Chinese Zodiac Rat Sign

Years of the Rat: 1900 – 1912 – 1924 – 1936 – 1948 – – 1960 – 1972 – 1984 – 1996 – 2008 –

The Rat is the resourceful leader of the pack

Leadership sits well on the shoulders of those who are born in the year of the Rat. As this is the first of the twelve Animal Signs, Rats like to be ahead of the game, at the forefront of the action, and where they can give the orders.

Restless and inquisitive, these are busy people whose minds are constantly on the go. Above all, they are clever and instinctively shrewd. As the Chinese say, even in times of scarcity, Rats somehow always know where sacks of grain can be found. Then it’s no wonder, that these remarkably resourceful creatures are the supreme opportunists and arch survivors of the Animal Signs.

Rats can never let a challenge pass, for these excitable people are born with a keen sense of adventure and enjoy the frission that comes with living on the edge. Foreign travel is their particular joy. However, in truth, it is power and money that are the underlying motivating forces in the lives of those who belong to this Sign.

Happy homemakers, members of the Rat Sign put the comfort of themselves and their families above fashions and the latest trends. The members of this Sign are domesticated people who rejoice in their family and home. Avid collectors, the Rat household will be fit to burst with their aquisitions and souvenirs – this huge collection appears to be a lifetime pursuit, picked up from antique shops, bric-a-brac stalls, and foreign destinations. Blue is the colour associated with this Sign, which is likely to be evident in the decor and furnishings of their comfortable homes.

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Blessed with inventive minds, members of the Rat Sign are known for living by their wits. The tedium of routine dulls their senses – so these people need to work in careers that will stimulate their minds, and in occupations that offer flexible working conditions. They will not enjoy a nine-to-five desk job, as the Rats need space and flexibility to meet their potential. In fact, they function best as bosses, allowing them the freedom to use their sixth sense to steer them toward opportunities and away from any potential trouble. Invaluable as advisors, shrewd in the financial sector, daring in sports – whatever they do, the members of the Rat Sign will bring innovation and fresh insight to their work.
rat chinese zodiac
As friends and lovers, the Rats who are undeniably charming, are popular and everybody’s friend. Generally cheerful and sociable, they always have an interesting tale to tell. Fiercely loyal, Rats are ardent lovers and generous to those they hold dear.

The Year Of The Rat

This year is auspicious for all new beginnings. It is a time to turn over a new leaf and take a fresh look at the world. Spirits rise in Rat years and market economies begin to show an upward turn. Discoveries and inventions are especially prevalent, with opportunities abound.

Sign Data

* Rank – 1st in order
* Symbol of – Charm
* Chinese Name – SHU
* Ruling Hour – 11pm-12.59am
* Colour – Blue