1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 Chinese Zodiac (Rooster)

The Year Of The Rooster

Fashion is big in Rooster years when the image is of the essence. Politically, the downtrodden make themselves heard, and economically, measures are taken to ensure that financial institutions are run more efficiently. Relationships are perhaps not so well starred this year when differences between couples could finally become intolerable.

rooster chinese zodiac

Sign Data
* Years of the Rooster – 1921 – 1933 – 1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017
* Rank – 10th in order
* Symbol of – Honesty
* Chinese Name – JI
* Ruling Hour – 5pm – 6.59pm
* Colour – Apricot

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2005 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Rooster

Wood Rooster’s years: February 13th,  1945 – February 1st, 1946; February 9th, 2005 – January 28th, 2006

The essence of wood, rare or common, is something without which our lives would not have evolved as much.

Thus, the influence of this element on the Rooster sign determines a progressive type, who, if satisfied with their qualities of honesty and integrity, will excel in reaching performances related to their intentions of stability and force, often astonishing everyone with their plans (and their solutions).

The Wood Rooster has a very good memory and an excellent learning capacity. They are quick to learn and they understand complex things without needing many explanations. They are autodidacts by excellence.

They like to argue against others. In general, they have valid, difficult to dismiss arguments. But when they are wrong, they are not willing to admit it.

They pretend to know everything and being wrong is never possible. In fact, they are not always as sure of themselves as they like to seem, but they try to prove they are strong through bravery.

Although they have the best intentions, the Wood Rooster natives lack tact, they are brutally honest and always driven to argue against others. Because of this, they are often perceived as coarse or adventurous.

They are very presentable, even elegant and imposing, so they manage to impress other people. They create around them a solemn atmosphere, especially if they have a decoration shinning on their chest.

The most common shortcomings of this native are selfishness, stubbornness, and vanity.

Compatible signs: Snake, Dog or Dragon

Although they have all the necessary qualities for a relatively easy and successful financial life, they don’t find the necessary energy to defeat and remove their operational enthusiasm (without taking into account the estimative one). The result is an individual who depends on the honesty and ability of the people they share their financial life with.

The Wood Rooster is one of the most inclined natives to perceive and explore the broad vision on life, the power to understand and estimate the phenomena related to everything alive. Family is the defining element of life force and development. The only issues occur because of their tendency to complicate things and create confusion on their own initiative.

Like the other Rooster natives, they have a weird tendency to not finalize their plans and actions, especially because their life is like a dream. Even if they are “earthlings” and they don’t have extremely high ideals and difficult to accomplish plans, they tend to count on people without any basis, losing when they expect less.


In love, people born under this astrological sign are usually dreamers and romantics. Most of the time, they will be disappointed when discovering that their partners have certain shortcomings, but they won’t leave the relationship because they love stability and balance. They are often hard to win over because of their skeptical nature that causes many doubts.

However, because they are Roosters, they will not stop making sarcastic remarks in moments of fury and they will work hard to ensure their own safety. If they avoid making plans that are difficult to accomplish and great ideals, their life is going to be like a dream.

Personalities: King Birendra of Nepal, Elton John

1981 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Rooster

Metal Rooster’s years: February 8th, 1921 – January 27th, 1922; February 5th, 1981 – January 24th, 1982

This is an individual who is as pleasant to others as controversial. The natives are gifted with oratorical talent and often they find the best way to the hearts of their friends.

Issues occur because of their inconsistency and interests, for which it is difficult to be impartial, especially when it is about them or someone who represents them.

Many of the Rooster’s characteristics make them extremely versatile and appreciated in their domain. Dedicated, hardworking, with excellent communication skills and unequally charismatic, the Rooster will have no issues integrating in any kind of group as long as their opinions are listened to.

They emphasize the financial satisfaction in their careers not because they are fascinated as much by money as they are by managing the available funds.

They feel at ease in the following activity domains: accounting, sales, entrepreneurship, journalism, justice.

