Ox chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Ox : 1901 , 1913, 1925 , 1937 ,1949 , 1961, 1973, 1985 , 1997, 2009 .

Just as the Ox toils in the field, the natives of this sign work hard for a living

Blessed with stirling qualities, members of this Sign are noted for their diligence and industriousness. These are strong, solid, and practical individuals, reputed for their common sense and their ability to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Characteristically, Ox-born people are resolute and persistant, possessing a seemingly untiring endurance than enables them to keep on going through thick and thin. At times, this very determination can verge on the stubborn, for once they have made up their minds on a course of action, very little will deter them from reaching their objection.

Members of the Ox fraternity are staunch citizens who believe in tradition and who fight to maintain the previous state of affairs. Security is infact, one of their main drives in life. In general, they are not risk-takers, since it is the safe and the familiar that draws them. Because of this, many tend to return again and again to favourite haunts, places where they are assured they can find solice and peace of mind.
ox chinese zodiac
A rural, rather than urban setting appeals to members of this Sign. However, if an Ox chose to live a town, a garden would be essential because they like to be close to nature. For this group, home is very much where the heart is, and home must not only be comfortable, but also a safe haven and retreat. Violet is the Ox colour, but so too are the muted shades of the countryside – golds, greens and russet brown.

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Dutiful and reliable, the Ox is born with broad shoulders capable of bearing responsibility well. Employers will rely incresingly on these individuals, knowing that they will carry out their designated tasks with thoroughness and efficiency. While many members of this Sign choose to work for large organizations and corporate institutions, they are likely to find a small niche for themselves – as they work best on their own – rather than as a part of a team. Although they may toil away seemingly in the background, their industriousness does not go unnoticed. Sooner or later, the Ox does make it to the top.

As friends and lovers, the Ox is not the most out-going of the Signs, for these people tend to keep themselves to themselves. Usually, they have a small, but select and trustworthy circle of friends to whom they are very loyal. In love, they are not overly romantic or sentimental, but they are deeply devoted to their mates, and once they have given their hearts, the chances are they will not roam.

The Year Of The Ox

These years are characterized by steady growth. They are times of harvest when
we reap what we have sown in previous years. Essentially conservative,
tastes and fashions veer toward the classical, and value for
money is the order of the day.

Sign Data

* Rank – 2nd in order
* Symbol of – Industry
* Chinese Name – NIU
* Ruling Hour – 1am – 2.59am
* Colour – Violet