Monkey chinese zodiac sign – 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016

Witty, amusing, and full of life, Monkeys are highly entertaining people
With one of the sharpest minds of all the Animal Signs, the clever quick-witted Monkey is able to dance rings around everyone else. Members of this group are bright, alert creatures, who are able to size up a situation in the twinkling of an eye, and comfortably adapt to any circumstance or company in which they find themselves.

Masters and mistresses of psychological penetration, they have an inborn understanding of what makes people tick. Of course this is a talent that comes in handy in their everyday social dealings, but it also enables them to manipulate people, and engineer situations to their own advantage. Charming, funny, and full of high jinks, there’s never a dull moment when a Monkey is around.
monkey chinese zodiac
In life, Monkeys seek amusement. For them, monotony is a killer – so it’s a racy, pacy life they’re after – plenty of action, plenty of people, and plenty to entertain themselves with. It’s well known that Monkeys are mischievous, and because they are arch manipulators, they enjoy stirring up people and situations simply to see what happens next. For these people, life is too short to hang around digging deeply for facts. Instead, they want to take in a little of everything because they cannot bear to miss a single trick.

In their habitat, the noisy hubub of urban life thrills the Monkey, so these people are made for the hectic activities of the city. Even when they go on holiday, it’s the bright lights that draw them, and they are more likely to head for the excitement and buzz of Blackpool – or if travelling abroad the dizzy heights of New York – rather than the serenity of the countryside.

At home, Monkey-born people are not the most domesticated of creatures, since housework is far too dull a business in their minds. However, with their wealth of general knowledge, they do make wonderfully stimulating parents. With many tricks up their sleeves and endless amusing stories on the tip of their tongues, Monkeys have very little trouble bridging the age gap.

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It’s the razor-sharp mentality of the clever Monkey that enables these people to process all kinds of information in an instant and pick up a skill at a glance. Consequently, the members of this Sign can fit into, and make a success of almost any occupation that grabs their interest. Imaginative and insatiably curious, these inquisitive people are natural problem-solvers, who are constantly looking for new experiences and fresh challenges to stimulate their minds and their senses.

As friends and lovers – young at heart, and with youthful spirits maintained throughout their lives, Monkeys are fun to be with. More than anything, these people like to amuse and to be amused, so being in the company of like-minded people is essential for the members of this Sign.

Perhaps this is why Monkeys have bulging address books filled with names of friends and aquaintances they can call on at the touch of a button. With their sparkling wit and talent for mimicry, Monkeys are in their element when entertaining a rapt audience. Even as lovers these people need variety, which means that when it comes to personal relationships, generally, they do not have a reputation for being faithful.

The Year Of The Monkey

A progressive, upbeat swing usually accompanies the year of the Monkey, with communications high on the agenda. But to succeed at this time, it is
essential to keep one’s wits honed, since a good deal of trickery is around.
Nothing in the Monkey year is straightforward, so plans must be double-checked
and extra insurances taken out for good measure.

Sign Data
* Years of the Monkey – 1908 – 1920 – 1932 – 1944 – 1956 — 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016 – 2028
* Rank – 9th in order
* Symbol of – Imagination
* Chinese Name – HOU
* Ruling Hour – 3pm – 4.59pm
* Colour – Yellow

Earth Monkey – 1968

People born during the Earth Monkey year are direct, optimistic, and courageous. They set up businesses starting from zero helped by relatives or friends, which they bring at the peak of success. They tend to start working from an early age, getting ready only in a specific domain that will bring them to success later on in life. They may also encounter financial issues if they fail to manage their money properly.

Earth element’s main influence is the reason behind any decision our monkey adopts. Additionally, they will benefit from one of the most balanced ways of approaching all the problems they encounter, easily oscillating from calm and warmth to calculation and coldness, always careful not to bother other people or, simply, themselves.

In general, we deal with a well-trained, autodidact individual, who is ready to do everything for the career chosen or imposed by fate. Their problems occur because they tend to please their superiors too much by being the perfect worker, just as they suffocate their subordinates by offering them real disinterested help. Maybe this is why their professional path will depend on the malice of their colleagues.


Family is their own paradise, the purpose they exist and work as hard as they can every moment with care and love. They are warm and protective of the people they love and they do everything in their power to raise the living standards of their family (often because they also want to individualize themselves). But let’s not forget that even earth shakes sometimes.

A major balancing element for the Money natives, Earth will significantly influence their practical and functional aspirations. They will prefer stable spaces, with no risk to be affected in the future, their capacity to accumulate or create a fertile environment for it having all the chances of reaching completion.

Fire Monkey – 1956, 2016

People born during the Fire Monkey year (February 12th, 1956 – January 30th, 1957 and February 8th, 2016 – January 27th, 2017) are ambitious, adventurous, but also annoying.

They have a business-oriented mind, but they like to waste time with friends. The natives of this astrological sign may deal with intense struggles regarding which way the balance will lean more.
These natives are lively and dynamic, with natural and innovative leadership qualities.

They are determined, self-assured, expressive, confident in their own emotions, and very interested in the opposite sex. Due to the Fire’s influence, they have a lot of energy and they tend to mentor others who are less aggressive. They have a rich imagination and they don’t let any ideas pass by. They are very ingenious but not always cautious.

If they are not satisfied with their accomplishments, they will find their happiness somewhere else, in another city or another country. They are prone to success, especially if they have the support of their life partner. They establish friendships with people of higher social status and they are very popular.

Family is a “nest” of relaxation and recognition for our individual. Although they are capable of unimaginable jealousy, it is good to keep in mind that they have a capacity beyond everything that is defined by norms in terms of influencing people who are less aggressive.

Their excess of energy makes them love adventure and innovation as long as they accept the parameters they impose. They have the ability to explore new domains of activity and, balanced by their strong sense of self-preservation and intuition regarding the course of events, they will easily finalize their actions.

Emotional, more active and involved than the other Monkey natives, they may suffer major failures, because their energy can be easily directed (the consequence of failure) towards negative, selfish goals, their reactions being the most cynical and unreasonable.

Metal Monkey – 1980

People born during the Metal Monkey year are intelligent, funny, and self-confident in their own strengths. They also have a good dose of stubbornness and arrogance which could make them unpopular. But they are professional, and they do their job properly. Therefore, they are prone to success, regardless of their field of activity. However, it is recommended to be less severe with their subordinates or colleagues because they can get quickly isolated.

Water Monkey – 1992

People born during the Water Monkey year are intelligent, funny, arrogant, and natural leaders. However, they tend to humiliate others, something that will also attract many enemies who will try interfering with their careers. They are lucky money-wise, but it is recommended to stay away from gambling because no money will ever come from there but from work.

Wood Monkey – 1944, 2004

Wood Monkey’s years: January 25th, 1944 – February 12th, 1945; January 22nd, 2004 – February 8th, 2005.
These natives are born to do business, but also to be amazing friends. They know how to set up complex plans, which will guarantee their success.

People born during the Wood Monkey year have strong self-esteem, although they feel the need to ask for the encouragement of their loved ones. They are hard-working people with plenty of luck in terms of money. Their motto is “no work, no gain”. They invest the money they earn and they develop their career step by step.

People born under the influence of Monkey sign:

    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • George Gordon Byron
    • Charles Dickens
    • Elizabeth Taylor
    • Tom Hanks
    • Celine Dion