Rooster 2017

General tendencies for the sign of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster:
The year of the Fire Rooster starts on January 28th 2017 and ends on February 15th 2018 and for the sign of the Rooster from the Chinese zodiac is one of the best years.

It, actually, is the year of your sign when you have high chances of succeeding on all the level, in everything you want to accomplish. All you have to do is keep your cool and take advantage of everything that gets in your way, without making excess.

Work, money, business – for the sign of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster:

The year of the Rooster is the peak of a 12 years cycle during which you worked, learned and gathered experience. Naturally, you can now enjoy the recognition of your professional credits. Either you are proposed for a well-deserved promotion at your current work place, or you find a new job for which you are precisely the right man, on the professional level everything “works out” in one way or the other. The most favorable periods are the end of the spring and all autumn long.

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Generally, one might say that each sign has a lot of good luck in the year of its sign. But luck always helps those that wait for it well prepared, willing to make an extra effort, open to communication. So, keep binding those relationships with your coworkers, bosses and subordinates! The advice you give or receive could bring you great advantages.
On the financial level, there is only one problem: money management. You could earn a lot more and from more sources, including from a personal business because this year favors initiative. You are tempted – and you can afford – to make big expenses, but you will have to be careful not to throw the money out the window just because you have more. With a sound mind, you can satisfy (almost) all your wishes and also save for bad days.

Private life, love, family, society – for the sign of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster:

Only when we reach the “private life” chapter we really start talking about the advantage the Rooster has in the year of their sign, especially on an emotional level. If you are alone, this year, there are high chances to find the other half that you have been dreaming about for a while. If you already have a stable partner, the relationship might progress excellently and a proposal is not excluded. Finally, if you are already a couple, you can expect a major progress: either the birth of a child, either moving to a new place or another important achievement.
The important thing is to have faith in the future and leave all the disappointments and pessimism behind. Go out and make new friends! However, be cautious regarding romantic relationships: not every romance is the true love! The most favorable periods on the romantic level are by the end of the spring and the beginning of autumn – precisely during the seasons that are best for romantic walks.

Everything goes very well in your relations with your friends, as well, provided you prove to be understanding and flexible and take into account the fact that not everybody is as “tuned” as you are and not everybody can keep the pace with a booming Rooster. Try not to take on too many activities at the same time because you might exhaust the people around you, but also because you risk to lose control and to not accomplish much.

Recap for the sign of the Rooster in the year of the Rooster:
In conclusion, the year of your own sign seems to be an excellent year both on a professional, but especially on a personal level. Professional achievements and income increases could be left behind by the major changes on the emotional level. It would be better to be prepared for all of these so that you can fully enjoy them and, especially, so that you can calmly “manage” your success, with no excess and while keeping things under control.