Ox chinese zodiac sign – 1937 ,1949 , 1961, 1973, 1985 , 1997, 2009

The Year Of The Ox

These years are characterized by steady growth. They are times of harvest when
we reap what we have sown in previous years. Essentially conservative,
tastes and fashions veer toward the classical, and value for
money is the order of the day.

  • Sign Data
    * Years of the Ox : 1901 , 1913, 1925 , 1937 ,1949 , 1961, 1973, 1985 , 1997, 2009 .
    * Rank – 2nd in order
    * Symbol of – Industry
    * Chinese Name – NIU
    * Ruling Hour – 1am – 2.59am
    * Colour – Violet

Just as the Ox toils in the field, the natives of this sign work hard for a living

Blessed with stirling qualities, members of this Sign are noted for their diligence and industriousness.

These are strong, solid, and practical individuals, reputed for their common sense and their ability to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Characteristically, Ox-born people are resolute and persistant, possessing a seemingly untiring endurance than enables them to keep on going through thick and thin.

At times, this very determination can verge on the stubborn, for once they have made up their minds on a course of action, very little will deter them from reaching their objection.

Members of the Ox fraternity are staunch citizens who believe in tradition and who fight to maintain the previous state of affairs.

Security is infact, one of their main drives in life.

In general, they are not risk-takers, since it is the safe and the familiar that draws them.

Because of this, many tend to return again and again to favourite haunts, places where they are assured they can find solice and peace of mind.
ox chinese zodiac
A rural, rather than urban setting appeals to members of this Sign. However, if an Ox chose to live a town, a garden would be essential because they like to be close to nature.

For this group, home is very much where the heart is, and home must not only be comfortable, but also a safe haven and retreat.

Violet is the Ox colour, but so too are the muted shades of the countryside – golds, greens and russet brown.

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Dutiful and reliable, the Ox is born with broad shoulders capable of bearing responsibility well.

Employers will rely incresingly on these individuals, knowing that they will carry out their designated tasks with thoroughness and efficiency.

While many members of this Sign choose to work for large organizations and corporate institutions, they are likely to find a small niche for themselves – as they work best on their own – rather than as a part of a team.

Although they may toil away seemingly in the background, their industriousness does not go unnoticed. Sooner or later, the Ox does make it to the top.

As friends and lovers, the Ox is not the most out-going of the Signs, for these people tend to keep themselves to themselves.

Usually, they have a small, but select and trustworthy circle of friends to whom they are very loyal.

In love, they are not overly romantic or sentimental, but they are deeply devoted to their mates, and once they have given their hearts, the chances are they will not roam.

Five Elements of Rat :

1985 – Wood Ox

People born in 1985 (Feb. 20, 1985 – Feb. 08, 1986) are under the influence of the Wood Ox.


The Wood Ox natives are able to easily adapt to new situations and they feel great when they are surrounded by people.

They enjoy being part of different social and professional circles, so they can connect with as many different people as possible.

Most of the time, they gain the respect and the friendship of everyone due to their natural talent of having a conversation.

However, although they are never alone, they maintain the basic characteristic of the Ox sign and they mainly count on their own strength, without asking for anyone’s help.

Fair by nature, they expect fairness from all the people they interact with. This is where problems occur because not too many people have moral standards as impeccable as them.

These natives represent the ideal supporter of all their friends and relatives.

Always balanced, ready to adapt (within the limits of real possibilities) to all the elements of the surrounding environment, possessors of a true and stable charisma, the Ox natives under the Wood element can be classified as one of the most pleasant and desirable combinations.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that they also know and must work as a team.

Thus, they have the necessary skills to climb to unforeseeable heights, accumulating wealth and reaching the highest social status (allowed by the environment they live in).

Enviable analysts of the environmental factors, they will need to pay special attention in order to discover and apply “recipes” for collective activities (in accordance with their typical predisposition towards honor and impartiality – here it should be pointed out that they need to “leave aside the emotions”, especially the weak natives who might “mix things up”).

Admired for their integrity and ethics, having more luck than everyone else, they will need (and it should be noted that this is not a negligible requirement) to be extremely careful regarding the bouts of envy or the “backstage games” of others.

Being a true leader, the Wood Ox will endanger the “position” of the surrounding social climbers or of those who lack any merits.

Among them there may also be people who are perfectly manipulating the feelings of those around, causing undeserved prejudices to those who would try to “infringe” upon their position, even if they deserve.

