Dreams About Flying – Meaning

What does it means when you dream you are flying?

Generally speaking, the dreams in which you fly show a desire that you want to set free or to escape a situation, a relationship that doesn’t work, a period of crisis, or a job; it means to raise above all, whether people or conflicts or that you have found a solution to a problem or a new method of managing things.

What does it mean when you dream of flying by plane?

Not all dreams involving flying must have a magic element. When you dream about flying by plane, the meaning can be mundane or extraordinary, depending on how you perceive this experience. Are you terrified of flying by plane in reality, or do you like it?
Being the passenger on the board of a place in a dream signifies the beginning of an adventure, the discovery of some new territories (experiences). It may also have a spiritual interpretation because it is a clear sign of traveling.

If you dream that you have wings and you can fly

If we were to refer to the symbol of the wings, it would certainly be that of flight, the need to escape, to traverse another space. But the interpretation of the dreams in which the wings appear is much more complex than that.

Thus, we can say that, in a dream, the wings portend the need to escape some constraints in social life, daily pressures that don’t allow us to live in peace as we would want to, running from responsibilities, or even more than that, the desire to move forward, to achieve something greater, more uplifting, clearly superior to what we are currently doing.

If you dream that while flying, your wings get broken, it means that someone is impending you, wants to bind you to something, and imposes certain responsibilities on you, just so that you are not free. On the other hand, the broken wings while in a flight, in a dream, can also symbolize a great disappointment in the near future, a despondency of proportions caused perhaps by a person very dear to you.

If you dream that you fly and then fall/crush

This dream frequently occurs during demanding periods when the body is in a state of severe fatigue. The dreamer perceives the fall as a slight electric shock and wakes up almost immediately.

If you dream about flying in outer space

The interpretation of dreams in which you fly in space and see the stars up close can refer to the achievement of individual goals in an original way.
Having such a dream is a clear sign of geniality and extremely profound thinking. If you have been facing some problems for some time in real life, this dream occurs to let you know that you will go through a huge mental change. Something important will happen, and you will discover things that you never imagined really existed.

The stars in the dream are symbols of great desires, destinies, and luck. At the same time, they can also signify resounding events, divine interventions, or well-hidden secrets.