Dragon 2017

General tendencies for the sign of the Dragon in the year of the Rooster:
The year of the Fire Rooster starts on January 28th 2017 and ends on February 15th 2018 and is a year full of luck for the sign of the Dragon from the Chinese zodiac.

If you have lately asked yourself more and more often when will the Sun finally rise above your world, in 2017 you will see you still have your luck. Try to forget about the hard times and prepare spiritually for a long period of time with changes for the better.

Work, money, business – for the sign of the Dragon in the year of the Rooster:
Work and the professional career are the best seen domains for the Dragon in 2017. But in order to take maximum advantage of the opportunities you will have, you must leave behind your pessimism and lack of confidence in your own strengths. It is time to put things in motion and act with confidence, with a spirit of initiative. You can make big steps ahead, even if you won’t succeed from the first time or very easily. There are big chances to get promoted at your current job, but especially to find a new job or even to completely change your field of activity with a field that offers you more beautiful perspectives.

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If you are searching for a work place, your spirit of initiative is very important. Search actively, use all your relations and even specialized services! If you are determined regarding the field you want to work in, it could be useful to take a specialization or training course. It might prove to be very useful at the right moment.
And regarding money, things start to be better and better. You earn more and from more sources. It is not excluded to gain income from interest rates, share stocks etc. However, take care not to spend exaggeratedly. Also, pay your debts and even try to save, to multiply your money before you spend it.

Private life, love, family, society – for the sign of the Dragon in the year of the Rooster:

Everything goes well in your family life. You are in the spotlight and you manage to mobilize the others in many actions that are in the family’s interest. Actually, this is the key of a fulfilled family life in 2017: cooperation. Do your best to avoid arguments! You cannot accomplish much all by yourself.
The year of the Rooster is beneficial to the Dragon on a social level. You have a lot of fun with your friends, but also numerous opportunities to meet new people and even new friends, including because of the changes on the professional level. Don’t hesitate to go out!
The travels of the Dragon are also favored this year. Anyway, after all the rush in your professional life you need to relax too, so that you may recharge your batteries. Now, you can spend your vacation in an exotic place or visit countries or cities that you always wanted to see. Also, take into account that fact that you need to move, you need physical exercises in general, so try to walk as much as you can! You don’t need to climb the Himalayas, but a short hike wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Recap for the sign of the Dragon in the year of the Rooster:
In conclusion, for the Dragon, the year of the Rooster is a year of (re)opened horizons. That means you can achieve a lot on the professional level and have a full life. It is all about wanting, getting mobilized and starting to act without looking back.