Celebrities born in 1985

  • Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain, also dubbed as the “Iron Lady”;
  • Pol Pot, the Cambodian leader of Khmer Rouge;
  • The American swimmer, Michael Phelps;
  • The Mexican actress and singer, Dulce Maria;
  • The French President, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
  • The South-Korean President, Kim Daejung, Nobel Peace Prize laureate;

1973 – Water Ox

People born in 1973 (Feb. 03, 1973 – Jan. 22, 1974) are under the influence of the Water Ox.


These natives have good emphatic skills, therefore they are able to quickly understand what others want and they try to offer them exactly that, but in accordance with their own interests, usually asking something in return.

They are well equipped to build a career. In this regard, they aim high and they prefer what’s best, but giving in return everything they have because they know this is the only way they get to be appreciated.

In a love relationship, they abides by the same policy: they offer a lot and they ask from their life partner as much as they offer.

They have a great intuition about their partner mood changes and they try to solve a problem in time or, if it’s possible, even before it starts to manifest.

An issue can be the fact that they sometimes get too much involved in matters that do not concern them directly.

This astrological sign has the beneficial influence of the Water element in the sense that it makes them more rational in everything they do, more inclined towards reality than idealism.

Thus, the practical sense will be more highlighted, their inherent patience combines in one of the most outstanding ambitions and their activities get significantly clearer. Not least, they will gain a subtle intelligence and a profound sense of values.

Having the belief that perseverance is one of their basic weapons, the Ox natives under the Water element will do everything necessary to accomplish in the best condition all the tasks or objectives occurring in their life.

Celebrities born in 1973

  • The American singer, Anastacia;
  • The Yugoslavian tennis player, Monica Seles;
  • The Italian football player, Fabio Cannavaro;
  • Monica Lewinsky, former White House official involved in a notorious sex scandal with President Bill Clinton;
  • The American actress, Tori Spelling,
  • The Ukrainian singer, Ruslana;
  • The American actor, Burt Lancaster;
  • The German Chancellor, Willy Brandt, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize;

1961 – Metal Ox

People born in 1961 (Feb 15, 1961 – Feb. 04, 1962) are under the influence of the Metal Ox.

This zodiac sign influenced by the Metal element is one of the most straightforward, intense and rational individuals of this sign.

This will reduce many of their affective skills, but it will significantly strengthen their sense of responsibility.

This results in a person of remarkable vigor, who will require less time for fun or rest, always prepared to reach his/her goals.

The hardness of metal combined with the patience displayed , makes them able to overcome little by little (rarely from a single sudden movement – which is quite within their grasp) any obstacle occurring in the path of accomplishing their objectives (whether as a beneficial idea – not to disturb something, or malefic – as a sadistic type).


These natives are perfectionists and, due to this fact, they work hard until things get exactly how they want them to be.

Their superiors and collaborators can always count on them, but they need to know how to show appreciation and, as much as possible, to also make similar efforts.

This way, they will stimulate the Metal Ox natives. They don’t talk too much, just when they really have something important to say. Otherwise, they are mostly focused on their own thoughts and the problems they need to solve.

In family life, the Metal Ox natives provide everything their loved ones need in order to satisfy their material needs, but they have a hard time expressing their feelings, which is why they often leave the impression of coldness.
Another aspect worthy of appreciation is that they don’t need a lot of time for rest and relaxation, but because they are used to work hard, they are able to quickly restore their energy reserves.

With very clear interests, these natives are among the investors with a developed sense of balance.

Anything that offers too much gain is going to be regarded as uncertain and, of course, avoided. All that matters is that their calculations not to interfere because, regardless of everyone’s advice, it will not stop them to make the worst investments. Otherwise, they earn money with no problems, depending on how hard they work.


The lack of communication is more emphasized for the natives under the influence of metal, especially because they tend to constantly think of something or because they are used to follow their own way without looking sideways.

In fact, a word “plucked” from these natives is a signal they had enough, that something needs to be done (or in best case scenario, that you need to receive something).

Celebrities born in 1961

  • The Irish musician, Enya;
  • The American actor, George Clooney;
  • The American actor, Eddie Murphy;
  • The German football player and entrepreneur, Lothar Matthaus;
  • Princess Diana;
  • The American President, Barack Obama;
  • The Columbian football player, Carlos Valderrama;
  • The Canadian singer, Mylene Farmer;
  • The Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comăneci;
  • The American actress, Meg Ryan;

1949 and 2009  – Earth Ox

People born in 1949 (Jan. 29, 1949 – Feb. 16, 1950) or 2009 (Jan. 26, 2009 – Feb. 13, 2010) are under the influence of Earth Ox.

