1940,1952,1964,1976,1988,2000,2012 – Chinese Zodiac (Dragon)

Usually a dramatic year, the Year of the Dragon is a time to think big. The more spectacular, unusual, and bizzare – the better the chances of success. With an undercurrent of luck and the feel-good factor sweeping
through the year, the omens are favourable for marriage, for starting a business, or launching a brand new idea.

dragon chinse zodiac

Sign Data
* Years of the Dragon: 1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012
* Rank – 5th in order
* Symbol of – Luck
* Chinese Name – LONG
* Ruling Hour – 7am – 8.59am
* Colour – Gold

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2000 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Dragon

According to the Chinese zodiac, the natives born between February 8, 1940, and January 26, 1941, are under the influence of the Metal Dragon. The people born between February 5, 2000, and January 23, 2001, also belong to this astrological sign.

The Dragon is unanimously regarded as one of the best signs of the Chinese Horoscope, combining both strength and luck.

The Dragon is a natural leader and also a true expert in the art of making money. In a relationship, the Dragons have the tendency to dominate their partners, so it is recommended to pay more attention to others and to master the art of compromise.

The natives are gifted with a phenomenal work capacity, they are intelligent and charismatic.

Their personality is like a magnet for those around them, they are honest, open, and they like to share their point of view without holding back. They are sincere and always driven by generous and beneficial intentions.

The Metal Dragons are without equal when it comes to self-confidence, considering themselves capable to achieve anything. And, most of the time, they do. Their constructive attitude attracts many fans and supporters, ready to fight for their causes and to assist them as best as they can.

As skilled to inoculate trust in the people close to them, the Metal Dragons are as capable to discourage their enemies. They are fierce adversaries and it is best to avoid open competition with these natives.

The most prominent shortcoming of the Metal Dragons is their stubbornness. It is almost impossible to make them give up on an idea. Also, they sometimes fret too much when they have to fight for their own convictions.

In terms of relationships, the natives of this zodiac sign want total involvement and they like partners who aim as high as them. In turn, the modest, weak people who don’t even know how to dream have no chance next to a Metal Dragon.

The influence of the Metal element on the Dragon natives outlines an individual who can be easily described by the definition as “fighter”, “warrior” with everything it implies: rigidity, the desire to eliminate any evil from their life or the life of their fellow men, “disqualifying” diplomacy in most of their actions in favor to some direct reactions based on honor, glory, integrity, etc.

Money and also everything representing power has quite an obvious importance and it is well defined in the life of the Metal Dragons.

Because of this, there is a balance in their actions between the desire to live unaffected by their social environment (with its financial demands) and the desire to be fair, possessive, and progressive. Beware of the unusual high temptation to take risks!

If they have a leader as a role model, these natives will do everything in their power to become likewise, and if they are in a leadership position, they will help others “rise”. This is why, it can be said that the natives are dedicated to family life, especially if they consider it worth it. So, don’t ever disappoint a Metal Dragon! If this happens, the weaker partner will only have to lose and the stubborn one will be eliminated.

The powerful will of the Metal Dragons is the main engine of their ascension or decline, the element that will determine on which side of the barricade they will be situated in life.

Open and expressive, in most of the cases, they can be rather critical and inflexible, regardless of the person or situation that comes to their “attention”.


  • The American actor, Al Pacino;
  • The Chinese-American martial art champion and actor, Bruce Lee;
  • The Brazilian football player, Pele;
  • The British musician, John Lennon, member of The Beatles;
  • Ringo Star, member of The Beatles;
  • The American actress, Linda Gray (Sue Ellen from Dallas);
  • The American actress, Raquel Welch;
  • The American actor, Chuck Norris;
  • The American singer, Nancy Sinatra;
  • King Constantine II of Greece;

1964 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Dragon

The natives born in 1975 (Feb. 13, 1964 – Feb. 1, 1965) are under the influence of the Wood Dragon.

Boldness is the main quality of this zodiac sign, while eccentricity is the main defect.

The natives push things beyond their limits, always seeking to experiment with everything new, whether it’s the last type of cell phone, innovative ideas, or people in ascension. This is exactly why they can sense a successful person even before they succeed in life.

