Crystals For Luck & Money 2023

Each zodiac sign has a natural affinity with certain crystals and stones, and these combinations can generate a powerful and magical energy exchange.

According to the Chinese horoscope 2023, in the Year of the Rabbit, if correctly used, the crystals can bring benefits not only for a harmonious house but also for work or even study. Correctly placed and kept on the home or office desk, these magical and subtle ‘ornaments’ can help maintain positive vibration, better focus, and productivity, and even attract opportunities.

Other effects of the crystals on zodiac signs in 2023:

  • They amplify or induce positive aspects or qualities: courage, trust, affection, creativity, fidelity, focus, joy, energy, friendship, and calm.
  • They diminish negative aspects or emotions: fear, stress, negativity, negative energies, depression, tension, anger, danger, and sickness.
  • They remove aspects that do not honor us such as fury, pessimism, violence, aggression, and selfishness.
  • They absorb the negative energies from the surrounding environment.
  • They protect against negative energies.

Discover the perfect crystal for each zodiac sign and its properties:


The lucky stone of those born in 2023 is rose quartz – since ancient times, it is believed that the energy of the rose quartz is especially useful for self-perfection, self-enlightenment, and inner peace. Through its rose vibration, it helps us calm down. It is the stone of unconditional love and helps improve emotional problems and overcome past traumas. It is believed that it attracts devotion and equilibrium in the couple. Also, it is used to eliminate depressive states and stress.

In Chinese astrology, Rats are associated with wealth and abundance. They are usually illustrated coming out of a money sack.

A Rose Quartz Rat Statue is a Feng Shui remedy that combines the significance of the Rat in Feng Shui art with the therapeutic effects of the quartz crystal.


People born under the Ox sign will benefit from the particular vibrations of the green agate in the year of the Rabbit 2023. It will mitigate impulsivity and impatience and strengthen the immune system. 

The green agate stone is considered a natural talisman with the regenerative power of nature in its color. It is a stone of stability and equilibrium, of force and self-confidence. 

The green agate stone is associated both with the Fire element due to its volcanic origin and Earth, an element of stability, strength, and support. Thus, it is said that green agates inspire the power to change and the balance between emotions and the physical body.

The green agate was used to increase fertility and avoid discomfort during pregnancy. It is said that it can also increase the power to love and attract healthy relationships. 

A Green Jade Bracelet is a Feng Shui remedy that helps balance the positive and negative energies, increasing trust, kindness, and self-acceptance. 


It is a stone based on the Water element, representing truth and continuity. It helps the Tigers develop their compassion for those around them, understanding, and loyalty. It has calming effects, reducing anxiety, a typical state for those born under this sign.

Sapphire is a precious stone with a remarkable protective role, being, at the same time, a stone of wisdom, prosperity, fulfilled desires, and fortune.

In actuality, the association of sapphire with love and, implicitly, such great interest in the sapphire engagement ring comes from the fact that, according to legend, this stone is a suitable binder of relationships, facilitating the durability of the partners and bringing luck in love.

A Sapphire Bracelet can increase the creative potential of the owner, giving them more inspiration, and it also cares for the couples, ensuring more loyalty between partners. 


The Moonstone is known as the stone of new beginnings, and in 2023, it will bring the Rabbits luck on their side. 

The Moonstone contributes to opening the chakra of the heart, which allows us to be more receptive and in contact with our inner feelings. Thus, you may return to your normal rhythm and discover hidden treasures within yourself. 

This crystal is used for its benefits to the digestive and reproductive systems and for treating degenerative skin diseases.

A Moonstone Elephant Statue Figurine – The Moonstone statuette is a powerful amplifier of intention, inspiration, and creativity, helping us bring new, prolific ideas from the void.


The Chinese astrologers consider the ruby suitable for those born in the Dragon sign in 2023. It is said to have a powerful protective role on the Dragons, helping them stand out, get remarked, and be successful in any domain.

Ruby helps us connect the body’s energetic field with the Earth, allowing us to recharge our batteries. It is an excellent stone for grounding and can be used to eliminate dizziness and energy overuse. It offers wonderful support during stressful and overtaxing periods.

Ruby is also good support for those who recuperate following all kinds of addictions and eradicating self-destructive behavior. 

Ruby increases motivation and allows for setting realistic goals. It stimulates the chakra of the heart and regulates cardiac function. It is a powerful shield against physical attacks and heart energy depletion.

According to an old superstition, a Ruby Pendant Necklace can bring happiness and prosperity to young lovers. 

Moreover, a delicate bracelet with ruby stones may offer the owner vitality and the promise of invincible love. 

Wearing this stone as close to the skin as possible teaches you self-love and helps you get through life’s more difficult times. It is especially helpful when you try to give up a habit such as tobacco or alcohol addiction, and it contributes to the faster regeneration of the body.


In early Chinese civilization, the black pearls were a symbol of wisdom, and it was believed that they originated in the head of a dragon. Once fully grown, they would come out through the dragon’s teeth.

