Career Horoscope 2023 Predictions by Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese New Year 2023 will start on Sunday, January 22. As per the Chinese Horoscope 2023, the Year of the Rabbit means tranquility, peace, and progress.

Here is what the Chinese zodiac and the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 have in store for each zodiac sign professionally.


The Rats have innate leadership skills, so the best careers in the year of the Rabbit 2023 are those where they are leaders.

Due to the influence of the Tiger (which is also an authoritative sign), in 2023, the Rats will not feel in their element when working and receiving orders from someone else, becoming irritated, which is why they will find jobs where they are in charge.

The people born under the Rat sign can make the most daring decisions regarding the workplace. Therefore, if they think of changing jobs, the Rats will put in a lot of effort because they fully deserve it. They can only progress if they come out of their comfort zone and embrace change.

To activate good luck in the career corner, you can place a gold nugget-shaped bowl of prosperity on the desk. In Feng Shui, the gold nuggets are considered powerful symbols of abundance and wealth.

It is highly recommended to place gold nuggets inside the prosperity vase or on the ship for wealth to attract abundance.

Their placement around figurines, such as Fuk Luk Sau, amplified this effect. You can place these lucky objects in the South-East sector of the living room, office, or business space to activate the sector of wealth, attracting good luck in gaining money. Also, you can use them to stimulate the sector of mentors in the North-West corner.


Although they are not very much inclined towards career and money this year, the Chinese horoscope also predicts financial success for the Ox sign. Perhaps the success will come from collaborations and projects because the year of the Water Rabbit supports the relationships and communication with those around.

Therefore, although it is unlikely that they will have extraordinary accomplishments this year, the people born in the Ox sign will not be short of money.

To attract fortune moneywise and in your career, you can use a Feng Shui tree with semiprecious stones.

This unusual Feng Shui tree has lucky crystals such as amethyst, agate, quartz, and aventurine. Add extra positive energy to your house and the office spaces. Natural and artificial plants can be seen often in Chinese people’s homes due to the belief that they can attract prosperity, abundance, and fortune.

This Feng Shui tree can also be placed on your desk or at the workplace.


Tigers will enjoy many opportunities in their careers this year. It would be a good time to widen their horizon regarding business investments. A new life stage awaits them during this time professionally. Tigers should not be content with their current accomplishments but follow their goals.

This year, the Tigers will notice significant and certain progress in their careers. They must be moderate when it comes to working. It is not a good idea to work too much without relaxing, which is why they should also go on vacation.

A good remedy for prosperity is the golden tree with coins.

This beautiful golden tree can activate the auspicious, positive energy of Flying Star 8 of prosperity. You can place it in the corner of wealth (NE in 2023) of the house, office, or on your work desk to invite wealth and prosperity and improve your financial status.


The professional progress of the Rabbits will be extraordinary this year. It is an opportune time for the Rabbits to get promoted at work. For them, the career is paramount because it ensures their specific need for independence.

Rabbits can use as Feng Shui remedy the Money Frog – to attract luck and prosperity.

You can place this wonderful creature in the corner of wealth (North-East) of the living room or office to amplify luck and increase income.

Also, you can place two frogs: one facing inside from the outside, which symbolizes the money coming in and the income increase, and the other facing outside, which signifies collecting money and favorable chances.

For those involved at work in earnings from commissions or other sources, place a frog close to your desk or diagonally opposite the front office door.


In the year of the Rabbit 2023, those who aspire to change their jobs or professional position will use this period to their advantage. It will be the best time to develop a more relaxed attitude towards the career.

Dragons will have the opportunity to achieve a significant financial goal: income alternatives will occur, which will bring considerable benefits, and they will need to remember to reduce all types of expenses.

At the end of the year, unexpected expenses may occur, so a safety net can be handy. You can start saving money right now.

In Feng Shui, the Phoenix statuette represents the chance of a new beginning, the Dragons’ opportunity to find a better job.

Phoenix, the queen of all birds and the supreme symbol of feminine power reborn from the ashes symbolizes resurrection, infinity, and rebirth. It symbolizes opportunities and the power of hope, one of the most tremendous forces of guidance of humankind. Phoenix brings material comfort and luck to those followed by a series of misfortunes, and it gives them the strength to continue, survive, and move on even if there seems to be no hope. It brings the fortune of new career opportunities.


Snakes are very active people who get bored relatively fast with things without a strong attraction, which can be an advantage. Thus, in 2023, they may try to launch a small business and invest, so they can harvest the fruits of their labor later, but also the initial amount, which will seemingly multiply considerably.

The Snake people will attract fortune on their side with the help of a Dragon statuette.

The Dragon is one of the four celestial beings and a meaningful and potent symbol in Feng Shui. The Dragon represents the Yang symbol, male vigor, courage, and bravery. It is generous and full of vitality and force. Associated with the East cardinal point, the Dragon becomes a potent symbol when placed in this sector, although it can be set in any other direction.

In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, it is a magnificent symbol of fortune, the most powerful and sacred among all the creatures, and is treated with utter respect. Generation after generation, the Dragon has been a supreme symbol of power, good luck, and honor. In ancient times, the emperors of China were considered Dragons, and the Dragon symbol could be used only by them.