The Wood Dragons are creative people, they have artistic talents and, at the same time, they know how to appreciate quality art. And in this field, they like innovative, even revolutionary artistic trends.

In the couple, they feel at ease as long as their partners allow them to freely manifest their profoundly original personalities. If any partner tries to criticize or even worse to change the native, the Wood Dragon will quickly leave.

Creative, magnetic, interesting – these are the words that describe this zodiac sign and the Wood element that defines it.

They are genuine, natural people, able to easily integrate into any social environment they interact with. They like to travel, research, to stay informed, but sometimes they are too intrusive and curious, and this could bother some people who are too sensitive.

They are quite unstable in love because they like to explore this sphere of life, so they will never limit to one partner.

The Wood Dragon is the type of individual who combines quite efficiently the fire and the leadership power of what the Dragon typology offers with the idea of life, generosity, and wisdom.

The main influence of the Wood element on the Dragon native is manifesting in a great capacity to adapt to environmental factors. They will always know what position to adopt in all spheres of life for continuous and renewing development of their own activities (or others in the environment they want to access).

Famous People Born in 1964

  • The American actress, Sandra Bullock;
  • The Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves;
  • The American actor, Matt Dillon;
  • The French actress, Juliette Binoche;
  • The American actor, born in New Zeeland, Russel Crowe;
  • The American actress, Melissa Gilbert;
  • The American singer, Lenny Kravitz;
  • The American writer, Dan Brown;
  • The German football player and coach, Jurgen Klinsmann;
  • The Dutch football player and coach, Marco van Basten;

2012 Chinese Zodiac – Water Dragon

The people born in 1952 (Jan. 27, 1952 – Feb. 13, 1953) or 2012 (Jan. 23, 2012 – Feb. 09, 2013) are under the influence of the Water Dragon zodiac sign.

These natives are extremely strong, they have a supersized ego and they accept no compromises under any circumstances. They like to stand out, but they don’t like sudden life changes, they prefer routine and tranquility. They can be rather dominant in a relationship, which gives them a slight relational instability.


The Water Dragon is intelligent and endowed with above-average creativity, which in most cases will ensure success both socially and professionally.
However, the natives don’t like forefront positions and, out of all the Dragons, the Water Dragon is the one who stands out the least. Usually, they evolve only until they ensure their and their family’s wellbeing, without pushing things too far. They are ambitious only until a point and, additionally, they find it difficult to focus on the same goal for too long.

Due to the malleability of this element, the natives of this zodiac sign are also good negotiators. They know to adapt to the mood and the wishes of others, and this helps them both in their career and in their personal life, where they are able to gracefully overcome any conflict.

The water element determines a greater predisposition towards moderation, which along with a very developed intelligence creates a very balanced individual.

As strange as it may seem, the Water Dragon is an exceptional materialist, always seeking power and possessions and often forgetting that success can be ensured only if you have a solid starting ground, especially when you want to own as much as possible it is very likely to be left with nothing (losing everything, even that something uninvolved in the business).


The influence of the water element is soothing and beneficial, offering the Dragon natives the opportunity to efficiently find the necessary resources to act wisely and to do what is needed for their family life.

This type of Dragon is more unstable in terms of focusing their efforts on what they do, being vulnerable especially when tempting elements occur in other direction/activity because they would rather prefer to go with the flow than to fight with themselves. The important thing is to be constantly focused on exploring their own qualities in order to control those areas that seem important.

Famous People Born in 1964

  • Vladimir Putin, former Prime Minister and current President of Russia;
  • The Italian actress, Isabella Rossellini;
  • The Cameroon football player, Roger Milla;
  • The Turkish writer, Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize winner;
  • The Northern Irish actor, Liam Neeson;
  • The Greek politician, Georgios Papandreou;
  • The American actor and dancer, Patrick Swayze;
  • The American actor, Mickey Rourke;
  • The American actor, Christopher Reeve, who played the role of Superman;
  • The American tennis player, Jimmy Connors;

1976 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Dragon

According to the Chinese Horoscope, the natives born between Jan. 31, 1976 and Feb. 17, 1977, are under the auspices of the Fire Dragon.

