Dog chinese zodiac sign

Years of the Dog – 1910 – 1922 – 1934 – 1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006 – 2018

Just like the animal symbolizing this sign, people born in these years make true and trusting friends

Those born in the Year of the Dog are essentially kind and caring individuals who put others before themselves. They are the most unselfish of the Animal signs, ever prepared to make time to listen to others, to provide a shoulder to cry on, and to offer a wise word or two of comfort and reassurance. Solid citizens, members of this sign are endowed with permanent quality morals of integrity, honesty and fortitude. This is precisely what makes those born in the Year of the Dog staunchly respected in the community, and why they become pillars of society. However, some might say the Dog is too conservative and prudish, with a tendency to poke their nose in where it is not welcome – this is rare, and so it is their generosity of spirit and their genuine concern for others that ultimately shines through.

dog chinese zodiacWhen members of this group are loved and contented, their needs are simple indeed. Money, power, and prestige come way down in the Dog’s agenda. As far as these people are concerned, top priority is given to family and loved ones who constitute all the treasures in life that they desire.

People born under this sign are traditionalists at heart, and this is reflected in their lifestyles and in the way they run their households. Their interior and decor tend to be classical in style, giving their homes a timeless feel. Everything is neat and tidy, but comfortable at the same time. Here, the needs of their family and offspring come first, so there will always be a well stocked larder, a warm fire, and a welcoming smile for them to look forward to.

Because those belonging to this group are generally set in their ways, they are in no hurry to change the system or the operation of the organizations in which they work. However, they are cheerful and industrious, and always prepared to give their colleagues a helping hand. They are responsible people, intelligent, fair-minded, and willing to take on extra commiment when necessary. As a result, Dogs are always popular and respected members of the workforce.

As friends and lovers, Dog-born people make true and trusted friends. They especially like to mix socially, and to be a part of a group sharing similar interests. Especially keen on outdoor activities, they enjoy sports events and other gatherings, particularly if their loved ones are also involved. When it comes to personal relationships, they are innately shy and it takes a long time for them to feel confident enough to trust another person with their affections. However, once they have found their soulmates, they become kind and gentle lovers, ever supportive and anxious to please.

The Year Of The Dog

Family life, domestic security, property, and defense are all salient in the Year of the Dog. Concerns regarding the environment and humanitarian issues come forward. Conservation, animal welfare, and civil liberties will make the news. According to the Chinese, geting married or starting a family this year will bring lasting happiness and good fortune.

Sign Data

* Rank – 11th in order
* Symbol of – Fidelity
* Chinese Name – GOU
* Ruling Hour – 7pm – 8.59pm
* Colour – Mauve