Spider Dream Meaning

In dreams, the spider illustrates our relationships with close family members. The spider also represents the relationships with those friends brought into our lives to learn something from their experiences. The spider is not a negative symbol, as we would expect, representing the people that are a necessary evil in our lives.

The spider symbolizes the feminine power or an arrogant maternal figure in your life. Alternatively, a spider refers to a powerful force protecting itself against self-destructive behavior.

Spider Bite Dream Meaning

Dreams about being bitten by a spider indicate a conflict between you and your mother or a dominating woman. The dream could be a metaphor for a devouring mother or the feminine power of possessing and catching. You are likely feeling stuck in a relationship.

Black Spider Dream Meaning

The black spider reveals that you have dealt with a negative person in your life, a person who wants to harm you, although they preach only good intentions.

The cross spider is a sign that you will face some unpleasant experiences in terms of health. Important: you need to be careful about the connection between your thoughts and the well-being of your body. The cross spider thus represents your subconscious mind and how you relate to your health condition.

Killing Spider Dream Meaning

The dreams in which you kill a spider symbolize hardship and bad luck. If the spider was already dead, it could mean that you’ve overcome an intense feminine temptation. Most likely, this person tried to harm you or lead you on the wrong path, but you’ve managed to realize it in time and correct your mistake.

White Spider

The dreams about white spiders portend healing, suggesting that you haven’t lost your hope and that your energy continues to grow. It is possible to experience a reawakening or to have a new perspective on life.

Red Spider

Dreaming of a red spider means that you are not yet aware of your full potential but on the right path in free communication, unrestricted by any thoughts and beliefs.

When you dream of a red spider, it emphasizes the fact that you keep in check, under control, a situation in your life.

Many Spiders

If you see many spiders in your dreams, it could mean that you have overcome some fears related to the problems that may occur in your life.

Also, it could indicate that you feel emotionally overwhelmed by your current state. Alternatively, it could be a sign of depression or anxiety.

Spider Web

When you dream of being caught in a spider web, and you no longer can escape, it is a sign that your plans give you a hard time. You no longer know how to deal with some actions or intentions. You get into conflict with yourself. It becomes difficult for you to find a solution for present problems. On the other hand, if the spider web is in your home, it is a sign that you will get into a conflict with someone from your family. It could be a conflict with your mother or a close family member.

Being Attacked by a Spider in Dreams

The spider attacking you in your dreams hints that you want to run or get rid of a woman who wants to dominate you, to impose on you a different path of destiny than the one you want. An alternative interpretation is that it draws your attention that you need to approach an event or a situation in your life more maturely. Dreaming of this type of arachnid that chases you emphasized that you need to have a more positive, determined, and bold attitude in your professional life. A spider that sits on your head symbolically represents a woman who constantly nags you or strives to get into your head and force you to adopt her ideas and viewpoint.

What Does it Mean When you Dream of Spiders Crawling on You?

A dream in which black spiders are crawling on you indicates the possible deceit of some people you might know, and it is very likely that in a short while, someone will try to convince you to act in a certain way without explaining to you what the true cause is or for what reason. If you are doing some business or other negotiations in real life, you might get scammed.