Rooster chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Rooster – 1909 – 1921 – 1933 – 1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017 –

The fine feathers of the Rooster are reflected in the image-conscious natives of this sign

Tough, resilient, and strong-minded, Roosters are feisty creatures, who respect those who match their own strengths and untiring spirit – but do not have much patience with those who can’t keep up the pace. With their honest and forthright nature, they don’t have time to stroke people’s egos or to take the sensibilities of more sensitive souls into account.

These people like to deliver the unvarnished truth, and feel that others can take it or leave it as they wish. However, there is a good deal more to the Rooster than meets the eye, for they are indeed colourful individuals, stylish, and even prone to showing off. Full of meaningful wit, masters and mistreses of the one-liner, Roosters are highly amusing people, brilliant joke-tellers, and excellent after-dinner speakers.
rooster chinese zodiac
Details are important for these people, who are driven by extremely high standards. Indeed, nothing short of perfection will do for Rooster-born folk who demand only the best from other people, and from situations in which they involve themselves. They make highly effective managers. Their status in the community is important to them, and they will work long hours to climb slowly and methodically to the top of the ladder. They have a love of stately and splendid ceremonies and adore grand occassions when they can dress up in their finery. But their true passion is being at one with nature, and environmental conservation is an important part of their lives.

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Roosters are house-proud and run their homes with super efficiency – lists and rotas will be the order of the day. Everything in the Rooster household must be in the right place because clutter will not be tolerated under any circumstance. As far as Roosters are concerned, cleanliness as a vitue is next to godliness, so keeping the kitchen and bathroom hygienic is essential – every surface, nook, and cranny is not only cleaned but disinfected as well. The old-fashioned muted shades of apricot are associated with this sign, which blend well with the stylish Rooster’s love of classical furniture and traditional decor.

Practically and logically minded, the clear unsentimental nature of the Rooster makes those belonging to this group excellent scientists and statisticians. The financial sector also appeals to them, since they are truly gifted when it comes to accounting, handling money, and dealing with budgets. Shrewd, super-efficient, and brilliant at strategy in all fields, it is their talent for organization and delegation that often brings Roosters the recognition they deserve in whatever profession they have chosen.

As friends and lovers – shirkers and second-raters have no place in the Rooster’s heart. Friends and lovers who want to share life with this Sign will have to develop a thick skin or at least understand that Roosters do mean well, despite their sometimes tactless and abrasive manner. Deceit in particular is a pet hate with this Sign. As friends, Roosters are generous and sincere, and as lovers they are caring, steadfast and as loyal as the live-long day.

The Year Of The Rooster

Fashion is big in Rooster years, when image is of the essence. Politically, the downtrodden make themselves heard, and economically, measures are taken to ensure that financial institutions are run more efficiently. Relationships are perhaps not so well starred this year when differences between couples could finally become intolerable.

Sign Data

* Rank – 10th in order
* Symbol of – Honesty
* Chinese Name – JI
* Ruling Hour – 5pm – 6.59pm
* Colour – Apricot