What Does it Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

In general, if you dream of a snake, it could tell you something about an issue that bothered or frustrated you. Also, a snake in your dream could symbolize something you avoid. But the snake also represents something good: regeneration. If we think of snakes as being wise, they can show us how to overcome certain things in life, such as fear or anger.

Dreams About Snakes Biting You

If a snake bites you in your dream, ask yourself if any health issues are starting to get better or if an emotional wound seems to heal. Also, the “snake bite” could mean that you are the victim of someone’s criticism.

Dreams About Snakes Chasing You

Being chased by snakes in a dream could be a sign that you are trying to avoid or escape something that bothers you in real life. 

In the context of snake symbolism, a snake chasing you may suggest that you feel angry or upset about something going on in your life.

Snakes in the Water

The dreams about snakes in the water symbolize danger and are likely to warn about unknown and dangerous impulses that emerge or an instinctive fear of water.


When a predator or even a passer-by approaches a rattlesnake, the venomous snake will rattle its tail as a warning and determine that person to move away.

Therefore, if you dream about a rattlesnake, it could be a warning about a toxic person from your life, or it tells you to pay attention to the warning signs a certain person may display.

What if you Dream of a Snake in Your Bed?

Seeing in your dream a snake on your bed indicates dependency. Perhaps you have a friend that depends on your or creates unnecessary drama. Alternatively, it could be about a family member that causes conflicts and triangulations in a relationship.

Because our beds are frequently associated with intimacy, the snake from a dream could be a symbol. Spiritually, the dream can be related to a possible romantic adventure if the snake attacks you while dreaming.

Colored Snake?

The color of the snake is very significant in interpreting a dream. A black snake means that you feel anxious, but if you see a red snake, this is related to passion and positivity in real life. If the red snake appears in your bed, it could foretell a passionate and romantic period.

If a brown snake is present or near your bed in your dream, it could suggest that you must be more anchored in real life. This is directly linked to nature and the reemergence of a situation.

If the snake moves vigorously in your dream, it could be a hint that you will lose control of your emotion. Classically, dreaming of your bed speaks about your impulses and intimacies, so if the snake moves fast in the dream, it could be about a relationship that gains a new sense of renewal.

Boa Constrictor

Dreaming about a Boa constrictor could urge you to make a profound inner incursion and discover what makes you feel suffocated in your life. Even if the dream may be overwhelming, it occurs to help you, not harm you.

What Does it Mean When you Dream of a Snake While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, your hormones combined with anxiety can lead to some intense dreams, including those about slippery snakes. The dreams about snakes could indicate the growth and wisdom of the child growing in the mother’s womb.

Killing a Snake in a Dream

This dream has both positive and negative meanings. A snake is regularly perceived as a symbol of threat or danger.

As for the positive part, killing a snake in a dream is usually a good sign. It could indicate that you will be triumphant in everything you do. Also, it could mean that you are about to free yourself of all the negative feelings you may have.

You may eliminate the fear and start a more tranquil life.

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