The Dragon is the creator of precious or cosmic Chi, also known as “Sheng Chi,” which brings wealth to our homes and workplaces. The Dragon is a powerful Feng Shui remedy for business, which brings foresight and wisdom, especially to older people, honor to the family, protects the bearer, and opens the path to new and favorable opportunities.


The people born in the Horse sign will reorient in their careers, especially in the second part of 2023. They will sign up for classes, identify the domains they would like to be active in the future, and invest time and resources to venture in a direction that may bring them satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment.

Although some more profitable projects occur, the Horses are likely to refuse them because they no longer want a hectic course in their careers, always running after money so, they would rather try to find a balance and get specialized in a domain since they are so economical and demanding with their time.

A suitable Feng Shui object for the Horses is the Double Carps Fish and Lotus statuette.

The carp have become a symbol of perseverance, great ambitions, and a very potent emblem in the field of study and knowledge. The symbol of the double carp is also an authentic Feng Shui remedy for harmony and happiness.

As a base, it has the representation of a beautiful lotus growing from mud and murky water, which means overcoming obstacles in life and turning the bad into good even in the darkest and saddest situations.

If you need to get good grades on exams, place a pair of carps on your study desk to energize the corner of education or in the NE sector of your study room.

You can place a pair of carps also on the desk at your workplace, or in the Northern sector of the office, if possible. It will attract an ascendant period in the career.


According to the 2023 Goat horoscope, the year comes with good news in terms of career. The Goats have every chance to advance. They will obtain good results in June and July. Thus, luck is on their side at work.

Also, if they want to change their workplace, this becomes possible in 2023. The new job will be better paid than the previous one, with a direct impact on the financial situation, consolidating it considerably. If they own a business, work will come first all year round.

The Golden Tree of Wishes and Prosperity with apples, berries, and red hearts is a good remedy.

This tree has many lucky apples, berries, and hearts. Red apples bring harmony, red hearts bring happiness, and berries bring abundance. Add more positive energy to your home and office space. Natural and artificial plants can be noticed in Chinese people’s houses because they believe they can attract prosperity, abundance, and fortune. Place it in the house to stimulate the Flying Star 8, the energy of abundance and wealth.

You need to have the Tree of Wishes and Prosperity in the house because it brings new opportunities and a new vision of the business and market in which you operate.


Professionally, the 2023 horoscope for Monkey proves that they will not lose their motivation to become increasingly better at their workplace. They have many projects they do not hesitate to present to colleagues and superiors.

In the middle of 2023, the Monkeys will manage to assert themselves and convince everyone else of what they are capable of when they have the necessary encouragement and material resources. They will prove their high professionalism, which will help them get promoted.

The Wind Horse Plaque against negative energies and for attracting success is the best Feng Shui remedy for the Monkeys this year.

The Wind Horse Plaque or the Horse of Victory and protection mantras can be placed anywhere in the house or office, which will protect you against negative energies, increase the vitality in the house, and bring fortune.

The Wind Horse is always represented next to gold bars, precious stones, and beautiful garments. In traditional China, those defeated in the war would bring the Wind Horse as a gift to the kings and people in high positions and power in the state. Thus, it became a symbol of redemption and recognition of authority.

In Feng Shui, the Wind Horse is used for overcoming the evil intentions of rivals, increasing success, and making efforts at work get recognized and rewarded.


The 2023 Career Horoscope recommends the Rooster sign to try and improve their working style and focus so they can avoid organization issues and exclusion from the most important projects in their career.

If the Roosters are willing to try a new job and quit the old one, they will enjoy one of the best years of the last decade!

The amulet card with the three celestial guards is the best remedy for the Roosters this year. It contains Fu Dogs, Chi Lin, and Pi Yao (Pi Xie).

These mystical creatures are extremely powerful and the card of these creatures is an auspicious amulet. It is a remedy for business people and sellers who want to increase their income.


The year 2023 is not focused too much on the career but on finances and Dogs’ attitude towards money. Except for October, when their professional ascension slightly stagnates, things go well in this domain, but not the same is true about the financial sector, which needs more involvement from the Dogs.


The people born in this sign will have numerous occasions to excel in their careers this year. They will have plenty of freedom to explore professional opportunities, and they will enjoy the help of their colleagues and superiors.

Also, there will be situations that will bring a few professional obstacles, but they must keep calm, work hard, and be modest in workplace relationships to overcome them.

The middle of the year also brings some project delays. They must try to give their best and finalize the projects without issues.

Teamwork will bring them many advantages. The end of the year offers them relocation possibilities or a career change. This year, their practical sense and managerial skills will help them climb another step on the professional ladder.

The Pigs can use the 5 Elements Balancing Amulet – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal – an amulet for vital force.

The five elements balance the energies and increase the vital force. It is an amulet for eliminating misfortune and for regaining a good life.

It is an amulet for good luck and vitality, a potent amulet for those who want to climb the social ladder and be successful in their business or career.

It is a powerful amulet made in the colors of the five elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal that offers full protection and good luck wherever you go.