Zodiac Birthstones – For All 12 Chinese Astrology Signs

The precious and semiprecious stones have been used since ancient times not only to decorate jewellery, veiling them in beauty, uniqueness and genuine vibrant notes but also as talismans for luck, people instilling them with astrological significance and special powers.

It is said that these stones bring luck and improve the health state, identifying themselves with the personality of the wearer, this is why their choice needs to be made individually, based on the date of birth, hence the name of “birthstones”.

These stones can be the perfect gift for the people we celebrate, love and appreciate, such as family members or close friends.


For the Rat natives, the lucky stones are diamond, amethyst, and emerald. The diamonds are for luck and health, the amethyst for activating endurance, and emerald for protecting against unpleasant events.


If you are an Ox native, the most suitable birthstones for you are emerald, pink quartz, and lapis lazuli. The emerald is for raising your self-esteem, pink quartz for luck, and lapis lazuli for connecting with your inner self.


For those born under the Tiger sign, the lucky birthstones are agate, tourmaline, and citrine. The agate is used for healing, the tourmaline for maintaining focus, while the citrine is perfect for raising your mood.


For the people born under the Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbit, the best birthstones are pearl, moonstone, and peridot. The pearls help increase wisdom, the moonstone clears the mind, while the peridot treats depression and anxiety.


The natives born under the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign are protected by ruby, topaz and tiger eye. The ruby is used for increasing generosity, topaz for clearing the mind, and the tiger eye for sharpening intuition.


For the natives born under the Snake zodiac sign, sapphire, amethyst, and carnelian are the recommended birthstones. The sapphire is used for lifting the spirits, amethyst for reducing stress, and carnelian for increasing self-esteem.


The Horse natives should wear opal, peridot, or jade. The opal is wonderful for increasing creativity, peridot for communicating the wishes of the inner self and jade for balancing your finances.


The recommended stones for the Goat natives are onyx, black pearl, and garnet. Onyx is used for awareness of physical abilities, the black pearls for balancing the mood and garnet for reducing vanity.


For the Monkey, the recommended stones are turquoise, topaz and quartz. The turquoise is used for balancing the temper, topaz for keeping calm, and quartz for balancing the dual nature of Monkey natives.


Obsidian, garnet, and sapphire are the lucky birthstones for the Rooster natives. Obsidian helps increase flexibility, garnet is used for social warmth and the sapphire for increasing intuition.


If you are a Dog native, amethyst, hematite, and amber are the right birthstones for you. Use amethyst for flexibility, amber for healing emotional wounds, and hematite for reducing arrogance.


The best birthstones for the Pig natives are heliotrope, aquamarine, and opal. Heliotrope is great for stability, aquamarine for increasing attention, and opal for protection against any addictions.

In today’s culture, each birthstone or zodiac stone has special characteristics, with the role to protect the wearer.

Zodiac stones jewellery – Birthstones – are special gifts for the loved ones from your life. The jewelry with a colored birthstone can be a precious souvenir for your daughter, a special Christmas gift for your husband, or a unique gift for your mother or bother.

Including a birthstone in the design of a customized engagement ring is a trend that has been adopted by many Hollywood stars. Justin Timberlake gifted his wife, Jessica Biel, many engagement rings, but the one the actress kept was an engagement ring with halo diamonds and with delicate accents of her lucky stone: aquamarine. Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring is decorated with a central ruby, the lucky stone of her zodiac signs, surrounded by two diamonds.

Birthstone jewellery is a much-appreciated gift due to its personal meaning and the vibrant color of the stones that ennobles both the ladies and gentlemen’s outfits, offering special energy and, at the same time, emphasizing their elegance and refinement.