1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 Chinese Zodiac (Horse)

The Year Of The Horse

Trading is brisk, and emotions are volatile in this fast-paced and exciting year. Fluctuating fortunes, both on a global and personal level can be expected, with spending and borrowing running out of control. However, sports and outdoor pursuits do well.

horse chinese zodiac
  • Years of the Horse – 1906 – 1918 – 1930 – 1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014 -2026
  • Rank – 7th in order
  • Symbol of – Intense Feelings
  • Chinese Name – MA
  • Ruling Hour – 11am – 12.59pm
  • Colour – Golden Yellow

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1990 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Horse

People born in 1990 (Jan. 27, 1990 – Feb. 14, 1991) and 1930 (Jan. 30, 1930 – Feb. 16, 1931) are under the influence of the Metal Horse.

They are the paragon of elegance and enthusiasm, the joy of living and all the forms related to fighting and “bravery”. In general, they can be characterized by the purest, unwavering optimism, which will build them the reputation of a human engine both for themselves and for the people surrounding them.

The people born in this zodiac sign are characterized, in particular, by the tendency to be a propulsive factor of environmental changes (in most cases, positive changes), using everything they have at their disposal to finalize their projects, triumph, and success being paramount for them (especially that almost everything they undertake is orientated towards the greater good).

The influence of the Metal element tends to induce a “sharpening” of some of their senses, such as intuition, but also a desire to constantly “move”, typical for the Horse. We will deal with a more selfish and stubborn person than the other Horse natives, ready to do what is necessary to reach their goals, even if they prove to be rather unruly and, often, unfair, especially when they are in the wrong.


They are loved by everyone, but they are disobedient. Courageous, proud, and demonstrative, they are truly charming. They have a huge capacity to love and a special attraction for the opposite sex. They are gifted with a productive mind and a refined intuition and if they are also active and positive, they can be very constructive. If you want to keep up with this type of Horse, it will not be an easy task because they seem to be everywhere at the same time.

They will never stay for too long without an activity because they are endowed with great recuperative capacity. They always seek to climb to the most unreachable and exciting heights. This is the most egocentric and stubborn of all the Horses. This might be due to an impetuous flow of many amazing ideas which, however, they are not able to manage well.

They constantly feel the need to try something new, something challenging. If they are not positive, they will mandatorily need freedom and they might miss any serious personal involvement because they will be afraid not to lose their freedom or their time.


Hardworking, they know how to request the proper payment for their work and they don’t really like to participate in something with low chances of success and recognition. Picky and capricious, they sometimes take some strange decisions, their agitated, changing, spiritual and independent nature making them quite unpredictable.

They are diligent, economic, and good specialists in finances. But, unfortunately, they quickly lose their interest in something specific.
Very favored are the Horses able to earn money on their own. The small businesses thrive and they are appreciated, attracting new customers, which will allow the Horse natives to be free, at least partially, of any financial worries.

He likes to wander. They are very independent and they treasure their freedom. Any kind of serious situation involving them will surely make them run for the hills, so a stable relationship is not quite a priority.

The Horse natives change their jobs and their partners frequently due to their need for adventure and their desire to explore the unknown. This wild spirit has a great power of attraction. They are better friends than partners because friendship doesn’t get them stuck as a romantic relationship.

The Metal influence, element orientated towards performance and success, creates an intense need to organize and to take responsibilities. Although the Horse natives move and think fast, and they do everything in order to enjoy maximum efficiency with minimum effort, that doesn’t mean they have to complain about the lack of desired results.

2002 Chinese Zodiac – Water Horse

People born in 1942 (Feb. 15, 1942 – Feb. 04, 1943) and 2002 (Feb. 12, 2002 – Jan. 31, 2003) are under the influence of the Water Horse.

These natives are famous for the enthusiasm they dash into the vortex of life and for the way they accept with a smile of their faces any challenge, but, to avoid disappointments, they need to be realistic.

Honest work and perseverance, and the refusal to give up will pay off, but not without having to overcome different obstacles, exactly when things seem simple and smooth. It is preferable to calculate with caution every step, without hurrying and without taking unnecessary risks.

One of the most important lessons they need to learn now is that, in life, not everything depends on them. And when they follow an important target, it is best to choose the safest way, not the shortest. However, in extreme situations, they will feel the presence of their lucky star and guardian angel, watching over them.

They are elegant and pleasant, with a great business sense, but very concerned by their own evolution and comfort. They adapt easily to changes and they are able to make total rearrangements in a second. This wanderer can be the most tireless of all the Horse natives.

