1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 Chinese Zodiac (Pig)

The Year Of The Pig

Auspicious for the leisure industry, for gambling, and for trade in luxury goods,
this is a year for conspicuous consumption. As the Sign of the family, the year of the Pig favours all domestic matters.

However, since this is the last in the cycle, principally, it is a year when the priority should be given to tying up loose ends and putting one’s affairs in order, ready to start afresh with the new cycle beginning in the following year.

Sign Data

* Years of the Pig –  1935 – 1947 – 1959 – 1971 – 1983 – 1995 – 2007 – 2019
* Rank – 12th in order
* Symbol of – The Family
* Chinese Name – ZHU
* Ruling Hour – 9pm – 10.59pm
* Colour – Pink

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1995 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Pig

Wood Pig’s years: February 4th, 1935 – January 23rd, 1936; January 31st, 1995 – February 18th, 1996

These natives will happily help their friends and colleagues. As spouses or lovers, they are full of compassion, and they like taking care of household chores.

pig chinese zodiac

The essence of wood, rare or plain, is something without which our life wouldn’t have developed as much. Thus, the influence of this element on the Pig sign determines a real personality, a progressive type, always oriented towards success.

These natives are constantly exploring, having the talent to employ everything they accumulate in the directions they are interested in and which they need in order to protect themselves in the future.

Everything related to people, everything that offers the opportunity to live life at its fullest deserves all their efforts and consideration. They will know when and how to work, when and how to get involved so that their professional life is not a landmark for them. However, they will be rewarded for everything they do, for their trust in people and, often, they will hold important functions and ranks.

The family is the detonator of their feelings and, of course, the one participating first in all the explosions of life.

Expansive, extremely generous, ready to help the people they love, they will be those who will constantly make sure there is no binder person, but a unit full of all the best things. Attention to those who are forgiven too many times! They will be eliminated without hesitation!

These natives have the ability to manipulate others with a lot of authority. They are concerned about their own businesses and earnings, but they are also willing to spend a lot of time on charity and church activities. They like to help people from their community. They are inclined to support social function. They are excellent initiators, and they can manage the financial part of their businesses. With a very kind soul, they will ask for forgiveness even for evil people, and, oftentimes, they are not very careful what people they chose as associates.

With a withdrawn personality, they need a boost from others. Usually, they don’t like to attend social events, and they are rather taciturn. They don’t like to be bothered or bullied. They want to be approached with gentleness and kindness.

Personalities: Francoise Segan, King Hussein, Julie Andrews, Bibi Anderson, Woody Allen

2007 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Pig

Fire Pig: January 22nd, 1947 – February 9th, 1948; February 18th, 2007 – February 6th, 2008

These natives have a dynamic personalities, and under certain circumstances, they can become restless and even aggressive. They are often in an attack position, and they like to hold social power through high positions. They can be successful leaders, but they act rather unscrupulously because they like money very much.

Fire, the element of energy consumption and supply, induces the Pig sign a constant state of anxiety, the natives seeming unable to find their place, with huge energy that they can’t ever spend. Dynamic and charming, generous and idealistic, they usually get far in everything they try to accomplish. The other side of the coin is always related to their lack of patience and their approximate aggression.

The hasty reactions, which are characteristic of the influence of the fire element, make them vulnerable in their investing efforts. However, true friendship compensation occurs, which will almost always save them from major failures. They will need to be careful about the cost of their independence and wishes, which can be rather high.

The Fire element makes them very strong and prone to strong emotions. Thus, they are strongly impacted and motivated by love, which will determine them to accumulate as much as possible in order to offer their families an abundant lifestyle. In fact, family life is something difficult to support by our native, and everything depends on the family members and their attractiveness.

Fire, the element of movement and consumption of resources, will transform the balanced Pig in a person prone to extremes. They will alternate from the extreme capacity to be a real leader for everyone’s well-being and, implicitly, their own, to the capacity to destroy and incriminate others for their own mistakes.

Their advantage is related to an obvious equilibrium that will protect them against many of their own mistakes or induced to others. The excess of energy will make them love adventure and innovation as long as they accept the parameters they create.


