Year of the Dragon – 2022 Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

The Dragon is magical and the only astrological sign that is not an actual animal. Yet so much a part of Chinese society is it, that it seems as real as any of the other signs. The recent Years of the Dragon are 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.

If you waste time getting started this year you will waste a great opportunity. As early as late February 2022,  Dragon’s year will begin with an uplift or opportunity to earn more money. This may require some changes to your daily schedule. The Dragon will be able to use his advanced mental skills in this time and can be very inventive and original in his ideas. You can use this for your own creative venture, or support others in theirs.

In 2022 you can advance, with quite a bit of luck on your side. Your attitude is likely to be optimistic which will help you and those who stay around you.

dragon horoscope 2022

Single Dragons definitely have more opportunities for love in 2022, while attached Aquarians should find their relationship is more fun than it has been in around five years. And if it doesn’t feel like that yet, make it happen!  

The Dragon Horoscope 2022 indicates a career change is happening in your life this year, possibly through your partner. They may be willing to relocate, and there can be benefits flowing to you by such a move.  

Years of the Dragon and the Five Elements

Wood Dragon (1964)

Wood Dragons tend to be more forthright and in your face, cleverness bordering on arrogance, logical and responsible representative of the Wood Element.

2022 will be seen in the long-term future by you as the year of recovery. All of you have been trashed one way or another over the last two years, with particularly this last year being all over the place and way out of proportion to what normally passes for reality. And as 2022 starts, so the bubbles of the past pop and all of a sudden there’s a clear view of the horizon.

Fire Dragon (1976)

Fire Dragons tend to be more upright and socially conscious, compassionate and aspires to lofty goals, a fair and virtuous representative of the Fire Element.

2022 is a fortunate year, in that there are a number of windows of opportunity passing in front of you.  If you take them you will do well, and if you don’t take them you will lose nothing, although in times to come when these types of chances aren’t around you may regret not taking them when they were in front of you.  It’s a year to capitalize on the changes of recent months and to take a few chances – chances, not risks.

Earth Dragon 1988

Earth Dragons tend to be more of a capable leader, practical and down to earth, a well-grounded and steady representative of the Earth Element.

There are no major challenges this coming year for the vast majority of you, but the biggest danger is chafing at the leash and running before you can walk.  Life will get faster and faster as the year progresses, so don’t jump the gun by being premature.

Metal Dragon 1940, 2000

Metal Dragons tend to be more unwavering once they have decided on a path, a bit of a social climber, a competitive and resolute representative of the Fire Element.

This will be seen as the year in which you finally come down off of the fence and make actions and choices in your life in ways that will specifically affect your long term future, so don’t make major decisions in haste without asking yourself about how your future self some ten or twenty years in the future will view your choices. 

Water Dragon – 1952, 2012

Water Dragons tend to be more democratic and unbiased, good communicators, resourceful and charming representatives of the Water Element.

It’s not that busy a year, so to a certain extent, you can lower some of your shields and become more productive without being defensive.  There’s no sign of major external opposition, you’re not attracting any problems with people around you.

Money and Career

In 2022, the Dragon will be able to see the results of past efforts. Although you will have to remain responsible, it is good that you are attentive and that you accept the good opportunities that life will offer you.

These will help you to build your job and economic future more efficiently. The changes will also favor you, as they will be in charge of refreshing your way of life, bringing new people into your life, so that you can achieve what you want professionally.

You will manage to grow a lot; this will help you make investments or start your own business. Your goal is to keep developing because you will see that your efforts achieve significant progress, and you will want to take more courses or training to better meet your goals.

You will also be considering becoming independent, as you will want more freedom of action. For this, new people will come to you with whom you can associate, as they will be part of your progress.

In addition, you will be presented with opportunities to travel and thus seek other directions in your life, developing a progressive mind in finances.

According to the Chinese horoscope, from September to December, you have the opportunity to earn more money or sign very profitable business partnerships for yourself.


In general, throughout 2022, you will feel quite independent, and you will be very focused on your personal development.

In addition, you will take the time necessary to make a realistic examination of what your wishes are, the situation in which you find yourself, and how your personal evolution has been.

The time has come for you to take stock of your life and ask yourself some specific questions, such as, if you are happy, what do you expect from the future, what are your wishes and needs, and if you have yet fulfilled them.

Knowing yourself better will help your situation evolve in the right direction.

If you are single, it is outlined in the distance that you will meet someone who will not disappoint you and with whom you have a good chance of getting married or at least maintaining a long-term relationship.


Physical appearance is essential for the Dragon. You must take care of your physical appearance healthily and naturally and avoid habits that damage your health. Drink a lot of water and take care of your kidneys. Your biggest enemy is stress.

Dragon Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2022:

According to the Chinese zodiac, the numbers 4, 6, and 9 are considered lucky for Dragons in 2022, while the numbers 3, 5, and 11 should be avoided as much as possible

The lucky colors to wear throughout this year for Dragons are gold, dark purple, and orange.

For a prosperous and healthy life, you must plant the following lucky plants in your home: Larkspur, Bleeding Heart Vine, and Hyacinth.

The auspicious months for weddings, building a house or starting a new job are the Chinese Lunar months of April, June, October and unfavorable months are March and July.

Feng Shui objects for luck: 

  • Feng Shui Good Luck Bracelets – Natural Tiger Eye beads and alloy Pi Yao: symbol of good luck,  attracting good fortune, protecting the health
  • Feng Shui Foo Fu Dogs – protects your home or workplace from negative energy

Dragon Personality Traits

The Dragon is overwhelmingly Yang, which can lead to rashness, illogical reasoning, and recklessness. Others may find the Dragon obnoxiously self-important.

There is no in-between with the Dragon. Life is either a Joy or a Tragedy, either way it is to be experienced fully and aggressively.

The Dragon is often drawn to the theatre or other performing arts, or professions which are larger than life and include an admiring audience.

The Dragon is flamboyant, and exuberant, and often a risk-taker or gambler.

They are endowed with healing properties and are considered good at accumulating wealth. Dragons are also good omens for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Good or Bad, the dragon is always dramatic.