In 2023, black pearls are the stones that bring luck to all the people born under the Snake sign.

Black pearl is known for its energetic balancing properties for the wearer. It helps balance toxic emotions and, at the same time, reveals to the wearer what unconditional, true love that needs no demonstration means. Wearing pearls is indicated for people born under this zodiac sign – being extremely sensitive and emotional by nature, they need such a binder that balances emotionally.

A Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant Necklace is suitable for brave women who are not afraid to embrace their dark side. Black pearl jewelry gives a mysterious and sensual aura to your special outfits and successfully combines the craftsmanship of the jewelers with what nature can offer us more beautifully.


For the Horse sign, the predominant stone is topaz, a symbol of courage and wisdom. This stone is similar to those born under this zodiacal sign – no matter where they are, they bring joy and cheerfulness. At the same time, it is a stone that helps to value one’s self.

The astrologers recognized that this precious stone has certain magical powers that can bring positive life changes. One of the most important benefits of wearing precious stones is that they always help us eliminate negative forces.

Topaz is known as the stone of love and fortune. It is efficient in attracting the right person in someone’s life, for friendship, love, or business, or for improving existing relationships.

 A Blue Topaz Stone Bracelet for Women can stimulate inspiration, creativity, and mental clarity. Blue topaz is a crystal that promotes self-confidence and the expression of positive intentions. Additionally, it is excellent for those who want to build their careers and attract financial success. 


The lucky crystal for the Sheep in 2023 is emerald. Emerald is known as the stone of love and success, developing communication and social skills, bringing better mutual understanding, being good for meditation and concentration, providing support for mental health, and is also considered a lucky charm for travelers.

Worn as an amulet, the emerald stimulates wealth and abundance. It also helps Goat natives in their emotional life. With a sensitive and dependent nature, the Goat cannot live without love. People born under this sign first prefer to get to know a potential partner well before venturing into a serious relationship. Emerald helps them to express their feelings and encourages them to accept others without judging them.

A pair of Emerald Stud Earrings can have a calming energy that generates freshness and vitality in the wearer’s spirit. It is a stone that embodies patience, compassion, and tolerance. Also, emerald increases mental clarity, focus, and intellect, making your personality stand out.

For the Goat sign, emerald is an extraordinary talisman that helps the wearer be successful and live plentifully. It is a stone of love and friendship in their purest and most selfless version.


Aquamarine is the luckiest stone for those born in the Monkey sign. This crystal eliminates stress and fear, giving space for peace and serenity. Aquamarine has a protective role against dark vibration and negative behavioral habits. This crystal easily rejuvenates and regenerates the mind, body, and spirit.

Mentally, aquamarine may remove useless thoughts and has the role of filtering the information reaching the brain. Also, mentally, this crystal eliminates confusion and significantly improves intellect. 

Feng Shui remedy – Real Aquamarine Stone Feng Shui Tree of Life

An Aquamarine Stone Feng Shui Tree of Life is a sacred map of the inner landscape to guide us through the necessary evolutions and transformation so that we can reconnect with the life source. This stone helps calm the nervous states due to the peaceful proprieties of the ocean. 


The Citrine is the lucky stone of the Rooster sign. This precious yellow stone was widely known as the ‘stone of wealth’ or the ‘stone of merchant.’ This is because it has a centuries-old reputation for attracting prosperity.

To attract luck in your business, wear a citrine crystal in the wallet, place it next to the cash register, keep it in the glove compartment or with the car keys (as a trinket), hide it between the accounting books and invoices, or tie it to the company keys.

Wear the citrine stone at your neck as a pendant or the left hand as a bracelet to charge yourself with its beneficial and positive energy.

Citrine functions as a money magnet, bringing luck, success in business, and unexpected gains to the wearers.


The lucky stone of the Dog this year is violet amethyst. Violet amethyst is the stone of wisdom that promotes inner peace and restores balance in your life. If you can realize all these, it will surely help you attract money in your life with fewer financial obstacles or blockages. 

It is recommended to place the violet amethyst in the rich zone of the house. It helps reenergize the sector for increasing wealth and prosperity.

If you often feel unlucky, now is the time to get any rough or polished amethyst lucky stone.

It is believed that dark shades of violet have a stronger effect.

If you encounter issues at work or school, wear amethyst while studying or taking an exam because it strengthens deep-rooted, ancient knowledge and the ability to solve problems. 

Most often, it is worn as a talisman, pendant, or necklace, but it is also recommended as an amethyst ring and precious stone for amethyst earrings.   


The lucky stone of the Pigs is the peridot or the Money Stone. It can have a beneficial effect on will and vitality, helping us to achieve our goals more quickly.

It is believed that it purifies necessary thoughts for making money and wealth and helps us make good decisions that lead to financial abundance.

It strengthens confidence but also determination. If you gathered the courage to do something for some time, the peridot is your lucky crystal!

Peridot earrings or rings are considered the most efficient because you can see the stone with your eyes every day, which reminds you not to lose sight of your objective and keep a clear conscience.