Tiger Horoscope 2022

The recent Years of the Tiger are 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.

There is no doubt that every Tiger will remember the year 2022, as their daily routine will be turned upside down twice.

In the middle of spring, a breakthrough in your career or money is predicted. The matter will raise great expectations for the Tigers, which is why many other things will get pushed to the sideline.

tiger horoscope 2022

The second turnaround is predicted soon after the middle of 2022.

Not only will certain people defy your new priorities, but the Tigers can also expect a major change in the family or social circle that will further encourage them to rethink what is important.

Tigers can no longer take some middle ground this time because it simply won’t be possible. They have probably already guessed that some stormy periods await them in the field of love as well. If you are a single Tiger, you will later feel sorry for someone you let go of in 2022.

2022 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Tigers

Zodiac signYear of BirthPrediction
Wood Tiger1914, 1974Avoid investing money in speculations based on rumours.
Fire Tiger1926, 1986 A year in which you will take everything easy and you will enjoy with your family.
Metal Tiger1950, 2010A year to establish, strengthen or make conservative assessments. & abilities.
Earth Tiger1938, 1998You will be attracted to someone special. Divine knowledge from a saintly person provides solace & comfort.
Water Tiger1962Hard work of previous years brings good fortune enabling to fulfil monetary promises.

Money and Career

The year 2022 will be characterized by an unsuspected force that will help you stabilize financially.

New job opportunities will come your way, and you should feel confident in what you do, as well as your skills and abilities. What you do in the first half of the year will help you cushion the months from July to December that may seem a little more challenging.

In March, the Tiger has a chance to make money more easily. Profits can come from some family members or investments.

On the other hand, the period between August and September is a favorable time to request bank loans or approach people who will finance you or lend you the money you need to boost your business.


In 2022, you will feel quite nervous about everything that has to do with your emotional life.

Determined to change what no longer suits you, you will make a pleasant set-up that will allow you to resume your relationships with more conviction.

If you maintain a relationship, your story could experience a new blow, and passion will return to your life and provide you with great happiness.

If you are single, you will meet someone who will turn out to be particularly important. Do not think about it and give it a chance to enter your life.


Health and expenses will be mixed, therefore avoid excessive spending because you will pay it with stress. You just need to be responsible and reasonable.

You will have headaches, a product of stress, and you will be prone to minor accidents or operations.

Tiger Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2022:

 The Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese Horoscope, and it is characterized by the yang wood element, which gives the Tigers positive traits: magnetism, curiosity, goodwill, authority, and luck. 

For those born in a Tiger year, 3, 7 and 9 are the lucky numbers and 2, 5, 8 are said to be unlucky for them.

According to tiger horoscope 2022, some of the auspicious colours for Tigers are peach, yellow, white and light green. 

Gold, Brown, and Silver must be avoided by Tigers this year.

Anthurium, Cineraria flowers are the best flowers for Tigers because they are considered to bring luck and success.

In 2022, the most favorable months are February, May, October, and the unluckiest ones are April and September.

Feng Shui Objects for luck: 

  • Crocon Tiger Eye Gemstone Money Tree Feng Shui Bonsai –  you will create a space in your home or office where energy can freely flow and also attract good things.
  • Feng Shui Three Tier Tortoise: symbol of longevity healthy live 

Tiger – Personality and Characteristics

The passionate Tigers plunge into life venturously and adventurously and do not shy any risk.

They are respected for their courage and entrepreneurial spirit. Tigers are ambitious and frank and they act impulsively and resolutely from their convictions and hate hypocrisy.