Horse chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Horse – 1906 – 1918 – 1930 – 1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014 -2026

The need to kick up their heels and gallop off into the sunset is ever present in Horse-born people

Bright, social, and bursting with energy, Horse individuals can be the life and soul of the party. They are blessed with sparkling wit and a brilliant mind, and can carry on four or five conversations at the same time without losing the thread of any for a single moment.

Vivacious, lively, and full of irrepressible enthusiasm, they take life at a gallop and cram more into one day than most others do in a week. Freedom and independence are as important to them as the air they breathe. The members of this Sign like to feel free to come and go as they please, and if they ever feel the reins tightening, they will simply kick up their heels and gallop off to pastures new.
horse chinese zodiac
Members of the Horse fraternity can be erratic and volitile creatures, who cannot tolerate a routine humdrum existence. A low boredom threshold keeps them busy and can drive them to act on impulse. Travel is a particular love, since they are born with itchy feet, sometimes taking off on a whim, just pausing long enough to throw a toothbrush and change of clothes into a bag.

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A lively, stimulating environment tends to surround Horse-born people, who extend a warm welcome to all and sundry who drop in to visit. For these people love to chat and make excellent hosts, providing a social atmosphere with friendly informality. Members of this Sign are highly skilled with their hands, and evidence of their handiwork is all around – although, all too often in the form of half finished projects that were abandoned in mid-air when something more exciting came along to grab their attention. Colours associated with this Sign are golds, yellows, and oranges – all blended imaginatively to produce comfort and practicality with flair. However, rigorous housework is not a favoured pastime.

Versatility, a razor-sharp mentality, and the ability to pick up new skills at a glance, make these people infinitely suitable for any profession they care to take up. However, their verbal acuity and brilliant linguistic talents lend themselves best to the media and to the world of communication. Guiding tours, or working in sales, translation, journalism, or information technology are all careers that attract these agile minds.

As friends and lovers – the good humour and easy-going disposition that is characteristic of this Sign, ensures that it’s members are popular, guaranteeing them a good circle of friends. Despite their frequently impulsive and fanciful nature, they do like to feel that they are part of a group and are staunchly loyal to their friends and family. In matters of the heart, the Horse is blind and tends to throw all caution to the wind, falling in love to quickly, and too often for comfort.

The Year Of The Horse

Trading is brisk, and emotions are volatile in this fast-paced and exciting year. Fluctuating fortunes, both on a global and personal level can be expected, with spending and borrowing running out of control. However, sports and outdoor pursuits do well.

Sign Data
* Rank – 7th in order
* Symbol of – Intense Feelings
* Chinese Name – MA
* Ruling Hour – 11am – 12.59pm
* Colour – Golden Yellow