1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 Chinese Zodiac (Dog)

The Year Of The Dog

Family life, domestic security, property, and defense are all salient in the Year of the Dog. Concerns regarding the environment and humanitarian issues come forward.

Conservation, animal welfare, and civil liberties will make the news. According to the Chinese, getting married or starting a family this year will bring lasting happiness and good fortune.

dog chinese zodiac

Sign Data
* Years of the Dog – 1910 – 1922 – 1934 – 1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006 – 2018
* Rank – 11th in order
* Symbol of – Fidelity
* Chinese Name – GOU
* Ruling Hour – 7pm – 8.59pm
* Colour – Mauve

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1994 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Dog

Wood Dog’s years: February 14th, 1934 – February 3rd, 1935; February 10th, 1994 – January 30th, 1995

They represent the ideal friend, due to their devotion and kindness. They can be good subalterns or deputy directors. In business, they are fair, they manifest slowly, and they easily submit to the plans made by others.

Honest, polite, and pleasant, these natives will need intellectual stimulation (without taking into account the material stimulation) and they will work hard for their personal development. Their own conscience will always control them in everything they do and what needs to be done, especially because of their beliefs regarding professional hierarchy and the balance created by this social hierarchy.

Having a character that relies on close and durable connections with those they choose as friends or lovers, it is rather impossible for them not to be trusted members of a family. Promoting wealth, balance, and the beauty of their environment, they will do everything in their power to bring their families to the maximum quality possible in their existential environment.

Relying too much on groups of people, they will find themselves in a situation in which there is no one who can get them out on an impasse or who could help them directly and, as a consequence, they can regress because they refuse to take a step without the help/support of others. However, the optimal solution is that in the first moments of their responsible life to learn how to be independent in the ideas of reflex feedback.

This is a gentle, passionate, and charming type of person. Despite their innocence and cautious nature towards strangers, they will foster strong and durable connections with the people they choose as friends and lovers. Pleasant, educated, and reliable, they will need intellectual stimulation and they will work hard for their personal improvement.

Due to Wood’s influence, they are more generous and stable, and they will promote beauty, balance, and wealth in their environment. They are attracted by money and success, but they will restrain from excesses.

In a relationship with a great number of people of all kinds, they will act with common sense and maturity. They are popular and they will tend towards social ranks and refinement, despite their hidden, dogmatic qualities.

Dynamic, cooperative, benevolent, and friendly, they will like to deal or unite with stronger partners. Usually, they orient towards groups of people and they will like to be appreciated, as much as possible, by as many of their associates. This is why sometimes they can regress because they don’t want to take a step without other people’s help. It would be good to learn how to be independent, even if sometimes they will shake their own boats.

Personalities: Voltaire, W. Churchill, Herbert Hoover, Elvis Presley, Ralph Nader, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Carol Burnett

2006 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Dog

Fire Dog’s years: February 2nd, 1946 – January 21st, 1947; January 29th, 2006 – February 17th, 2007

These natives are very loving and compassionate. Because of their kindness, many people take advantage of them. They work hard and they need the help of the people around them to motivate, impel and appreciate themselves.

Fire, the element of energy consumption and supply, induces the Dog sign a constant state of unrest, which makes the natives seem like they are not able to find their place, without the possibility to ever spend all their energy.

Dynamic and courteous, generous and idealistic, they often get far in everything they try to accomplish. The reverse of the coin is their impatience and aggressiveness.

The Fire element makes the Dog natives more creative and clear in expressing themselves, which gives them the power to break any communication barriers. Additionally, if they have the chance to find a very strong model to follow, either in business or, simply, for balancing their professional life, almost nothing can’t stop them on their way to success.

The hasty reactions, which are characteristic to the Fire element’s influence, will make them vulnerable in their investment ventures. However, the compensation of true friendship will occur, which will save them almost always from major failures. They will need to be careful about the cost of their independence and travels because they may be too high.

Although they can be part of someone’s life, they will always pay attention to what they need to do and they will not be deceived by luck, success, wealth, even if they are rather inclined towards permanent search and adventure.


These natives are attractive and very theatrical and they will stand out because of their irresistible and friendly nature. If they need to do something against their will, they will act in a nonconformist and contemptuous manner. They are very attracted to the opposite sex.

Although they can be part of someone’s life, their attention will be directed only towards what they have to do and they will not be fooled by luck, wealth, or success. When attacked, they become very proud because of the Fire element. Although they may threaten, they will not keep their word. But, their bite is as powerful as their barking.

The mighty and positive Dogs have a special kind of charm that attracts people. Their independent and fearless nature is a guarantee that you have nothing to be afraid of, just as they are not afraid of no one. They will always look for new experiences and adventures. In order for them to follow someone as an example, they need to be a very strong example. The best partnerships are with people that can teach them business secrets, people greater than them or people that they can use to gain stability in their lives.

Emotive, more active, and more involved than the other Dog natives, they can suffer major failures, their energy being easily aimed (the consequence of failure) in negative and selfish directions in which their reactions are as cynical and irrational as possible. Moreover, because they are prone to extremes, they can because extremely destructive and they can cause disasters and disappointments by focusing their energy or the energy of those involved in the wrong direction.

Due to the influence of Fire, the natives of both sexes are more pure and creative in speech. They have a strong will and a natural honesty that attracts them.

Their direct nature together with their idealism and faith will help them exceed the aspirations they planned and they can remove obstacles from their lives.

Personalities: Kind Carl Gustav, Ilie Nastase, Liza Minnelli

2018 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Dog

Earth Dog’s years: February 18th, 1958 – February 7th, 1959; February 16th, 2018 – February 4th, 2019

They focus on stability and harmony. They are secretive, which makes them trustful friends. They have the tendency to fall prey to depression if they deal with losses and failures.