In general, we deal with an individual that is practical, exact, enterprising, with a lot of talent in finding the targets and the necessary resources to fulfill any welfare plans.

Because they are hard-working and they tend to self-consume in their own mind, the Roosters can have health issues that occur because of stress. In order to self-protect, it is recommended to embrace hobbies and pleasant activities able to relax them. Even if they get sick, because of their overflowing energy, they get back on their feet fast.

These natives are not easy-going partners. Although they can’t stand being criticized, they notice and comment on even the tiniest shortcoming of their partner. In the home of a Rooster, the weighing scale is useless: they are able to notice without fail each additional kilogram gained by the partner.

The people born under this astrological sign prefer teamwork. They have a lot of friends and they are very sociable. They always try to find the bright side of the people and situations they deal with. However, they are not always able to successfully finalize what they start and this is because they take on more duties than they are able to handle.

The permanent tendency of Metal Rooster of being in the highest position doesn’t mean that they will create only unstable and hard to accept elements within the collaboration conditions required by a normal (or abnormal) social environment.

They will permanently feel a real desire to extend their services and to spread their knowledge to those around them (and, if possible, to the entire humankind), finding their fulfillment in everything that is related to solving social problems or initiating actions for the greater good.

They will feel the need to spread their services and knowledge towards the entire humankind and they will find their fulfillment by finding solutions to social issues or by starting reforms for the progress of humankind.

Personalities: Prince Philip, Peter Ustinov, Alex Haley, Alexander Dubcek, Deborah Kerr, Yves Montand

1993 Chinese zodiac – Water Rooster

Water Rooster’s years: January 26th, 1933 – February 13th, 1934; January 23rd, 1993 – February 9th, 1994

The water element determines the Rooster sign to be more inclined towards moderation, which together with a very developed intelligence will create a very balanced individual, who is able to think everything through before acting.
Thus, predispositions towards intellectual activities and thought process applications will occur, which will create an intellectual Rooster with a special inclination towards cultural activities.

Rooster natives are proud and they don’t appreciate subtle compliments as much as they appreciate the direct ones.
These natives are trustworthy, cautious, loyal, and, occasionally, they are even loud. One of the reasons behind the loyalty they prove is the carefulness they take decisions. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can lead to boredom, so it’s much more likely to be the forsaken ones.
The Rooster natives love their families so much that they will never risk an extra-conjugal relationship; this is not something they would ever resort to because they are cautious.

In general, these natives need to be surrounded by as many friends as possible, on which they will rely with confidence in the power to accomplish common or their own objectives. In this regard, they have huge energy and initiative, which they want to use with maximum efficiency even if only for engaging other people to progress.

They know that their wishes and their own nature require intensive material support and, for this reason, they will be permanently ready to approach new directions of investment and new sources of income. Their minds work with an enviable efficiency, like a computer, but the more they broaden their range of activity, the more they tend to collect too many elements/data and to risk losing sight of the essential parts.

They are strongly attracted by science, they are experts of the written word, their propensities towards cultural activities making them extremely inventive, yet they directly rely on the environment fate decided to integrate them. One of their advantages in this regard is the fact that they are fascinated by systems and procedures and, thus, they will almost always find the capacity to integrate.

The Water element instills a significant development of the Rooster natives’ communication capacities/skills and also their ability to promote their own ideas by influencing other people’s beliefs.
However, the tendency to permanently follow their own plans of ascension or accumulation will make them use other people’s ideas excessively either for accomplishing their own plans/activities or for transforming their own conceptions.

These elements increase to a certain degree the popularity of the Rooster natives, but they also make them more inclined towards constancy and conservatism, and less attracted to new things. Perseverance is the main influence of the Water element.

1969 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Rooster

Earth Rooster’s years:  February 17th, 1969 – February 5th, 1970

The main influence of the Earth element is the reasoning behind any decision taken by Rooster. Combined with the characteristic cleverness that determines them not to take useless risks, they become the most stable representative of the Rooster sign, but at the same time the most cynical and powerful. In fact, maturity, discipline, and safety are their main points of reference.