Self-confident in their inner strength, optimist and enterprising, they will try their luck in anything, and they will be successful when dealing with a lot of problems. They will be pained and stimulated by love, but aside from this, they will gather wealth in order to afford a meticulous lifestyle for themselves and their families. They will help strangers, and they will be acknowledged for the generous help given to their friends. Although they are characterized by generosity and lack of preconceived ideas, when they are negative, they can become terrorizing, obstinate, and suffering from persecutory delusions. They will prefer manufacturing or production enterprises because they like to use a great number of people when they have the chance.

Personalities: Marshal Montgomery, Cian Kai-Si, Andrew Jackson.

2019 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Pig

Earth Pig’s years: February 8th, 1959 – January 27th, 1960; February 5th, 2019 – January 24th, 2020

In general, they are rather devoted to their job and career, and they constantly find resources to stabilize their position or to ascend, which is so necessary for rewarding their efforts. This way of manifestation is due to the fact that they are the type of people who get very attached to a goal, and they don’t quit until they reach it.

Family is their paradise, the purpose they exist and work as much as they can every moment, full of care and love. They are warm and protective towards the people they love, and they do everything in their power to raise the living standards of their families (often because they also want to individualize themselves). However, let’s not forget that even earth shakes sometimes.

These natives are sensitive, calm, and happy, who will have enough perspicacity for their own advantage. Earth makes them efficient, and they will enjoy working in the financial world or any activities related to it and also planning their own future. Famous for their patience and steadiness, they will choose an objective, and they will not quit until they fulfill it. They have a great life force, which makes them able to withstand shocks and issues way beyond other people’s ability.

Loyal both to their families and work, their diligence and handiness are difficult to surpass. They are able to stimulate both themselves and others. They are sturdy people because they love to eat and drink, but they don’t worry about it.

Their aspirations are not at all absurd, they are reachable. This is why they will find the material stability and the success they are looking for. They are great and reliable friends, stable partners, and friendly clerks. They will look for peace and balance in their family life, and they will avoid troubled places.

The Earth element’s main influence is the reason behind any decision they take. Combined with the fact that it makes them more productive and responsible, they tend to become extremely powerful and stable “members” of the Pig sign. We should not forget about the life force born from the earth potential that makes them bear the hardships of life easier than others.

In order to maintain a good general state of health, the Pigs need to avoid any excesses. When they succeed to combat their laziness and following a balanced diet by integrating workouts into their daily routine, the Pigs are healthy and full of energy.
If they fall prey to the temptation of eating too much and being lazy for long periods of time, they risk digestive system problems.
These natives are rarely affected by stress because they are experts in the art of relaxation.

The Earth Pig is the most stable of all the natives of this astrological sign or from any other point of view. Their critical point is their cynicism. This comes suddenly, just like an earthquake, with no possibility to be stopped and with minimal chances to cope with it. It appears when the natives conclude that what they do is pointless (different reasons have the capacity to instill this feeling). It rarely occurs, but when it does, the cynicism is self-destructive, if they consider it necessary, let alone those who are guilty or not.

Personalities: Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart, Alfred Hitchcock, Al Capone, John D. Rockefeller.

1971 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Pig

Metal Pig’s years: January 27th, 1971 – February 14th, 1972;


They fit into the family stability, specific to the Pig sign, by being extremely loyal to each member of the family, regardless of their compatibility. They are not as romantic as other types of Pig natives, but they compensate through sensuality. Morality is another omnipresent component of this type.

This is a passionate and vain person with very strong feelings, who want to maintain a good reputation. This type of Pig is more dominating and active than others, often having insatiable cravings, and lacking tact and finesse.

They are friendly and open, and they apply less strict control in their personal life. Open-minded, with an artificial personality, when it comes to their feelings, gifted with a fresh mind, they overestimate their friends and underestimate their enemies.

They are not able to keep a secret, and they are direct, trustful, even naïve. Strong and ambitious, sometimes subjective, they can be dangerous adversaries because when they are upset, they can become violent. They will not accept easily any defeat or withdrawal. They will not give up, and they are self-motivated because they are very patient. They are the type of leader always on the move, very powerful, loyal, and with the strength of ten men.


