Rabbit chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Rabbit – 1903 – 1915 – 1927 – 1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011 – 2023

Refined and sensitive, those born inthe year of the Rabbit are creative souls

The least aggressive of all the twelve Signs, Rabbits are sensitive people and known as the peacemakers of the world. They detest violence in all it’s forms, and will use any means at their disposal to avoid confrontation and unpleasantness.

Rabbits are wise people, born with an innate understanding of the world, and a deep insight that belies their seemingly calm and casual behaviour. Highly cultured and abundantly gifted with creative talent, members of this group have fine tastes. They are stylish people with a huge capacity for appreciating art and an exquisite eye for beauty.
rabbit chinese zodiac
A strong sense of belonging and an intense love of family are the driving forces that underlay the Rabbit psyche. Essentially, these people need to feel part of a group, and will gladly spend many a happy hour in conversation. Indeed, it’s no secret that Rabbits especially delight in a good gossip!

Home for Rabbits, is the centre of their universe. It is because of this that they pour immense energy, love and money into creating the lovliest of environments in which to live. Their good taste and excellent style guarantees that the Rabbit house will be chic and elegant. And, since Rabbits are some of the greatest collectors of art – fine prints, porcelain, antiques, and artistic treasures of all kinds will be in evidence all around. Green is the colour associated with the Rabbit, and is often used in the shades of eau de nil, jade, or sage to produce the cool, chic refinement that characterizes the sophistication of this Sign.

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With their intelligence, their psychological penetration, and their formidable powers of persuasion, Rabbits make supreme diplomats and fine negotiators. For this reason, many gravitate toward the diplomatic services, public-relations, and the legal profession. Alternatively, their creative talents lend themselves to the world of music and the arts – so Rabbits will usually be found in the media, design studios, orchestras, and fashion. Another positive side to their nature, is their nuturing and caring instinct, which often takes members of this Sign into the medical or counselling fields. With their ability to listen to people’s problems and their excellent bedside manner, Rabbits make sensitive doctors and nurses, and some of the best psychotherapists in the business.

As friends and lovers – Rabbits are just happy to be one of the crowd. Simply being accepted as a member of the group is reward enough for these social creatures, who take great comfort being with like-minded individuals. As friends, they are sympathetic, understanding, and always ready with a wise and comforting word. Aloofness, makes a soft, romantic, and nostalgic heart, and as lovers, Rabbits tend to be sensual and considerate. Their mothering instinct is ever present beneath the surface, and on occasion, may spill over the top and turn into smothering and possessiveness as far as partners and loved ones are concerned.

The Year Of The Rabbit

A comparatively peaceful time in which conciliatory measures, agreements, and diplomatic settlements will make headline news. Family matters and issues concerning women and children are brought forward. Medical advances can be expected, welfare reforms will be debated, and the arts will be given greater prominence.

Sign Data

* Rank – 4th in order
* Symbol of – Peace
* Chinese Name – TU
* Ruling Hour – 5am – 6.59am
* Colour – Green