Dragon chinese zodian sign

Years of the Dragon – 1904 – 1916 – 1928 – 1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012 – 2024

Symbol of money and luck, a Dragon in the house brings good fortune

Exotic and dynamic, Dragons are free spirits and essentially a law unto themselves. All members born into this Sign tend to be extremely charismatic. They invariably lead a high-profile existence, since they like to court the limelight.

They are fortunate individuals, seemingly watched over by Lady Luck, for no matter what mishap occurs, they always seem to land on their feet and walk away smiling. Truly original and extroverted, their enthusiasm is contagious and their optimism has the power to brighten even the gloomiest day.
dragon chinse zodiac
To the Chinese, the Dragon has traditionally been the symbol of power, and this indeed, is the potent motivating force that underlies the dreams and actions of the Dragons. To be in the driving seat, to carry authority, to be honoured, respected, and to become a person of influence are the ultimate ambitions of these dynamic people. ‘No’ is one of the biggest spurs to their energy. To be told that a pet project will not work, that a cherished plan cannot be implemented, or that an idea they have been considering is simply unfeasible is enough to send the Dragon into over-drive. Then, he or she will work like fury, even moving mountains if necessary, just to prove that the task can be done.

Dragons are not the most domestic of creatures, their place being out in the big wide world among their adoring public. Consequently, they may not spend as much time at home as other Animal Signs might. However, entirely consistent with their mega personalities, their homes also have a sense of the grand, and the imposing about them. Therefore, interiors belonging to the Dragon, are often opulent with rich colours, such as red and gold, to create a sumptuous ambiance that reflects their own prestige.

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Success and the Dragon go together. These are people with big ideas, who are supremely confident and utterly irrepressible. Dragons it seems, have the power to make the impossible possible. They are complete dynamos of energy who blast their way through life, and for them no challenge is too large to be met and conquered. They are big spenders, and they are not afraid to take risks with their finances as well as their careers, but somehow they always manage to win through. The Dragon’s original mentality brings a fresh approach into any career they choose, but their talents are perhaps best suited to the world of entertainment.

As friends and lovers, the Dragons with their magnetic personalities are polite and friendly people. They are never short of friends, despite the fact that they are perfectly capable of relying on themselves. Fundamentally loyal and true, they cannot forgive treachery or disloyalty from partners or friends. Though there is a tendency for the free-spirited Dragon to remain single, a partner who is intelligent, witty, and amusing stands a good chance of winning the Dragon’s heart.

The Year Of The Dragon

Usually a dramatic year, this is a time to think big. The more spectacular, unusual, and bizzare – the better the chances of success. With an undercurrent of luck and the feel-good factor sweeping
through the year, the omens are favourable for marriage, for starting a business, or launching a brand new idea.

Sign Data

* Rank – 5th in order
* Symbol of – Luck
* Chinese Name – LONG
* Ruling Hour – 7am – 8.59am
* Colour – Gold