In love, if not careful, they can get hurt because they trust everyone, and they listen to everything they are told. They are very altruistic, and they like to help their friends. Although they are rather gullible, they are very intelligent, and they know how to take care of themselves. When hurt, the Pig natives will carry the pain in their hearts for many years. They find it difficult to say no to those they care about. But, oftentimes, they wish they said no.

This native is more inclined to lead than the other signs of the zodiac, being equipped with an uncommon combat power and faith, and also with the vigor of ten people. But, attention, everything refers only to what fits their plans, even if it seems not to be so (especially because of their patience in waiting for the right moment).

They know the finances they have at their disposal are their source of power but, not a few times, they tend to share with everyone more they should. This will not guarantee a counterweight from fate, but they will primarily count on honesty when they use the money, a lot of it being used as traps or oil to grease principles.

The influence of the Metal element for the Pig native is one of the most beneficial. This sign is oriented towards performance and progress, adept of transforming things through initiative and innovation, so they need the strictness and firmness in speech and behavior induced by the Metal element to become able to constantly follow their objectives, with intensity and no hesitation.

Personalities: Hubert Humphrey, Ronald Reagan, Lucile Ball, Merle Oberon, Rosalind Russell, Prince Bernhard.

1983 Chinese Zodiac – Water Pig

Water Pig’s year: February 13th, 1983 – February 1st, 1984;
They know how to manifest with grace and kindness. They are introverted by nature, but very wise.

They are not excessively concerned by the material side of life, but rather they are attracted by the spiritual or philosophical aspect of life. Because of their detachment, they are able to easily attract money.

The Water element determines a stronger propensity towards moderation, which, together with a very developed intelligence, will create a balanced individual, who always thinks before acting. They will have a lot to gain due to their understanding and conformist nature, and their enviable diplomatic skills.

Once these natives decide something, nothing is able to stop them. Of course, before they take that decision, they weigh all the options, with good and bad. They, of course, want to avoid complications. Sometimes, they overthink things, missing the opportunity altogether. However, they believe in miracles and miracles will not fail to appear. Luck is always on their side. They will always find someone to help them without having to request it.

In most cases, the Water Pig is the type who will obey all the rules, scrupulous, showing good intentions and supporting the weaker people.

In general, the money sector will be dominated by the wishes and emotions of our natives who, although interested in business and earnings, are inclined to spend too much time focusing on other people (charity, philanthropy, and religious activities), or focusing on their own person, having no restrictions or desire to save because they live after the principle “you only have one life”.

This is a tenacious individual when dealing with any task, but working with people and really important issues, full of responsibility are his best choices. Moreover, they are efficient in discovering the hidden desires of those around (or subordinates), knowing how to lead or how to oppose them with maximum efficiency.

On the first date, the Pig natives, apparently, don’t have the most surprising imagination or, at least, so it seems initially. However, the truth is most often the opposite because the Pig natives are capable to play different games because of their rich imagination.

For those who are looking for the uncommon in love, the Pig native is the perfect partner that can offer it. Their personality is slightly tired of conventional love, in and out of the bedroom, and they really need a partner who is willing and able to make some changes.

In conclusion, this is a skillful, subtle, and tenacious type, who has all the qualities and qualifications of an excellent ambassador. Clever in finding the hidden wishes of people, they will have a lot of energy during the conflicts with their adversaries.

However, due to Water’s influence, they always try to see the best side in others, and they often refuse to believe in their hostile intention until the last moment. They blindly believe in the people they care about, and in their faith.

They also believe in miracles and, if they are not careful, others will take advantage of them. These natives are serious, calm, loving people, and they love parties. They show their good intention, and they comply with the correctness of the game’s rules, giving an advance to others with more than half of the handicap. In love, they have strong passions, full of spiritual warmth. When they are negative, they can be obsessed with sex, too much drinking, exotic food, and very luxurious life on other people’s money.

Personalities: Prince Rainier, Lea Kuan Yew, Maria Callas, Henry Kissinger