1951, 1963, 1975, 1987,1999, 2011 Chinese Zodiac (Rabbit)

The Year Of The Rabbit is a comparatively peaceful time in which conciliatory measures, agreements, and diplomatic settlements will make headline news.

Family matters and issues concerning women and children are brought forward.

Medical advances can be expected, welfare reforms will be debated, and the arts will be given greater prominence.

rabbit chinese zodiac
  • Sign Data
    * Years of the Rabbit – 1903 – 1915 – 1927 – 1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011 – 2023
    * Rank – 4th in order
    * Symbol of – Peace
    * Chinese Name – TU
    * Ruling Hour – 5am – 6.59am
    * Colour – Green

1975 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Rabbit

According to the Chinese Horoscope, the natives born in 1975 (Feb. 11, 1975 – Jan. 30, 1976) are under the influence of the Wood Rabbit animal sign.


The Wood Rabbit natives are emotive and sensible. The natives hold feelings in high regard and they lead their lives following what the heart tells them. Kind-hearted, always ready to help both acquaintances and strangers, the Rabbit natives avoid conflicts, always heading towards calm waters.

The Wood Rabbit natives have very intense feelings, but they never show them in public. They share their feelings only with the people they care about, with whom they are fully open. In turn, in the relationships with the rest of the world, they simply try to be fair and to avoid problems.

This native is a big spender, able to spend huge amounts of money. Luckily, fate will often give them the opportunity of significant earnings, so they will never be broke. Nor will they ever be filthy rich…
Their inherent sensibility also leaves a mark on their interests.

They like art and they know to appreciate a good melody or to make the difference between a good novel and a book written just to sell. Sometimes, the Wood Rabbits choose professions related to the artistic field.

Their natural desire to belong in a group and to stand out only when they are sure of what they are or what they do, it determines them to have atypical financial behavior, which seems to elude any logic. Maybe times are on their side or maybe not, the important thing is that they will not easily surrender to feelings, creating a disputed or untested precedent.

This Rabbit is perfect for family life. As long as their family life is worth it and it rewards them for each family member’s accomplishments, everything is okay. If this is not the case, they will force many situations, exploring their own resources and qualities, without exaggerating. If this doesn’t work either, it will be easier for them to isolate themselves or to run away.

Their cute and tolerant presence, inclined towards (as if created for it) “group” relationships, towards collective efforts outlines a type of individual who will have quite a lot of valuable friendships. The problem is that they need to find this environment and, then, they need to control some of their tendency to stay uninvolved or to suffocate with their help the people who are weaker.

Celebrities born in 1975

  • The American actress, Angelina Jolie;
  • The American golf player, Tiger Woods;
  • The Ukrainian actress and top model, Milla Jovovich;
  • The New Zealander rugby player Jonah Lomu;
  • The British actress, Kate Winslet;
  • The Columbian racing driver, Juan Pablo Montoya;
  • The South-African actress, Charlize Theron;
  • The American singer, Lauryn Hill;
  • The British football player, David Beckham;
  • The Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias;

1963 Chinese Zodiac – Water Rabbit

According to the Chinese Horoscope, the natives born in 1963 (Jan. 25, 1963 – Feb. 12, 1964) are under the influence of the Water Rabbit.

The influence of the Water element shapes a Rabbit more inclined towards meditation, fragility, and emotions than the other Rabbit natives. These natives will have uncommon premonition skills and, mainly, they will be inclined towards thinking and intellectual activities.

Perhaps these things are also caused by an excessive tendency to live emotions, which will create an individual faced with adaptability challenges.

They are very friendly and sociable, so they are always surrounded by friends. Sometimes, they also get stuck with people who want to take advantage of their generosity.

Even if they are aware of this fact, the natives have a hard time getting rid of them because they tend to avoid any conflicts.

The Water Rabbit and the Goat get along well because they have the same goals in life. The Rabbit and the Goat understand and respect each other.