They love sports and excursions and they will not let any patch of grass grow under their feet. They have the habit to change their minds often and, with no explanation, to set a completely different course of action.

Sometimes, their acts and thinking are directed towards sporadic outbursts of some nervous but inspired actions. They have a great sense of humor, and when they really want, they can be very funny.

They are very jovial, and they can talk about anything with anyone. If they are negative, they become volatile, picky, and they can display a lamentable lack of care towards others. They should make long-term and large-scale plans and become more stable and loving.

The Water Horse can adapt with ease but is the most indecisive native of all the Horses. Just like their characteristic element, they move in different directions, they act depending on the situation and they change their minds a few times per day. This could create confusion between their colleagues and partners. But this native can cheer you up at any moment before you actually realize they upset you.

The Water determines a greater tendency towards moderation, which, together with a very developed intelligence will create a rather balanced individual, able to also think things in perspective.

Due to their exceptional adaptability to changes and their capacity to react fast and efficient, irrespective of how “profound” is the issue, the Water Horse will be the type who will get the most out of what life has to offer. If they develop their life plans on a greater period of time and at a greater scale, they have all the chances to obtain more than necessary.

Personalities: F.D. Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, Barbara Streisand, Paul McCartney, Raquel Welsh

2014 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Horse

People born in 1954 (Jan. 31, 1954 – Feb. 17, 1955) or 2014 (Jan. 28, 2014 – Feb. 15, 2015) are under the influence of the Wood Horse.

The Wood Horses are open, communicative, and friendly, they have a lot of patience, and they are the most balanced natives of all the Horses. They will never accept being dominated.

They put their thoughts in order and they are capable of a clear and organized intellectual creation. They are cheerful, optimistic, and very active in social affairs. With a developed sense of humor, they will not act selfishly and they will not try to be in the spotlight all the time.


The Wood Horses fall in love quickly and at the beginning of a relationship, they are very involved, having a certain natural sense for romance and seduction. They are “professional” seducers and they will always be included on the lists of the most glamorous parties.

They have the tendency to get totally involved and to dedicate themselves to any new relationships, something that will exhaust them, taking into consideration the speed they tend to always jump from one relationship to another.

Fortunately, these tendencies will lessen with age and they will have stronger and more stable relationships. People born in the Horse zodiac sign need a partner who will take care of them and, at the same time, will give them the freedom to follow their dreams.

They have a casual attitude towards life, they see things in a more detached manner and they need space to express themselves. They are rebellious, but they manage to obtain quite easily the most beautiful things life has to offer. They are frank, so they will always tell what it’s on their mind. In fact, they despise theatrical people and those who always seem to have something to hide.

The women love absolute freedom. They are always concerned about the irregularities and mistakes of those around them. They tend to be cantankerous. They also can become greedy. Being quite restless, they can be easily distracted from their plans.


They are very skilled in communication. Being great communicators, they prefer jobs where it is necessary to interact with people and to enjoy positions of power. The best career choices are journalist, publicist, sales representative, translator, interpret, librarian, tourism agent or pilot.

They can be rich, but they don’t think too much about money. When they have them, they spend them both for themselves and for those around them. Money means nothing for their happiness, but they consider them necessary to help their loved ones.

The Wood Horses are stable, strong people, more capable to take important decisions with confidence. They interact well with others, a characteristic that allows them to have very satisfying professional and personal relationships.


Hardworking, they always know how to request the right retribution for their work, but they don’t like getting involved in any projects if they can’t obtain success or recognition. Picky and capricious, they sometimes take strange decisions, their restless, fickle, spiritual, and independent nature making them quite unpredictable.

Their greatest shortcoming is selfishness and the desire to dictate to those around them, they cannot admit that someone else could be right, they have the tendency to insult people very easily and they don’t apologize. They have strong, firm, and rough personalities, more imposing because of their subtle attractiveness and less because of their physical qualities.

In conclusion, people born under this astrological sign are strong and stable. They manage to collaborate and interact with others very well, which will lead to successful relationships both in their personal and professional life.

The Wood Horses work hard to reach their goals, regardless of how long it takes. They have the ability to view situations from all the possible perspectives, and this ability is useful especially when they need to make decisions. They are very adaptable and they are also funny.

Personalities: Duke of Windsor, Nikita Khrushchev, Chris Evert, Patty Hearst, Rita Hayworth, Ray Charles, Robin Wright Penn, Sean Connery, Stephen Hawking, Vladimir Bukovsky.