The main influence of the Earth element is the reason behind any decision taken by the Dog natives. Combined with the characteristic cleverness that determines them not to take useless risks, they become the most stable/powerful representative of the Dog sign but, at the same time, the most cynical and mighty. In fact, maturity, discipline, honesty, and safety are their main points of reference.

Because of their stability, they are inclined towards clear careers that don’t get affected by the “wind of change”, where there is always something do to, to learn and where they have good and loyal friends. Their efforts to improve their financial life will lead them higher and higher, even if they often don’t know to do anything else but their current occupation.


Leaving nothing to chance, this sign will make the best investments in the spur of the moment for and in the effort to have as many resources as possible that can be used fast and efficient, either for investing or for their own needs, Because of this, they have the tendency to become too practical and too stingy with money, taking no risks.

They are objective people, spreading the sound of justice and of good advice. They are constructive and efficient thinkers, moving slowly but with a well-defined goal. They are devoted to their dreams, but they will obey the rules of the majority. Careful and cautious, they will justly asses the value of money and power and they will have a scale of values from which they will rarely deviate.

Peaceful, kind, but also extremely introverted, they will have enough problems with the members of their own family, but they will often manage to create the best environment possible, despite the “given” conditions, especially because of their ability to know how to impose themselves on others and how to instruct them regarding what is best and wise. Don’t accuse them because “by definition” they are less sentimental.

Very secretive, friendly, and calm, they know how to get recognition from others and how to get everyone ready in an intelligent manner. Due to their high moral standards and their idealism, they tend to surpass themselves and they can demand absolute devotion and obedience from others.

They are less sentimental, but great fighters and protectors. The practical Earth Dog will estimate their own individualism and their desire for respect and they will treat each problem directly, with no restrains. They will not take advantage of the powers that have been granted to them and they will give others tasks and responsibilities with profound accuracy. They will never be subdued by defeats, failures, nor they will get over-excited when they succeed.

Personalities: Golda Meir, Ciu En-Lai

1970 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Dog

Metal Dog’s years: February 10th, 1910 – January 29th, 1911; February 6th, 1970 – January 26th, 1971

Rough and often stubborn, but with a brilliant mind, they can manifest as successful leaders. They are liked in society and their opinions are listened to by others with no comment. They have a lot of charm.

The Dog sign is considered to be under the influence of the Metal element. Because of this, we will deal with a double influence of the Metal element that determines the Tibetans to affirm that this is the Fire Dog.

Thus, we deal with a tremendous extremist individual, with no reference to their behavior, but to their ability to evaluate everyday life, being either very good or very mean, depending on the positive or negative path they have chosen.

They are resolved in their beliefs and very critical when it comes to breaking the law, based on their own interpretation. Their devotion is indisputable and they have very strong political views. Always determined, they will choose a path and they will never deny or disappoint their affiliation.

The Metal Dog is the type of person who needs to find a major goal or cause that is worthy of their devotion. Once they are aware or they select their occupation that fulfills the previously mentioned requirement, nothing will stop them on their professional path, to which they will dedicate themselves for their entire life.

In conclusion, although they are strong, they can’t stand injustice or the craziness of others and, as an extreme measure, they can persuade many people to join them for a cause.

They are the type of people that can never be said to have been caught unprepared. And, in these conditions, even if life, in its flowing, can offer them surprises, both from the people around them and from themselves, they are the type who, if they have chosen a path, they will never deny or disappoint their own affiliation. Additionally, let’s not forget about their own desire to have a happy and stable family.

Personalities: David Niven, Chiang Ching Kuo

1982 Chinese Zodiac – Water Dog

Water Dog’s years: January 28th, 1922 – February 15th, 1923; January 25th, 1982 – February 12th, 1983

The Water element determines the Dog native to have a greater inclination towards moderation, which together with a very developed intelligence will create a very balanced individual, able to think everything in depth before acting. It can be said that we deal with an intuitive individual, who is very difficult to deviate from the wrong path (considering both their interests and their “position” in their environment).
Friendly by nature, they don’t like to hurt others. They can have extremely attractive physical traits. They behave with elegance, good manners, and kindness. They are too thoughtful and they unnoticeable slip into daydreaming. They need strong motivation and motivators.

The financial flair, which is not very present at most native, is unstable and there is a constant tendency towards insecurity of the sign dominated by this element, but most of the time, the malleability of the Water element is able to save them from considerable loses that can destabilize them. An important aspect for them is to exploit their analytical skills and to limit themselves to the results.

These natives will always know what needs to be done so that the family they are part of consider them trustful members or, at least, to suffer as little as possible when they consider they have nothing to do with it. Perhaps that everything is based on their strange capacity to be a refined speculator of the psychology of everyone they know.

The Water element induces in the Dog natives a significant development of their capacities/skills to communicate and promote their own ideas by influencing the beliefs of others. But, the tendency to constantly follow their own plans of ascension and accumulation will determine them to use excessively other people’s ideas either to fulfill their own plans/activities or to transform their own beliefs.

These elements are able to increase to some degree the popularity of the Dog natives, but they also make them more prone towards constancy and conservatism and less interested in new things.


Water Dog Woman
If the native is a woman, she can be very attractive, having glowing beauty. Water gives them additional reflective qualities and makes them very receptive to the opinions of the opposite sex. However, despite their pleasant nature and their democratic attitude, they are not able to establish very strong personal connections with the people who are close to them and when they need to be more resolved, they will be regarded as too liberal.

Water Dog Man

Friendly by nature, they don’t like to hurt other people. Their physical traits can be very attractive. They act with elegance, good manners, and kindness. They are too thoughtful and they are prone to daydreaming. They need strong motivation and motivators.

Personalities: Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Sharon Stone.