1952, the Year of the Water Dragon, was the year Queen Elizabeth II took the throne in the United Kingdom as well as the year the Korean War came to an end.

1964, the Year of the Wood Dragon – President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the US Civil Rights Act, banning racial discrimination. The first bullet train began operation in Japan, revolutionizing transport. Also, The Beatles band performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, propelling their international career.

1976, the Year of the Fire Dragon, proved a milestone year for China, as it marked the end of the Cultural Revolution and the passing of Chairman Mao Zedong.

1988, the Year of the Earth Dragon – In South Korea, the Summer Olympics took place in Seoul, ushering the country onto the world scene. Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev instituted the policies of perestroika and glasnost, which led to the ultimate collapse of the communist government.

2000, the Year of the Metal Dragon signaled the start of the new millennium and was widely celebrated around the world with fireworks and festivities.

2012, Year of the Water Dragon – Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term. Based on the Mayan calendar, this was also the year when the world was predicted to end, although this prediction was proved unfounded.

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated All Over the World?

Bursts of color and light will fill the skies of Beijing. In the old city, the entrance to the Year of the Dragon will be marked as tradition demands, with 108 bell rings.

In the south and east of China, locals will create dragons several meters long, men will carry them on their shoulders and decorate them with colored lanterns. Tourists will also join the celebrations and make wishes.

In Hong Kong, people will storm the temples and rush to light-scented candlesticks when they hear the bell ring. Tradition says that the first to light sticks and pray in the new year will be the luckiest.

In Taiwan, too, people will go to temples to attend a ceremony in honor of the Gods of heaven and earth. People believe staying awake and praying on New Year’s Eve keeps away evil spirits.

Throughout Asia, the New Year will be a celebration that brings families together around sumptuous festive meals. In fact, family is very important in the Year of the Dragon, which favours marriages and births.

In addition, because it is believed that babies born under this sign will be good-natured and lucky, sociologists expect a spectacular rise in birth rates.

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