Because they love to spend money and to live in luxury, the natives pay attention to money and, in general, they have a good financial life.

Their investments are planned and calculated long-term and, almost always, they bring the expected results. Their expenses, however, are not calculated as well, so the money they earn will be quickly squandered.

Their partners can consider themselves happy: they live next to someone who will help them every time they need it, capable of self-sacrifice for their sake, which is not at all unusual for the natives of this zodiac sign.


With an outstanding memory and enviable mental strength, these natives are equipped for financial “perseverance” as long as they make sure that what they try to accomplish in this direction doesn’t involve risk or conflict. Safe methods are also the most productive both for our Rabbits and for their loved ones.

These natives have a lot of tact and they are excellent diplomats. As much as they can, they will avoid direct confrontations and conflicts. They have social communication skills and they are very much appreciated for their intelligence, refinement, and great taste they demonstrate on every occasion.

But the true reason the Rabbits are trying to be liked is their desire to achieve their own interests, which they manage to do almost every time.

Celebrities born in 1963

  • The American actor, Johnny Depp;
  • The Portuguese football coach, José Mourinho;
  • The American movie director and producer, Quentin Tarantino;
  • The Russian chess player, Garry Kasparov;
  • The Chinese actor, Jet Li;
  • The British singer, George Michael;
  • The American rapper, Coolio;
  • The American singer, Tori Amos;
  • The American actor, Brad Pitt;
  • Lars Ulrich, The drummer of American rock band, Metallica;

2011 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, the natives born in 1951 (Feb. 06, 1951 – Jan. 26, 1952) and 2011 (Feb. 03, 2011 – Jan. 22, 2012) are under the influence of the Metal Rabbit.


This sign is composed, optimistic and has faith in what the future will bring. Ready to work hard in order to get what they want, the natives born under this sign will often enjoy favorable external circumstances.

They have a good reputation and, usually, the representatives of the other Chinese astrological signs feel honored to be by their side as reliable friends.

The Metal element transfers some of its hardness and sturdiness, something they really need. It will create a straightforward individual, with unwavering confidence in their own strengths and in their useful and efficient manifestation.

The natives of this zodiac sign greatly appreciate art and they get involved in this domain. If they don’t have artistic skills, they will become art object collectors, dedicated bibliophiles or they will be a regular presence in the auditorium of stage performances. Such an invitation is very appropriate if you want to spend pleasant moments next to a Metal Rabbit native.

This type of Rabbit can be mentally and physically stronger than the others. They will make no compromises.

They are very confident in their strength, in their deductive reasoning and observation skills and they are often sure they know the correct answers and solutions to any problem. Admirably, they are able to take any responsibilities and they will get fully involved in their work.

These natives have a good hand in business. All the financial transactions they get involved in are successful. In any career, they will quickly put their mark because of their devotion and correctness.

They are not someone you would want to attract in a contradictory discussion because it’s impossible for them to accept compromises.

They take responsibility, they don’t avoid work and when they commit to something, you can be sure they carry out their promise.

They are atypical, being endowed with a strong character, impervious to any mental and physical pressure that occurs in their life.

When they plan on achieving an objective, things are working smoothly, they trust their own abilities and they are aware of their own qualities and limits.

Celebrities born in 1951

  • The British football player and manager, Kevin Keegan;
  • The British actress, Jane Seymour;
  • Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom;
  • The British singer, Chris Rea;
  • The American actor, Kurt Russell;
  • The American actor, Steven Seagal;
  • The Russian chess player, Anatoly Karpov;
  • The Welsh singer, Bonnie Tyler;

1987 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Rabbit

The people born in 1987 (Jan. 29, 1987 – Feb. 16, 1988) are under the influence of the Fire Rabbit.

He is more extroverted, more open than the Metal, Water, Earth or Wood Rabbits. Although the natives are not looking for popularity or celebrity at any cost, they feel great when they are the center of attention.