The power of Earth “touches” in the Ox native almost all the valuable elements in terms of humanity.

Practical, organized, ingenious, but also sentimental, sensible and often emotive, these natives have many chances to get far, provided they have the power and the luck to manifest and organize as they see fit. Being aware of the “price” to “make a step” can be an addition of their value.

The fact that they are in great control of their qualities from an early age cannot be anything else but an obvious advantage for their future career.

Knowing their own limits and constantly “working” to eliminate their own imperfections, practical and predisposed to collaborate in the most efficient “variants”, always knowing what they want and having the necessary determination…they win.

Slowly but surely, constant and permanent in pursuing stability, these natives will manage to reach financial stability quite often. They always know where to direct their “financial” efforts or attention and they will always find a way to earn more and more.

A great advantage of these natives is that they set “tokens” under which they will not fall too often.


One of the basic principles of these natives is related to their family and loved ones. Due to their sentimental nature, they “build” all their structures around the people closed to them, always taking care to reward with maximum possibilities everything they “see” as belonging to their dreams in that direction. Beware of possible disappointments which can get them “routinized” in other “directions”.

Endurance and patience are their main qualities. They can survive in environments that for others might seem like a true inferno, and not just survive, but thrive.

They have a special talent in making money and also a good habit of sharing their earnings with their dear ones.

Due to these qualities, we often see them assaulted by people asking for their help and thus becoming some sort of caretaker of all the wounded.

They know that everything has a price and they are willing to pay for everything they obtain. Not financially, but through efforts or different deprivations.

Living next to an Earth Ox, you can really feel fulfilled, but only if you like making long-term plans and seeing things in perspective.

Celebrities born in 1949:

  • The French singer, Maxime Le Forestier;
  • The Austrian Formula One driver, Niki Lauda;
  • The French actress, Fanny Ardant;
  • The German writer, Patrick Süskin;
  • The American actress, Jessica Lange;
  • The American actress, Meryl Streep;
  • The American singer, Gloria Gaynor;
  • The American actress, Sigourney Weaver;
  • The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu;

1937, 1997 – Fire Ox

Accoding to the chinesezodiac , people born in 1937 (Feb. 11, 1937 – Jan. 30, 1938) or 1997 (Feb. 07, 1997 – Jan. 27, 1998) are under the influence of Fire Ox.

The “sense of leadership”, which is quite typical for them, is strengthened by the energy and “sparkle” of the fire element.

Thus, the type in which they combine becomes the most capable of the Ox natives to manifest energetically and combatively to achieve their goals and, in fact, the most inclined towards power and prominence, being the strongest and most proud of all these natives.

The rare essence of stability and equilibrium doesn’t seem to be affected by the blaze of the fire; maybe only in the moments of fury, when it will be necessary to take cover right away because you will surely get burned. Then, it will be absolutely necessary to not forget that the influence of fire is manifesting especially at the patience level.


Their families benefit most from their work. Being the “engine and the aim” of their goals, the family will be “supplied” with everything it needs, will be protected many times and more than it is necessary. Something worth remembering in the case of this combination is the fact that no instability should occur.


First and foremost, power needs resources. The accumulation capacities are quite large, especially that under the influence of this element real “cannons” can occur in terms of profits obtained from intuitive investments. Combined with a sense of balance, required in order to permanently have “work reserves”, this type will almost always have resources.

They like to make money, which is why they are the best people to run a business, to take on decision-making functions in the economic sector.

They will lead their employees gently or with an iron fist, depending on the circumstances, but one thing is sure: when they are in charge, everyone is going to have a good financial life.

A major part of their earnings will be directed towards their own families, so it is advantageous to be among the relatives of a Fire Ox.

However, be careful to show appreciation for their efforts and that you care, otherwise, disappointment will destabilize everything, and the relationship will end under totally undesirable auspices!


    • The American actor, Jack Nicholson;
    • The President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein;
    • The American actress, Jane Fonda;
    • King Harald V of Norway;
    • The American actor, Robert Redford;
    • The American author of Sci-Fi novels, Roger Zelazny;
    • The American actor, Dustin Hoffman;
    • King Juan Carlos I of Spain;
    • The British actor, Anthony Hopkins;