This is, probably, the most dynamic and interesting astrological sign because the natives love competition, they don’t avoid contests, and “adventure” is their second name. They don’t make any errors in the projects they get involved in because they don’t know what failure means. Supported by luck and stars, they have a beautiful career in front of them, provided that they don’t get influenced by other people’s opinions.

Their intelligence is remarkable and they have the ability to memorize the faces and names of the people they meet, which helps them a lot in life because they will easily make connections between people, places, and facts. They are passionate, but they are focused on their careers and achieving wealth. This is not a family-oriented, stable sign.

They think they are the best, the strongest, the most suitable for a leadership role. And, in many respects, it is true, with the provision that they maintain their self-control.

Money represents one of their absolute priorities.
They like money not for the things they can acquire, but for the power it offers. Small or medium gains are not motivating them, so they need to know that the activity they accomplish can bring them significant amounts of money.

They demand a lot from life and also from the people they love. And, in most cases, they forget to be grateful for what they receive because the Fire Dragons think they are entitled to everything.

Fire, the sign of energy consumption or supply, induces to the Dragon sign a state of constant agitation, of overflowing energy which can or cannot be perceived, based on an incomprehensible request of additional energy from those around or, simply, from fate.

Famous People Born in 1976

  • The French actress, Audrey Tautou;
  • The American singer, Blu Cantrell;
  • The American actress, Reese Witherspoon;
  • The Irish actor, Colin Farrell;
  • The French politician, Francois Mitterrand;
  • The Spanish tennis player, Carlos Moya;
  • The Brazilian football player, Ronaldo;
  • The Italian football player, Francesco Totti;
  • The American actress, Alicia Silverstone;

1988 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Dragon

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the natives born between Feb. 17, 1988, and Feb. 05, 1989, are under the influence of Earth Dragon.

These natives are calm, peaceful, and stable people, but when it comes to taking responsibilities, they become dynamic and hardworking. They like everything under their control, and this could affect their relationships with others because they try to have too much influence on the people close to them.
When their opinions are not taken into consideration, their feelings get hurt and they will bitterly rebuke others.

They rather prefer the executive role than a leadership position, but they are the type of employee you can rely on at any time of day or night. They are very competent and they can be very good team leaders.

The Earth Dragon knows to enjoy the beautiful things in life like nobody else. They have the capacity of Japanese people to admire a cherry blossom for hours on end or to enjoy a forest in the fall’s colors if they have the chance.

As fans of beautiful sights, they also like to be one and to be admired. They can be easily enthralled with compliments and you can win a place in their heart with flattery.

Financially, they are very prudent and they rarely make the wrong investments. On the contrary, their investments are almost always proving to be successful. However, there is a risk – the Earth Dragon could become too moderate and, sometimes, downright stingy.

The Earth Dragon is the type who works ceaselessly to develop their strengths and talents also in their professional life. The subordinate will always find the strength to accelerate the course of events towards accomplishing the plans, and the boss will have the quality of using the inner resources at maximum efficiency.

The family is their paradise, the scope of their life, for which they work as much as they can every moment with care and love. They are warm and protective with the people they love and they do everything in their power to constantly raise the living standards of their families (often because they also want to individualize). But let’s not forget that earth sometimes also quakes.

Because they approach most of the problems with the specific rationality of the Earth’s beneficial influence, our Dragon will be more objective, more rational, and nobler than all the other natives. Additionally, unlike the other Dragons, they have a rather valorous talent to listen to other people and to evaluate their opinions in a fair manner, which will increase even more their popularity (based on recognizing the value of the received advice).

They are noble, fair, sincere, and honest, and elite aristocrats of their environment, even if they are not at the top of the social hierarchy. We should not forget that this type will create around a storm of envy and desire to be overrun, which is why they need to constantly take emotional protective measures, something that will only bring them benefits.

Famous People Born in 1988

– The South-American revolutionary, Che Guevara, of Argentina origin;
– The President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak;
– The American actress, Shirley Temple;
– The German-Turkish footballer, Mesut Ozil;
– The Romanian handball player, Cristina Neagu;
– The Columbian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize laureate;
– The American movie director, Stanley Kubrick;
– The former Prime Minister of China, Li Peng.