1953,1965,1977,1989,2001, 2013 Chinese Zodiac (Snake)

Those born in the Year of the Snake are arch scandalmongers, and in this year, all sorts of indiscretions will come to light. Political intrigue, sexual peccadillos, and improper dealings will hit the news.

Reading the small print is essential as duplicity in all aspects of life appears to be rife.

snake chinese zodiac

Issues concerning morality will be aired, as will matters connected with fertility and reproduction. Economically, the financial markets will be buoyant.

Sign Data

* Years of the Snake – 1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013 – 2025
* Rank – 6th in order
* Symbol of – Wisdom
* Chinese Name – SHE
* Ruling Hour – 9am – 10.59am
* Colour – Purple

2001 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Snake

According to the Chinese Horoscope, the natives born between January 27th, 1941, and February 14th, 1942, and also between January 24th, 2001, and February 11th, 2002, are under the influence of the Metal Snake.

The Snake is an astrological sign well-known for its wisdom, especially in practical, concrete, life situations.

They have a flair in business and are able to make the best decisions in the shortest time.

They sneak through people and situations just as well as the reptile whose name they bear crawls through grass, sliding silently. They have the ability to work for a long time in order to accomplish their goals and, in general, they succeed in their plans.

The in-depth analysis of the life situations and also the constant reserve they maintain towards people while always taking precaution measures are helpful strategies.

They need a family because otherwise they don’t feel fulfilled emotionally or socially. However, they refrain from showing too much affection to their family members. The Metal Snakes will simply do their duty, protecting and helping their family within the limitations of common sense.

The family, in most cases, is something necessary to the Metal Snake. It will only constitute the support for social integration. However, if the family members will show appreciation to the Metal Snake, they will at least create the apparent image of a real and happy family, able to develop in the best possible conditions.

The outstanding financial flair, in comparison with the influence of the other signs, will endow them with the strength and the best quality tools necessary to accomplish the best possible investments. Additionally, the natives will be almost completely focused on obtaining wealth and power, getting ready assiduously and constantly and especially in a calculated and intelligent manner the way towards maximum accumulation.

The Metal element confers the Snake sign additional intelligence compared with the influence of the other elements. Moreover, will occur a straightening of the basic characteristics, the aura of a mysterious and “cold” individual that usually accompanies the Snake being further emphasized.

In general, under the influence of this astrological sign, the natives tend to be opportunistic in thoughts with a lot of individuality in everything they do, having as a permanent goal the desire for ascension and perfection.

In conclusion, the people under the influence of the Metal Snake sign are determined, courageous, and born leaders. They have many adepts who follow them with no hesitation. They have a majestic, elegant presence. The natives of this astrological sign have great self-confidence and they can leave the impression of arrogance.

Famous people born in 1941

  • Bob Dylan, American musician
  • The British football coach, Alex Ferguson
  • The Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic
  • Ibrahim Babangida, President of Nigeria
  • Vaclav Klaus, President of Czech Republic
  • The British actress, Julie Christie
  • The American actor, Nick Nolte

2013 Chinese Zodiac– Water Snake

According to the Chinese zodiac, the people born between February 14th, 1953, and February 2nd, 1954, and also between February 10th, 1013 and January 30th, 2014, are under the influence of the Water-Snake.

The influence of the Water element manifests, in particular, on the malleability and adaptability capacity of  Snakes. A secondary component is an indisputable increase in the perspicacity of the Snake with direct reaction to their ability to influence others or resulting in a rather invulnerable individual, characterized by an obvious mystical mask and a rather indiscrete personality.


The Water Snake is a wonderful, romantic, and full of imagination partner, capable to make a lot of beautiful surprises to the other half.

The Snake natives are beautiful people with a great sex appeal. They are flattering and seductive, and if they set their mind to it, they can make you think of nothing else but them. When choosing a partner, the Snakes will not do it just based on physical qualities. The Snakes need a partner able to appreciate their strange sense of humor and their eccentric way of solving problems.

