1950,1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 Chinese Zodiac (Tiger)

The Years Of The Tiger

Drama, tension, upheaval, and disaster often accompany a Year of the Tiger. This is a time when unusual weather conditions can be expected, when daring deeds take place, and when the unexpected in politics and finances becomes the norm.

It is an exciting year when the vibrancy of life quickens the pulse, and the winners are daring and brave.

tiger chinese zodiac

Sign Data

* Years of the Tiger – 1902 – 1914 – 1926 – 1938 – 1950 – 1962 – 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010
* Rank – 3rd in order
* Symbol of – Courage
* Chinese Name – HU
* Ruling Hour – 3am – 4.59am
* Colour – Orange

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1974 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Wood Tiger natives are born between January 23, 1974, and February 10, 1975.

They are truly charming, charismatic people who know how to stand out in a group without making any special efforts.

On the contrary, the others accept them as leaders quite naturally and they are ready to overlook their extravagant behavior. Tiger is the zodiac sign that enjoys change and novelty the most.

The influence of the wood element creates quite an obvious adaptability to the environmental factors for them.

We will deal with charming and innovative individuals, who are ready to lead and manipulate everyone in their best interest.

Everything, but absolutely everything will depend on how much they get involved and especially how many relational elements they are able to control.

The Tiger natives are some of the best friends you can have. Once you gain their friendship, you can be sure that they will support you every single time when you need help.

In love, they are quite possessive. In order to make their partners happy, they need to learn how to control their bouts of jealousy.

Because they are calculated types, this could direct them on a good course to earn money. It is important to withstand the financial limitations and the “stalling” and to pay more attention to the advice of other people in this regard, selecting what they feel is appropriate. The Wood Tiger natives should not forget that taking risks can have a critical impact financially.

Professionally, they will always look for a warm spot because they don’t like to make too much effort, to work overtime or to get involved in tasks that imply attention to detail. For this reason, they will try to take advantage of their many friends and to find a good job with their help.

It can’t be said that they are not “inclined” towards a career of their choosing that they can dedicate themselves to and that could help them get what they want. The issues occur because they like to avoid small matters, they are not very “skilled” and it is not recommended to be “tasked” with more than they can handle.


The quite obvious nervousness, the “careless” programs of activity, their big mistakes of ignoring the pains and the “insignificant” details will often lead to sickness such as low or high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, other blood vessel diseases (especially at the peripheral circulation level).

Celebrities born in 1974:

  • The American actor, Leonardo di Caprio;
  • The Canadian singer, Alanis Morissette;
  • The American porn actress, Jenna Jameson;
  • The Italian singer, Laura Pausini;
  • The Chilean football player, Marcelo Salas;
  • The Canadian actress and model, Natasha Henstridge;
  • The British singer, Victoria Beckham, the former member of Spice Girl;
  • The French actor, Louis de Funès;
  • The French writer, Marguerite Duras.

1962 Chinese zodiac – Water Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Water Tiger natives are born in 1962 (5 February 1962 – 24 January 1963).

They have a truly amazing empathy capacity, they can sense what others sense, and, moreover, they can intuitively understand other people’s thoughts and feelings.

And, not only do they understand, but they accept others as they are because they are open to innovation and change. If you are a nonconformist type of person, you will find in him a friend you can always count on.

The influence of the water element has a weak effect on the Tiger native, but because of its malleability and, in particular, its predisposition towards moderation, it becomes extremely valuable.

According to some opinions, the Water Tigers are perseverant individuals, less oriented or “weak” in front of their victims because they are able to control their moods and focus much better on their immediate goals for future achievements.

The fact that they are rather intuitive and they have communication skills above average can only help their above-average intellectual capacities.

We are going to deal with some hardworking and organized natives, always enrolled in the competition for the top of the hierarchy.

In financial matters, they act with their characteristic perseverance, but here, this can be a bit exploited as a “delay” (with the corresponding losses) or as a “lost train” (because they didn’t take a risk). However, they will have the money “allowed” by their environment.

Because they can easily appreciate the qualities of others, their families will only have to gain from this. Additionally, the Water Tigers are true judges of possibilities and facts, which will transform them into potential valuable leaders and real support for their loved ones.

The typical issues of the Tiger natives are the joint and back pains, mainly caused by the lack of some basic protection measures to effort or in the cold or humid seasons.

Additionally, the lack of an organized schedule makes them sensitive to digestive disorders, with everything they cause (also beware of nervous manifestations with “response” at this level – with a rather high risk of developing hepatic diseases or ulcers).

Celebrities born in 1962:

  • The Portuguese football coach, José Mourinho;
  • The American rock singer, Axl Rose, the vocalist of Guns N’ Roses;
  • The American actress, Jodie Foster;
  • The American poet and singer, Jim Morrison, the vocalist of the rock band the Doors;
  • The Russian chess player, Garry Kasparov;
  • The American actress, Demi Moore;
  • The American actor, Tom Cruise;
  • The Italian actor and movie director, Vittorio De Sica;
  • The American singer, Jon Bon Jovi;

2010 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Metal Tiger natives are born in 1950 (Feb. 17, 1950 – Feb. 05, 1951) and 2010 (Feb. 14, 2010 – Feb. 02, 2011).

They are ambitious and they don’t give up until they reach their goals. They don’t want a lot of things, but they have a few bold objectives, on which they focus exclusively.

If something is not in their sphere of interest, they will not pay even the slightest attention to it because they don’t like to waste their energy on things they regard as useless.

Issues may occur only when they change their objectives or when they set too many goals and they try to catch more fish with one worm at once. In general, however, they know how to avoid this mistake. Also, they have a constant predisposition to rush, to want everything right here and right now.

