1955,1967,1979,1991,2003,2015 Chinese Zodiac (Goat)

The Year Of The Sheep

In general, a tranquil time when fashion and the arts come under good omens.

People will attend to domestic matters, issues concerning personal relationships and the family unit will be discussed. Politically, this is a year of reconciliation, diplomatic moves, and the healing of rifts.

Sign Data

* Years of the Goat – 1907 – 1919 – 1931 – 1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015
* Rank – 8th in order
* Symbol of – The Arts
* Chinese Name – YANG
* Ruling Hour – 1pm – 2.59pm
* Colour – Turquoise

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1991 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Goat

Metal Goat’s years: February 15th, 1991 – February 3rd, 1992

The influence of the Metal element tends to increase their confidence in their own strength and in the value of all their qualities and talents.

They have an uncommon tendency to do everything right, but they are not great when it comes to successfully bringing things to an end or solving problems. This is why they have to understand that they can only integrate into environments that allow them “group” accomplishments, regardless if they are leaders or not. Then almost always everything will result in outstanding achievements.

Their wish for stability is not an advantage guaranteeing them gestures or reactions that could bring them the desires or, especially, the necessary results for carrying out all their activities. And here is necessary to act in close collaboration with people they fully trust. If for nothing else… but they have a strange tendency towards waste or sentimental, no yield investments.

Their home and family are everything for them. Moreover, anchored in reality or not, they know that leaving the family environment is a real trauma for their whole being and they will avoid this by making maximum compromises. It is absolutely necessary to maintain control of their emotions. Metal tends to accentuate the instability of these natives.

2003 Chinese Zodiac – Water Goat

Water Goat’s years: February 5th, 1943 – January 24th, 1944; February 1st, 2003 – January 21st, 2004

They are skilled in the art of communication. They know how to easily make themselves pleasant in public, how to keep their plans hidden and how to get inspired by other people’s ideas.

The natives of this zodiac sign are very appealing (regardless of their positive or negative side), always finding support, help, supportive words, etc., the Water element having the quality to create a life path rather smooth, without too many obstacles.

They are perfect associates but, because they are able to absorb other people’s ideas, they are also ready to act as leaders, especially if the assimilated idea matches their own action style (because they have a tendency towards stability, which is specific to the Goat sign, they will do everything in their power not to change their activity domain).

Their financial achievements will depend on the environment. You will rarely meet a Goat native who will stand out financially, especially a native influenced by water because they try too much to rely on other people’s “opinions and beliefs” or on those they count on. This behavior is good for success, but what are you going to do when you are surrounded by misfortune?

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Loving and careless, the Water Goats prefer following the flock. These characteristics make them pleasant company. They like to put down their roots. They will pout when things are not going their way and they lack self-confidence. These natives have a sensitive and dependent nature and they can’t live without love.

They need a life partner able to offer them protection, to treat them with gentleness, and to also give them a lot of attention. In case a fight or a loud discussion occurs in the house, the native is horrified and runs to hide.
On the other hand, these natives are loyal and if the partner ensures a peaceful home and a comfortable and safe life, they will prove to be a perfect partner.

The Water Goats have a rather stable personality based on their capacities to diversify, but just like the situations that require multiple efforts, they will encounter an effect that can be described in popular terms “until one point”. If this moment of failure is reached, our native will suffer from martyr’s complex which manifests by typical reactions. They will feel rejected or persecuted every time they are not allowed to follow their path or if it’s about a wrong decision they take or, simply, if it seems that way.

Personalities: Muhammad Ali, Douglas Fairbanks, Bobby Fischer, Billie Jean King, John Denver, Coco Chanel

1967 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Goat –

Fire Goat’s years: February 9th, 1967 – January 29th, 1968

The permanent movement and agitation, specific to the Fire element’s influence will transform our Goat into something that will resemble this sign but with completely atypical manifestations.

Where will you hear about a courageous, strong, and powerful Goat, ready to achieve a perfect combination between personal beauty and grace and the force and cynicism of offensive that our daily life demands? Maybe only if we are talking about a Fire Goat…

Although they exhibit a charming personal grace, their moods can defy any logic. Their negative side twists their thinking, which prevents them from realizing what advantages they can gain in a specific situation. Usually, they will run after two rabbits and when they are baffled by reality, they get mean and morose.

These natives are extremely sensitive when it comes to their personal comfort. Moreover, they like to live in style and, as a consequence, they like to extend financially as much as possible. So, they will manage to obtain maximum benefits from their environment even if this is accomplished through their own or other people’s strength.

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Not as sensitive as the other Goats, the Fire natives need the approval of others. They always place themselves in the first place. They are social creatures, who usually have a close circle of friends.

Some issues might occur related to the fact that the Fire tends to transform our Goat into an individual rather direct in speech and behavior, especially when offended. They should not forget that such behavior is “two-edged” and either will reveal their weaknesses or it will cause a conflict that most likely they are not able to handle.

Personalities: Miguel de Cervantes, James Michener, Takeo Miki, Sir Lawrence Olivier

1979 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Goat

The desire to live, the power to overcome everything even if only by the power of spirit or thought are the main results of the combination between the Goat’s nativity and the influence of the Earth element.

Perhaps it would be good to mention the clearly superior seriousness of the Earth Goat compared with the other Goats, based on their great power of being almost always honest and direct.

Although they are prone to behavior that diminishes and/or affects their social status, our native will be quite pleasant and helpful to others.

Maybe everything is due to their contagious optimism, which is part of their personality. But also, in this case, it would be better to keep in mind that it is impossible to be like this the entire life.

Family is their heaven, the purpose for which they exist and work as hard as they can moment by moment, full of care and love. They are warm and protective towards the people they love and they do everything in their power to improve the living standards of their family (often because they also want to individualize themselves). But let’s not forget that even earth shakes sometimes.

Well-grounded in reality, the Earth Goats are conservative, independent, and practical, but not that self-confident. Family is the most important and they really enjoy everything life has to offer.

Personalities: Dino de Laurents, Pierre Trudeau, Jan Smith, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi Aryamer, George Wallace