Pig chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Pig – 1911 – 1923 – 1935 – 1947 – 1959 – 1971 – 1983 – 1995 – 2007 – 2019

Domestically oriented, people born in the Year of the Pig adore their homes and families

With their sunny natures and cheerful dispositions, people born in the Year of the Pig are jovial characters who are obliging and outgoing. They are relaxed and unpretentious individuals, inherently kind, caring, and generous to a fault. There is always a meal for the hungry at their table, a word of encouragement when others are low, and a helping hand for those in need. Honest as the day is long, they expect honesty in return, and are therefore perhaps naively trusting. If, at times, the unscrupulous do take advantage of these people’s good nature, the Pig will not bear a grudge for long. However, if put upon for too long, even these easy-going souls will finally draw the line, and a Pig in a rage is not a pleasant sight.

pig chinese zodiacAlthough members of this group do not lag behind when it comes to hard work, deep down it is a life of luxury that these people crave. Therefore, among the Animal Signs, the Pig has perhaps the greatest reputation for luxurious and comfortable desires. They dream of easy-living, of five-star hotels, or servants at hand to attend to their every whim. Although a life of flowing champagne and plentiful caviar is only availible to a few, nevertheless, they will find ways within their own means to treat themselves to the little indulgences they believe they deserve.

Sensual and home-loving, Pigs are creatures of comfort, so it is inevitable that their homes will be warm, deeply comfortable, and inviting. Members of this Sign switch between bouts of workaholism – to total and complete laziness. At these times, housework is not high on their agenda so their homes can appear messy and untidy. However, devoted to hearth and home Pig-born people are domestic creatures who strive to create tight bonds within a close-knit family unit.

Adaptable, patient and intelligent, people belonging to this Sign tend to excel in creative occupations – especially as designers and craftworkers – as they enjoy fashioning beautiful objects with their hands. Their patient and caring instincts often draw them into teaching or the medical professions. Though people born in the Year of the Pig do have extravagant tastes, they are however, very canny when it comes to money matters, and one way or another, they do usually end up comfortably off.

As friends and lovers – with their kindly nature and undemanding ways, Pigs have very few enemies, and in fact continue to make friends throughout their lifetimes. A close social circle is important, and since many of them are gifted with culinary skills, they adore throwing dinner parties and are excellent hosts. Warm and loving, people born in the Year of the Pig are made for

The Year Of The Pig

Auspicious for the leisure industry, for gambling, and for trade in luxury goods,
this is a year for conspicuous cosumption. As the Sign of the family, the year of the Pig favours all domestic matters. However, since this is the last in the cycle, principally, it is a year when priority should be given to tying up loose ends and putting one’s affairs in
order, ready to start afresh with the new cycle beginning in the following year.

Sign Data

* Rank – 12th in order
* Symbol of – The Family
* Chinese Name – ZHU
* Ruling Hour – 9pm – 10.59pm
* Colour – Pink