The influence of the Water element creates a bookish Snake, with a permanent thirst to accumulate and deepen their knowledge, especially in the activity domain they choose, becoming almost always an undeniable specialist.

At work, they are also efficient because they have an excellent organizational capacity thanks to their practical thinking. They are methodical, calm and they know how to act, regardless of the situation.

Although they seem perfect, they also have shortcomings. Firstly, they can never forget an offense and, many times, they act led by their own morale, which has nothing to do with the generally accepted moral norms. Additionally, it can be said that this native is often too materialistic.

These individuals are rather popular especially because of their obvious loyalty towards those accepted in their intimate circle of friend. However, they like to lead people and, under the benefit of their strong personality and because they don’t lose contact with reality and their plans, they will most often be the leader of their group.

Cunning and materialistic, the Water Snakes will master and use any opportunities, especially by influencing the people around them.
Their thinking capacity and their enviable concentration power will result in a developed adaptation capacity or adaptation to the requests of others, which will lead to situations when they are thanked to even for the losses they cause.

In conclusion, the people born in the Water Snake year are intelligent, creative, and very sentimental. They are young at heart and they often change their mind. They know how to take advantage of every opportunity and they can start early on an entrepreneurial career. The natives are very voluble and they can find their partners quickly because they know how to be pleasant.

Famous people born in 1953

  • Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of United Kingdom
  • Norodom Sihamoni, the Kind of Cambodia
  • Hertha Muller, the Romanian writer of German origin, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Segolene Royal, French politician
  • Cyndi Lauper, American singer
  • John Malkovich, American actor
  • Ladislau Boloni, Romanian footballer and coach
  • Richard Clayderman, French pianist
  • Oprah Winfrey, American talk show host, and producer

1965 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Snake

According to the Chinese Zodiac, any person who is born between February 2nd, 1965, and January 20th, 1966 is under the influence of the Wood Snake.

The strong point of this zodiac sign is its vision. They have a broad perspective on life and, in most cases, they give the impression that they are able to look into the future. At least, this is the case with the evolved natives. In less fortunate cases, we deal with simple dreamers who live their entire lives in imagination, far away from the realm of everyday life.

Having a broad vision, they also have a very broad array of activities. Thus, the tendency to scatter often occurs and the most difficult thing for the natives is to finalize their projects.

Exactly because, many times, they get lost on the way when left by themselves, they have a vital need of a family, which could offer them stability and guidance when in need. They are greatly attached to those who understand them and they are ready to do anything for their family members.

Finally, it must be taken into account the fact that they are one of the best advisors.

The wood element is compatible with life and it induces the Snake natives several characteristics that can be assimilated to it, such as good knowledge of human nature. This is why these natives are friendly, communicating very well with others.

One of their greatest advantages is supported by this very quality, which means that they are the type of person who works permanently so everyone can gain and accumulate.


We do not have to repeat the defining element described above, we only need to add w other relational elements. Thus, the Wood Snake is an individual who craves the admiration and approval of the public/others either for reasons relating to their manifestations of opulence, or simply because they want to feel useful to everyone under the most diverse conditions.

Their good judgment, discretion, and their sharp sense of value will fully complete their qualities especially in terms of social integration. However, these individuals will need to be extremely careful about what they are doing.

The natives are wise, intelligent, ambitious, and aware of these qualities, preferring to work in a quiet place, which could give them the opportunity to work in peace. Their many and expensive interests need a lot of resources. Being well-informed, they will permanently work in order to accumulate everything they need for constant ascension in their career.

In conclusion, the people born in the Wood Snake year are organized and they like to live in a harmonious environment, decorated in good taste. They appreciate art and they even contribute with their own creations to decorate their home. They can become collectors of art objects or old musical instruments.

