Sheep chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Sheep – 1907 – 1919 – 1931 – 1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015 -2027

Of a passive disposition, those born in Sheep years are essentially gentle souls

Gentle and cultured, people born in the year of the Sheep are artistic souls. This is a passive and receptive group, and it’s members are instinctively nurturing and caring. It is not in their nature to protest, rebel, or buck the system since disagreement and aggression seriously upset their systems.

They want life to be ‘neat and tidy’ with no raw edges, no roughness or unpleasantness of any description. Kind, helpful, and considerate to others, their thoughtfulness is often rapid throughout their lifetimes. Indeed, fortune favours these people who somehow manage to attract success and money wherever they go.
sheep chinese zodiac
Members of the Sheep clan make contented followers, for these people are not born to lead and are uncomfortable if they have to take the reins into their own hands. To be cossetted and protected, cushioned from strife, and sheltered from the ills of the world is a fundamental need of this Sign. Taking life at a gentle pace, enjoying the tranquility of nature, and absorbing the beauties of music and the arts, are all their hearts desire.

Most Sheep are contentedly domesticated and revel in homely pursuits. Whether male or female, all are equally excellent homemakers. They derive great pleasure in pottering around their homes, making jam, arranging flowers, cooking for the family, and generally making a cozy nest for themselves and their loved ones. Traditionalists at heart, their environment leans towards the classical – sumptuous – but at the same time elegant. These are people who love ease, so they will invest in all manner of modern conveniences to take the drudgery out of housework and give themselves more time to pursue their artistic passions.

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The inborn artistic sensitivity associated with this Sign draws it’s members to the world of the arts. Many become gifted performers, excelling in singing, acting, or playing a musical instrument. Design and painting are also talents in which they shine. Whatever they do, these people are never short of fans or patrons. More importantly, their work tends to be popular with the ordinary people, which is good news for their bank accounts – just as well really, because Sheep do have expensive tastes and spend money quite liberally! If they choose not to gravitate toward an artistic career, then their nurturing instincts may point them in the direction of the caring professions. Social work, alternative therapies, and complementary medicine all appeal.

As friends and lovers – Most Sheep-born individuals have a huge network of aquaintances, but a small select group of true friends. Perhaps this is because it is not in the nature of the Sheep to talk intimately or get too close to other people without being very, very sure of their ground. Or perhaps, it is that they do not easily trust others for fear of being hurt or let down. However, those they do trust remain their friends for life. Interestingly, these family-oriented people are made for marriage and are at their happiest in a close-knit unit, preferably as part of an extended clan.

The Year Of The Sheep

In general, a tranquil time when fashion and the arts come under good omens. People
will attend to domestic matters, issues concerning personal relationships, and the family unit will be discussed. Politically, this is a year of reconciliation, of diplomatic
moves, and the healing of rifts.

Sign Data

* Rank – 8th in order
* Symbol of – The Arts
* Chinese Name – YANG
* Ruling Hour – 1pm – 2.59pm
* Colour – Turquoise