Also, unlike the other Rabbits of the Chinese Horoscope, they are ready to take the initiative when they are really interested in something and even a leadership role.

The natives are lucky when it comes to money. It is true that in most cases they make this luck through their own efforts, by working hard. But, in general, they attract money and you can rarely see a Fire Rabbit broke.

In terms of relationships, they are honest with those who don’t lie to them and kind with those who show them kindness. In turn, if they meet people with no principles, they will try to distance themselves as fast as they can.

In family life, the Fire Rabbits will pay special attention to the people they care about, being able to understand them without any words.

Due to the Fire element, the natives are inclined to emotions and they are sincere in expressing their wishes.

In comparison with the other Rabbit natives, they are more apt to lead and they know how to hide their anger with discretion.

Despite their straightforward and ascendant way, they would rather prefer non-direct confrontations with their enemies and they will try to use subtle points or to deal with mediators who are willing to do it.

They are open, spontaneous, they can’t stand injustice and, in many cases, they become the voice of the oppressed. We can meet them as leaders of union trades, human or animal rights defenders or politicians pleading for environmental causes.

They are able to lead groups of people and they obtain the best results as team leaders. Their sense of humor is rather sarcastic, but they are careful not to offend anyone.

The Fire element casts an aura of magnetism and mystery around the Rabbits. The Fire Rabbits live their life to the fullest. They are active, curious, and creative.

Sometimes, if they are provoked, they can have some outbursts, but most of the time, they try to avoid any conflicts or confrontations. The Fire Rabbits are lovely people, who try to hide their feelings, but if they feel it is necessary, they will let them surface.

Celebrities born in 1987

  • The Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova;
  • The Argentinian football player, Lionel Messi;
  • The Columbian writer, Gabriel García Márquez;
  • The British actor, Roger Moore;
  • The French singer and actress, Juliette Greco;
  • The American actor, Sidney Poitier;
  • The Afro-American musician and actor, Harry Belafonte;
  • The Italian actress, Gina Lollobrigida;
  • The American actor, Peter Falk, known for his role as Detective Columbo;

1999 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Rabbit

The people born in 1999 (16 February 1999 – 4 February 2000) are under the influence of the Earth Rabbit.

He is a materialist person, money and possessions lover. In order to obtain more money or to take possession of an asset, they are able to work for a long time, without complaining, thinking only at the final gain. And, most of the time, they manage to get it.

In general, the Earth Rabbits have a reserved personality. Although they live their life at maximum intensity and their emotions are extremely strong, they prefer to show the world a rather immobile figure, without expressing too much enthusiasm or disappointment.

These natives seek novelty, innovation and they get bored quickly of everything old.

This leads to a tendency towards inconstancy.
In the relationships with their loved ones, they are mainly concerned to ensure their every material need. They are able to protect them very well and they take their prosperity as a responsibility.

The Earth element gives the Rabbit natives a remarkable practical and real sense.

They are great advisors, which makes them earn the respect and the trust of those who ask for their counseling.

They like comfort and safety at home and they do everything in their power to protect their families. They put a great emphasis on material things. They like to earn money, which makes them feel safe.

They are constant and less tolerant, but their stability is passive. When they are overwhelmed by problems, because of their introverted nature, they will often internalize their feelings and until they come to an agreement with their inner self, they are not able to act. They will make full use of all the available resources.

Due to their materialistic side, their main desire is to live well and if someone doesn’t agree with their plans, they will be indifferent to their needs. They know how to learn from their mistakes and they will try to overcome them.

If you want to meet a successful entrepreneur, look for an Earth-Rabbit. This is one of the most calculated zodiac signs. They achieve their goals regardless of how difficult is their path.

They are tenacious and they are not afraid to fight directly when it comes to achieving their goals. They are attentive to the needs of their families and they need to fight their own hypochondria tendencies.