Family is their paradise, the purpose they exist and work as much as they can every moment, full of care and love. They are warm and protective towards the people love and they do everything in their power to raise the living standards of their families (often because they also want to individualize themselves). But let’s not forget that even earth sometimes shakes.


The Earth Rooster natives are great at multitasking. They manage to always succeed, but they set really high standards for themselves and for those around. These unrealistic expectations can cause some relationship ruptures if they don’t learn to be more subtle.

The influence of the Earth element makes them methodical, efficient and attentive to their duties, which makes them know how to eliminate uncertainties and difficulties, going slowly but surely in the direction they want or it has been assigned to them. Problems occur only when those who are part of their professional environment are clearly incompetent and they don’t censorship their discoveries.


Leaving nothing to chance, this sign will make the best investments as an opportunity of the moment in support and for the effort of having as many resources that can be used fast and efficient, either for investments or for their own needs. Because of this, they have the tendency to become too practical and stingy with money, reaching the point of never risking.

A disciplined educator, an experienced storyteller, and a cruel, determined critic, this Rooster type will work all day and will achieve success based on their own effort.

They have the skill to exploit new activity domains and, balanced by their strong self-preservation sense and their intuition regarding the course of events, they will easily finalize any action.

Emotional, more active and involved than the other Rooster natives, they can go through major failures, their energy being easily directed (the consequence of failure) for negative, selfish purposes in which their reactions are the most cynical and unreasonable.

Personalities: Edwin Land, Baron Guy Rothschild, Queen Juliana, Elia Kazan, Katherine Hepburn, Andrei Gromiko

2017 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster’s years: January 31st, 1957 – February 17th, 1958; January 28th, 2017 – February 15th, 2018

Fire, an element of energy consumption or supply, induces the Rooster sign a constant state of agitation, making the natives seem like they are not able to find their place because of their huge energy that has no possibility to ever be consumed. Dynamic and courteous, generous and idealistic, in most cases they get far in everything they try to accomplish. The reverse of the coin is that they are always impatient and kind of aggressive.

These natives spend a lot of time trying to look perfect in any situation. They are very skilled in organizing social events and they are outstanding leaders. They can be brutally honest when criticizing someone, sometimes to the point of hurting the feelings of those around them.

By having strong principles and being oriented towards success, they will be able to work independently and with great precision and accuracy, often displaying above average leadership skills. They will be unwavering and relentless when it comes to the feelings and opinions of other people and they will act with everyone and in any situation rather fair and professional.

This is probably a full-on star. The natives are powerful, extremely sensitive, and imperative. They are able to work independently and with a lot of accuracy and attention, although they can be nervous and passionate at the same time. They have solid principles and they are oriented towards success, showing leadership qualities above average.

The powerful and hardworking Fire Roosters will remain the adept of their own views, leading their own studies and actions. For them, the personal feelings and opinions of others will have no importance, but they are going to have fair and professional behavior in business.

If things don’t come out as they want, they can become accusatory or they can suffer a lot. Although they have organizational skills and overlooking some of their shortcomings, this type of Rooster has the best intentions. They can project a stimulating, active, and energetic public image.

These natives spend a lot of time trying to look perfect on any occasion. They are very skilled in organizing social events and they are excellent leaders. They can be brutally honest when criticizing others, sometimes to the point of hurting their feelings.

The Fire Rooster is the most unstable sign in regards to the family. But, when the family is stable and no temptations occur, everything goes as well as with the other signs. We should not forget that this type follows his heart more than his mind because the admirable devotion for his family should be rewarded in kind.


The Rooster is far from being an easy-going partner. Although they can’t stand to be criticized, they notice and comment immediately the smallest shortcoming of their partners. In the home of a Rooster, there is no need for a weighing scale: they are able to notice without fail each additional kilogram gained by the partner.

Personalities: D.K. Ludwig, Pope Paul VI, Grover Cleveland, Paul Gallico