In turn, they have a great ability to find new money sources. The Metal Tigers are able to easily identify them and they know how to use them in order to secure their prosperity.

The Metal Tigers are more oriented than usual on activities that bring both success and spiritual satisfaction.

They will tend to permanently adopt the “one shot, one kill” approach in everything they do and they will always be careful to waste as little energy as they can to reach the expected results (by them or by someone else in whom they invested their trust).

The main problems arise from their permanent attitude towards people. They have an uncommon tendency to disappoint because of their fickleness. Maybe all this comes from the fact that they want too much and too fast something they can focus their energy and attention on.

It can’t be said that the metal has a very beneficial influence on the Tiger natives, but if our natives are able to chisel their energy discharges, this could bring exceptional qualities.

For example, if they focus all their gestures towards honesty and sincerity, they will have everything to gain both for their plains and also regarding the people around them.

And even if they feel they are not quite loved by others, it is better to just focus on themselves and their plans. Maybe everything is just a misinterpretation. Maybe the people around them are still dazzled by the permanent movement of this type of Tiger.

Their charisma, but especially their noble personality will solve all the problems as long as they continue the course of their gestures to allow others to “concretize” something.

One thing to keep in mind is that they need to be aware that it is necessary to make some compromises in order to gain efficiency in exploiting the energetic or financial resources.

Celebrities born in 1950:

  • The American actor, Robert De Niro;
  • The British singer, Phill Collins;
  • The American musician, Stevie Wonder;
  • The American actress, Cybill Shepherd;
  • The President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul;
  • The American actor, William Hurt;

1998 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Earth Tiger natives are born in 1938 (Jan. 31, 1938 – Feb. 18, 1939) or 1998 (Jan. 28, 1998 – Feb. 15, 1999).

Hi is an individual for whom reason and equilibrium are the most important values.

For this reason, the Earth Wood natives will have a more peaceful and responsible personality than the other Tigers and will look for a practical side in everything they are trying to accomplish (many of their gestures, even if they will seem “slow”, will be “backed up” by an analysis made with maximum finesse and responsibility).

Major balancing element for the Tiger, the Earth will significantly influence the practical and functional aspirations of the natives. They will become more inclined towards stable careers, with no risk of being affected in the future because they only want to get involved in domains that are familiar, from which they can reap the biggest fruits.

They take work seriously because the influence of the Earth element makes them want status, recognition through work, and stability. This is why they are capable approach any activity with diligence and objectivity, regardless of their level of importance, without getting tired.

Essentially, the Earth Tiger natives are responsible and serious. When they make a promise or they assume a specific task, you can be sure they will finalize it, regardless of the obstacles getting in their way. Because of these qualities, they can be considered the perfect employees any business owner or manager is looking for.

In couple life, they are loyal and they protect their partners, but they make no surprises and are not into new things. Therefore, such a relationship often risks becoming monotone. The main drawback of the Earth Tigers is that they don’t know how to relax and they don’t spend enough time having fun. So, if you have some Earth Tigers among your friends, a great idea is to take them out from time to time!

Celebrities born in 1938:

– Queen Beatrix of Netherlands;
– Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize winner;
– The Italian actress of Tunisian origin, Claudia Cardinale;
– The President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori;
– The American actor, Christopher Lloyd;
– The French singer, Joe Dassin;
– The Ukrainian football player and entrepreneur, Valeri Lobanovsky;

1986 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Fire Tiger natives are born in 1986 (Feb. 09, 1986 – Jan. 28, 1987).

He gives the impression that they were born to shine, to be in the center of attention. And scrolling through the list of personalities born under this zodiac sign – which is truly impressive – proves this entirely.

These natives need freedom and the liberty to manifest their personalities. In these conditions, they will use their maximum potential, maybe with slightly theatrical nuances, meant to raise them even more in the eyes of their entourage.

In love, the Fire Tigers are passionate and they invest a lot in a relationship. Their original ideas will never let their life partner get bored. Thus, if you want to live next to a star, choose a Fire Tiger!

It can be said that the Fire seems like the most ‘resonant” out of all elements. This is an individual born to do everything with a lot of enthusiasm and possessing an electrifying aura to everyone around.

If we add to these qualities the fact that they are generous until extremes, it’s not going to be difficult to figure out why they display leadership skills more than the other Tiger natives.

It’s hard for others not to love them, but especially for those accepted by the Fire Tiger as an indispensable component of their relational environment. Their attention is constantly manifested, on merit or not, on others, especially because they are brilliant, imposing and honest leaders, full of sensuality and life.

The Fire Tiger “grants” this sector maximum of attention. Due to their constant wish to transform their nervous energy and their inspiration in activity full of dynamism and results, they will get all the chances of having professional achievements, which will quickly propel them to the top of the hierarchy.

It’s important to do important and urgent things. As long as they need money, they react quite efficiently, but when they wish for something that could be regarded as luxury or something along these lines, their profitability will be reduced or they will cause more or less significant losses.

Independent and nonconventional, he is characterized by reactions difficult to predict.

An important aspect is that the people around them can count on the fact that for this individual it’s impossible to be impersonal with someone from their private life and that they will do everything that is strictly necessary for fulfilling their plans.

The excess of energy makes them love adventure and innovation, as long as they are able to accept the parameters they create.

Celebrities born in 1926 or 1986:

  • Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom;
  • The American actress, Marilyn Monroe;
  • The President of Cuba, Fidel Castro;
  • The American singer, Lady Gaga;
  • The Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal;
  • The American actress, Megan Fox;
  • The American actress, Lindsay Lohan;
  • The Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba;
  • The American writer, John Fowles;