Tiger chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Tiger – 1902 – 1914 – 1926 – 1938 – 1950 – 1962 – 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010 –

True to the animal that represents their year,Tiger people are brave and bold

Assertive and courageous, Tigers cannot pass up a challenge. Where lesser mortals demur, the Tiger rushes in. Where others would look the other way, the Tiger confronts the situation head on. And when no-one else will defend the weak, the neglected, and the downtrodden, the Tiger, fearless of danger, will wield a sword against the oppressor.

For these are truly humanitarian creatures – impetuous and fiery perhaps – but always warm-hearted, open, and honest as the day is long. According to the Chinese, having a plucky Tiger in the house is the best insurance against fire, theft, and all manner of things that go bump in the night.
tiger chinese zodiac
The righting of injustice fires the Tiger’s soul. People born in this year are endowed with a protecting spirit, and will fight for their own rights, and for the rights of those they love. Arch tacticians, Tigers can be unpredictable and should never be underestimated. They like to have their fingers on the pulse and like to feel they are always several moves ahead of the game. Driven by an old-fashioned code of honour and chivalry, they are fair-minded people and honest brokers who always show good manners to anyone with whom they deal.

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Originality is one of the Tiger’s trademarks and this is reflected in Tigers’ homes. Members of this Sign are not afraid to experiment with colours, texture, and light. They like to be different from the crowd, and will decorate their interiors adventurously. Here is found the unusual – inovative ideas and eclectic collections, all blended together with truly inimitable style.

Intelligent, alert, and far-sighted, Tiger members are quick learners and can pick up a skill in a twinkling of an eye. They find it easy to move between jobs, juggling several tasks in the air, and changing careers completely – at least once, but usually more – in a lifetime. These people are happiest working with a varied potfolio, and at their best when they are in charge.

As friends and lovers, genial and likeable Tigers will always collect friends and admirers wherever they go throughout their lives. As lovers, they are ardent and passionate, the true romantics of the Zodiac, who are also endowed with a healthy sex drive. These people carry about them a frission of excitement and even a hint of danger, which members of the opposite sex find irresistibly appealing. Warm and generous-hearted, Tigers are at their happiest in a close and loving relationship, but one in which their partner is prepared to turn a blind eye to the odd minor offence here and there.

The Year Of The Tiger

Drama, tension, upheaval and disaster often accompany a Tiger year. This is a time when unusual weather conditions can be expected, when daring deeds take place, and when the unexpected in politics and finances becomes the norm. It is an exciting year when the vibrancy of life quickens the pulse, and the winners are the daring and the brave.

Sign Data

* Rank – 3rd in order
* Symbol of – Courage
* Chinese Name – HU
* Ruling Hour – 3am – 4.59am
* Colour – Orange