If You Had a Dream of Someone, Is It Because They Think of You?

The most important sign that someone thinks of you is that they appear in your dreams.

When you dream of someone intensely and, especially, repetitively, it definitely has a meaning at the Universe Consciousness level.

Most likely, that person’s thoughts reach the dimension of the dream due to the power of these emotional frequencies.

Undoubtedly, when someone appears in our dreams frequently, that person thinks of us and sends us their energy.

If they appear repetitively and intensely in our dreams, at night, while we sleep, that person’s energy comes to us.

It is good to be aware that dreams suggest aspects of our real life. These aspects can be camouflaged into more or less realistic stories. Each dream can have a different interpretation.

When the conscious mind is at rest, your higher self can send and receive messages from other souls that want to connect with you. If the same person appears in your dreams often, a good idea is to keep a journal of your dreams to verify your encounters – you could obtain more exact info from this exercise.

If you dream of someone you love, it means that your mind constantly thinks of that person. When you sleep, the subconscious starts to react to the things that occupy your mind during the day, such as your fears and desires. The outcome of the dream is most often positive.

Dreaming of a person can mean various things. To find out the main significance of your dream, you need to think of your relationship with the person who appeared in your dreams.

Dreaming of a relative, a stranger, a work colleague, or another person can have different meanings. However, in most cases, one of the best answers to the question “what does it mean when you dream of someone?” is that you truly love that person, that they have a special place in your heart and mind.

In many cases, dreams have more difficult to decipher meanings. In actuality, the person who appears in the dream is not the one the mind wants to represent, so their appearance in the dream is only a symbol of a situation.

For example, you may dream of someone you know very little but who proves to be the fictional representation of a friend or relative. Therefore, you need to analyze the behavior of the person you dream of because, many times, it could be someone else.

Other Signs That Someone Thinks of You:

They suddenly appear in your mind

When someone appears in your thoughts for no apparent reason, that person is thinking of you. When there is absolutely no stimulus in your world to lead your thoughts to that person, yet they suddenly appear in your mind, it means that person entered the same emotional frequency as you, communicating with you at this level.
If their thoughts are powerful, they will certainly reach your frequencies. It often happens following some strong signals that those people will meet “by chance.”

You feel their presence even if they are not next to you physically

If you are alone and you suddenly sense the presence of a person you know, that person most likely is thinking intensely of you. Even if you are not together, you still feel that person’s presence in your life, and it is a more realistic feeling than having a person next to you physically but emotionally distant.
This telepathic communication that particularly happens between close people and that we all experience is the proof that our being is able, beyond reason, and that we can consciously use these special abilities.

You start sneezing

When you sneeze out of the blue, it means that someone is thinking or missing you. This belief is rooted in many Asian cultures. Actually, the thoughts trigger an uncontrollable nose itch that leads to recurrent sneezing.

Before drawing any conclusion, you should exclude natural triggers, such as a cold. If you are not sick and you still have a sneezing episode, this is a sign that someone has happy and positive thoughts about you. Or they even miss you or are in love with you.

There is a way to find out who that person is. Ask anyone who is near you to pick a random 3-digit number. Add the numbers and find out the corresponding alphabet letter. This will give you the initial of the person who is thinking of you. The name of that person starts with that letter. The rest you can find out.

Itchy or twitchy eye

Excluding any eye conditions, if you suddenly experience itchy or twitchy eyes, this is a sign that you are in someone’s thoughts. These thoughts can be both positive and negative. And there is a way to identify them.

You can have an idea about what kind of thoughts someone has about you depending on the eye that itches or twitches. And it is different for men and women.

For a man, the contraction of the right eye is considered to be positive, while the contraction of the left eye is negative. It is the other way around for women. The twitching of the left eye means that someone is praising you, while the twitching of the right eye is a clue that someone is criticizing you.

Before drawing any conclusions, you should exclude any natural causes of itching or twitching in the eye, such as medical issues or insect bites. Stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, and diet can also be the cause.

Incomprehensible emotions

In the middle of a good day, you are drowning in sorrow. Or you are having a bad day and, suddenly, you calm down and have a peaceful mood. This sudden change of emotions is inexplicable and, thus, a bit frightening.

No worries, there is a simple explanation for this phenomenon. Your emotional flux is interrupted by the energetic vibrations of someone else. When someone thinks or talks about you, both in a good or bad way, they send you energy vibes. Depending on the intensity of the thoughts, this will interfere with the normal activities of your mind.

If a butterfly lands on you

In many cultures, butterflies are considered spiritual beings. It is believed that they help transmit energy from one person to another. Therefore, when a butterfly lands on you, it means that it brings the energy of the person who thinks of you.
This statement may not be true if you are in the midst of nature, where butterflies usually fly around. When you are inside and think of someone, and a butterfly lands or comes next to you, it is a strong signal from the universe of energy connection.

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