Snake chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Snake – 1905 – 1917 – 1929 – 1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013 – 2025

Subtle and seductive, people born in this year possess bewitching charm

Shrewd and subtle, the Snake watches and waits. This is not an impulsive Sign. Instead, it’s members tend to be private people – calm, secretive, and reserved. Moreover, behind their observant gaze lies a careful, analytical mind, which gives this group an exquisite eye for detail, and an almost infallible ability to get straight to the crux of the matter.

These thoughtful people are endowed with wisdom and a deep philosophical understanding of the ideas and fluctuation of life. It is for this talent, and the fact that they need a life which is financially secure, that Snakes are known as the ‘guardian’s of the treasure’.
snake chinese zodiac
The world of the cut and thrust is definitely not for the Snake, since members of this Sign crave peace and tranquility. It is mental energy, rather than physical dynamism that drives the Snake on. Sitting in quiet contemplation is their preferred state of being. Snakes do not like to be rattled.

Quality rather than quantity prevails in the Snake household, and while style and elegance are important, it is deep comfort and luxury that these people want to achieve. One house never seems to be enough for Snakes. They either move several times throughout their lives or they have more than one house to their names.

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Intuitive when handling people, and astute in their dealings, there’s a bit of cunning and deceit in the heart of every Snake. These people work in subtle ways, playing their cards close to their chests until the last moment. Capable of psychological insights that can penetrate the very depths of a person’s soul, members of the Snake Sign make excellent psychotherapists. Other branches of science and technology draw them too, and so do philosophy and politics. A talent for gathering information and assimilating facts of all kinds stands them in good stead in any form of research in which they invariably excel.

As friends and lovers – Snakes make powerful friends but potent enemies. Should they ever be crossed, they will simply bide their time until they can strike the most effectively – and strike they will, with deadly aim and no mercy given. These are extremely selective people with exceptionally high standards, and when it comes to choosing a partner, they make sure that it is done with care and discernment – however – once they are committed, they can become jealous and possessive. Incredibly sensual, Snakes are very intense lovers, and delight in the pleasures of the flesh.

The Year Of The Snake

Snakes are arch scandalmongers, and in this year, all sorts of indiscretions will come to light. Political intrigue, sexual peccadillos, and improper dealings will hit the news.
Reading the small print is essential as duplicity in all aspects of life appears to be rife. Issues concerning morality will be aired, as will matters connected with fertility and reproduction. Economically, the financial markets will be buoyant.

Sign Data

* Rank – 6th in order
* Symbol of – Wisdom
* Chinese Name – SHE
* Ruling Hour – 9am – 10.59am
* Colour – Purple