1966 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Horse

People born in 1966 (Jan. 21, 1966 – Feb. 08, 1967) are under the influence of the Fire Horse.

The Fire burns eternally within the Fire Horse. They love to live without limits and they are always ready for change. They are extremely stubborn and you will never find them idle.

This is a moody and volatile temperamental type, with splendid thinking capacity and great power of attraction. The changes they want are made by persuasion and force.

Out of all the cycles, they are the most exciting and passionate natives. They might be a bit silly and because of their instability, they will never do anything boring. They have a quick mind, a lot of charm and perspicacity, and the many brilliant ideas they have all the time make them very affable and friendly.

They have multifaceted personalities and they need piquancy and diversity in their lives. It is difficult, but having a double or triple life makes them very happy or if they have more than one job.

They adore trips, they need to know beforehand about future actions and changes and they will work best when they are charged. They don’t often accept to be supervised by others or even by their superiors.

They seek sensations all the time. They can get involved in a relationship with any kind of people and break up very fast. They can solve any embarrassing affair but, at the same time, they like to quarrel. They are deft, with a great ability to concentrate, but they are not tenacious.

These natives like to live on the edge. They love change and sometimes they resort to it just for the sake of changing something in their lives, even it’s completely useless. They are very dogmatic and they will never just stand aside contemplating a situation, they will surely intervene.

The women can be compassionate and also judgmental, they can love and hate with the same passion. However, most of the time, they charm everyone around, generating an irresistible attraction. They are a challenge for those who want to be around them. They become loving if they are treated with gentleness and wisdom.

Any career that involves working with people is perfect. If travels are also involved or something that would ensure that there is no monotony in what they do, it can be said that they will truly go far, reaching the maximum of possibilities. Problems arise from the fact that even here they are quite fickle.

Although they are able to handle any situation, beneficiating of the most ingenious possible reactions, they will encounter quite a lot of financial issues, especially due to their inconsistency and their tendency to invest resources right away, regardless of the efficiency of their actions.

They are some of the most enthusiastic and unstable individuals, ready to live with maximum power, excitement, and passion everything out short lives have to offer. With a powerful intellect, which is representative of any human individual, they are ready at any moment to bring joy to others with their charm and brilliance.

Personalities: Rembrandt, L. Brejnev, Roberto Rossellini, King Faisal, Otto Preminger, Agnes Moorehead

1978 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Horse

People born in 1978 (Feb. 07, 1978 – Jan. 27, 1979) are under the influence of the Earth Horse.

The Earth element has the ability to moderate quite well the tendencies towards adventure and “brilliance” so sought by Horses. Their inclination to do everything based on reason (or at least on a preliminary analysis) makes them wiser and more organized than most of the Horses, but on the other hand, it shows down their movements and reactions and it “induces” a rather linear behavior.

Behavioral controversies also occur in their professional life. Thus, the natives are always aware of where they need to direct their efforts to obtain maximum efficiency. If problems occur and they “prove” that they are not able to handle things on their own, it is only temporary. Shortly, they will reassess and admirably solve the “troubles”, proving that they deserve much more.

They work hard to reach their goals, regardless of how long it takes. They have the ability to view situations from multiple perspectives, and this ability is useful especially when they need to make decisions. They are very adaptable and funny.

Leaving nothing to chance, this astrological sign will make the best investments as an opportunity of the moment to support and in the effort to have many resources that can be used quickly and efficiently either for further investments of for their own personal needs. Thus, they have the tendency to become too practical and too stingy with money, refraining from any risks.


When we are talking about Horses, we primarily visualize a muscled chest, which is the first to face any aggression directed towards them. Because of this, it is obvious why the Horse natives are prone to affections in the thoracic and shoulder areas, with little chances to avoid the major weakness of the lungs and respiratory system. Of course, they will face health issues in the arms (limbs, in general) areas and affections of the peripheral nervous system as well as other issues related to this side of the body.

Family means normal life and social companionship. In the fortunate case in which their integration in a family deserves their entire being, you can be sure that they will never disappoint. If not, they will be like all the other horses – an individual with multiple lives, for as long as possible, without having the courage to make the first step to solve issues.

In conclusion, the representatives of this zodiac sign work hard to obtain what they want and to reach their goals. They have the capacity to see things from many perspectives, which always helps them to make the best decisions. They have an excellent sense of humor and they manage to adapt quickly to a lot of situations.

Personalities: Th. Roosevelt, Kurt Waldheim, Pearl Bailey, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Helmut Schmidt, Leonard Bernstein, Billy Graham, Anwar el Sadat