Year of the Rat – 2022 Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

If you were born in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 or 2020, you belong to the Year of the Rat. The Rat is the 1st sign of the Zodiac. Rats are thinkers, creative, enthusiastic, and love all new things.

According to the Chinese horoscope, The Year of the Tiger 2022 will be a turning point for the Rat. You are coming out of a period of much stress and you will be bringing more balance into your life.

The Rat needs to give himself permission to start enjoying life more, to lighten up a bit, and not to worry so much. Now is the time to make changes in your life and build something that is going to last.

rat horoscope 2022

There is a real tug of war going on within you and perhaps in your external world too. On the one hand, you feel inspired to do something great. You have a great idea, maybe even a brilliant one because you are naturally very smart. On the other hand, there seems to be something holding you back.

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2022 states that this year is also a favorable time for making more money. You may be offered new work, or you may expand your own business, especially if sales are involved. You can sell anything to anyone this year. Your powers of persuasion are very strong.

You make others want to be involved with you in business activities. You will continue on your path towards greater and greater self-empowerment. Your organizational skills are improving constantly and your ability to handle crises is incredible.

The key to your success now is to simply move things out of your life that have no relevance and begin to re-invent yourself.

Rat Love Horoscope 2022

According to the Rat horoscope, big things are starting to happen in your life. These are the kind of things that will define the quality and direction of the rest of your life.

If you are single and available Rat, 2022 can bring you exciting new relationships. You may engage in activities you never tried before, or go to places where you have not been before.

Whilst you could well attract the love of your life, you need to be careful who you attract. Rat’s charisma is extremely strong and you will find that it’s possible to attract many new people to you. So you will have your choice – just make sure that you take your time and you choose wisely.

It is a good year to fall in love with someone. However, the Year of the Tiger 2022, is also a time when you could separate or divorce so there will be mixed blessings in relationships.

You do need honesty and open communication so that issues can be brought into the open and resolved amicably. This is a year in which it would benefit you to learn to relax and take your time. Meditation and slow conscious breathing would be very helpful to you in reducing your stress levels.


As far as Rat’s health is concerned, you may be feeling tired with all the hard work you have been putting in lately. Are you working too hard and getting nowhere?

Are you involved in a relationship that seems not to have the future you desire? Whatever the cause, the result can be fatigue and loss of energy.

However, if you do need to seek medical advice for anything, make sure that you get three professional opinions. There is the possibility that you could be misdiagnosed and be given incorrect medications.

Also, try to notice your energy levels and when you are needing rest, do not push yourself, just take a break earlier rather than later. Exercise is very important.

Since you may find this boring, you may prefer to swim or walk-in areas of beautiful nature. You are visually oriented, so it may be helpful to surround yourself with nature or things of beauty.

Rat Money and Career Horoscope 2022

Dear Rat, there are plenty of opportunities for accomplishment and success in work in 2022. If you wish, you could even find multiple streams of income.

Your earning power is great, and your reliability instills trust in you from others. It is possible that your dependability brings forth attractive offers to do even more important work, with more responsibilities.

You can do it now. The first part of the year will be about your career dreams becoming possible and by the end of the year, it will bring them into reality. It is potentially a turning point year for you.

To recap, with career and money, there will be plenty of opportunities for success by creating multiple streams of income. The Rat does need to take advantage of the opportunities that will come to him.

Be careful of jealousy around you especially in the workplace. Make sure you are discreet and keep important information to yourself.

The time of the year 2022 when you will feel best:

From March to July you will feel great. You will be confident that you will achieve your goals, and even if 2022 will be a somewhat difficult year, you will obtain the recognition, the power, and the desired prestige.

Above all, you will have the conviction that every effort has its reward. You will have more predisposition and encouragement to keep your work up to date, as well as to solve problems that may arise.

From March to May, the Rat can obtain more profits and have more economic stability.

In August, you should be more careful because expenses and unforeseen events can cause you to lose money. Remember to always have a reserve so you can level yourself.

Rat Luck Predictions 2022:

In 2022, Water is the lucky element for Rats, which works in harmony with wood but is overwhelmed by the element of earth.

In the year of the Tiger 2022 are said to be lucky the following flowers: Lily of the Valley, Lily, African Violets.

In 2022, the numbers 6, 9, 17 are lucky for those born in a Rat year. However, 8 and 11 are considered to be unlucky for them.

The Rat Chinese horoscope 2022 tells us that Southeast and Northeast directions are considered auspicious for Rats, and the West direction is an unlucky one.

Rat must incorporate red, coral, soft pink and white in his daily wear or on special or auspicious occasions throughout the year of the Black Tiger 2022 because these are their lucky colors. It must avoid wearing Violet or Yellow.

The luckiest months in 2022 are June and October, and the most unfavorable months are September and December.

The lucky stone for Rat in 2022 is Aventurine – this stone helps increase your sense of risk or adventure. It will not make you too impulsive as it effects result in a sense of freedom rather than recklessness.

Feng Shui Objects for Luck in 2022

  • Tiger Gold Statue – will attract prosperity, good fortune, and success.
  • Chinese coins inside wallet, purse, handbag – attract wealthy chi, bring treasures and protection
  • Feng Shui Money Frog – wealth, success and good luck

Years of the Rat and the Five Elements

Wood Rat Horoscope (1984)

The personal energy of the Wood Rat will create a magnetism that draws others to you. Be careful of this energy if you are in a committed relationship because your attracting powers will be strong this year, especially in early spring. Sexual energy and being mysteriously drawn to someone, and secretly spending time with them are possibilities for 2022.

Fire Rat Horoscope ( 1996)

You do have an opportunity to become powerful in your career this year, or at least work with some very powerful people. If this is your thing. Some people want these types of accolades, and some don’t. However, you should realize that if you work for others, you are a mere pawn in their plans.

Metal Rat Horoscope 1960

Financial security and money desired in order to make the Metal rat comfortable is an issue for this year, even if only subconsciously. You may experience emotional episodes when issues arise over monetary spending. 

Earth Rat Horoscope ( 2008)

If you are an Earth Rat who is looking for a new love interest your best bet is to get out there and be seen during the first few months of 2022. Join a humanitarian group; go out with groups of friends from work.

Water Rat Horoscope (1972)

This year your karma is tied to the financial realms. Utilizing another’s money, i.e. a partner’s, is not the way to go. Water Rat will find little fulfillment in inheritances, taxes, or utilizing this kind of seed money to make his own fortune. This is a year for which your values concerning money are in the spotlight. Only by putting your nose to the grindstone and breaking a sweat will you reap any rewards.

Rat Personality Traits

Those born in the sign of the Rat are lively, creative, and incredibly ambitious. Even though they appreciate the enjoyable side of life and love to celebrate in convivial company and cherish their families, they remain individualists. They are highly well-liked, thanks to their charm.