Famous people born in 1965

  • Katarina Witt, German skater
  • Dr. Dre, American rapper and music producer
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress
  • J. K. Rowling, British writer
  • Emmanuelle Beart, French actress
  • Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, from 2008
  • Salman Khan, Indian actor and TV show host

1977 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Snake

According to the Chinese Horoscope, people born in 1977, are under the influence of the Fire Snake sign. These people are wise, they think fast and clear, and they are very talkative. They are active, born to be good dancers or performers. They are able to easily express their feelings through their own creations. They don’t like taking risks, but they are devoted to their success.

The Snake is full of energy and the Fire element is vivacious and spontaneous. Throughout their lives, they show much courage and they are active, but sometimes they are also cautious, which makes them lose important opportunities. They are good in leadership roles and they are capable to win the trust of important people who will grant them unconditional help all throughout their lives.

These natives are energetic and they like to impose their will. They make uninterrupted efforts to win the large public and its trust. They have a lot of self-confidence and the power to lead. If they choose a political career, they will get voted. Even if they organize referendums to find out or to decide what the majority wants, they are doubtful by their nature and they only trust themselves. They always want only to punish or to censor.

Often, they prefer to retire in a circle of friends and admirers. The intense, almost obsessive desire for prestige or for power and money will make them perseverant in obtaining some concrete results. Insistent and making no compromises, they will move towards the highest peaks of power and when they get to the top, they will cling to power forever.


They are the most passionate, sensual, and possessive natives, who only care about their own being, able to express excessive love or hate. Often, they have a tragic end.

Attracted by elegant partners, they are possessive in relationships, but also profoundly jealous. The wisdom of a Snake cannot be ignored, they excel in finding solutions to complex issues, their fate depends very much on their careful judgment and their intuitive feelings, and thus, they can be lucky in terms of finances and business. They have charisma and an appeal described by many astrologers as fascinating and seductive, piercing eyes and attention focused on their conquests, which can make them true experts in the art of seduction.

These natives are very extroverted. They always share their opinions, regardless if they are requested or not. They are very persuasive.

Personalities: Franz Schubert, Henry Ford II, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Ferdinand Marcos, John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi.

1989 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Snake

Any person who is born between February 6nd, 1989, and February  26th, 1990 is under the influence of the Earth Snake.

These natives know how to control their emotions, and they are extremely calm. They can be classified as “cold” and this is why they are not that lucky in love. They don’t like to be controlled, but they are lucky in money matters because they know when to take advantage of an opportunity.

This is an affectionate and natural type who will form his opinions about people slowly but fairly. Communicative, tenacious, and consequent, these natives are able to communicate with people and to work in a social group. Gifted with a broad perspective and a lot of ambition, they have the power to overcome the problems occurring during calamities, panics, and confusion.

They are not easy to intimidate and they refuse to be influenced by the crowd. They will only follow their own judgment. They have a lot of charm and finesse, they are calm, collected, and dedicated to their friends, and they have a lot of supporters.

Conservative in terms of money, diligence, and organization, they will be successful in domains such as banking, investments, insurance and they will provide for themselves from their own resources. These natives know their own limits and they will be careful not to stretch too far.

This is considered the slowest element – before taking a decision, the natives think for a long time because they don’t want to make mistakes and be put in an unfavorable light.

They are very wise and patient, so their decisions will always bring them success. They like to be in leadership roles, but they need to manage their money carefully. They enjoy an extravagant, luxurious life and they like to live in big style, which could determine them to spend money recklessly.


The Snake is a karmic sign, like the Dragon. Depending on how they act, their life will end in tragedy or glory. And, although they will never admit it, they are superstitious. The other signs prefer to leave their dues for the next life (if this is the fate they choose), but the Snake natives don’t want to leave this life without paying their debts. It is possible to be only a choice because they are paradoxically intense and, in everything they do, they have the burning desire to settle the general score. This zodiac sign will have no financial problems.

Personalities: Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe, King Hassan of Morocco, Jacqueline Onassis, Princess Grace de Monaco