Tree of life charm – What Does This Symbol Mean

The Tree of Life symbol represents the blueprint of the human being, a reflection of what is going on inside.

As we choose to nurture our inner nature, we will plant the “seeds” of a better future for ourselves and the world we live in, acting with love, wisdom, respect, compassion, trust, harmony, balance, enthusiasm, joy.

The Tree of Life – a symbol with strong spiritual implications that expresses the harmony between what is Holy and what is worldly, between Heaven and Earth, Creator and creation. It is the symbol that best expresses the saying “on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Being a symbol of life evolution and ascension to Heaven, the Tree of Life, facilitates the communion between the 3 levels of the cosmos: the underground, through the roots; the surface of the Earth through trunk and lower branches; the high, through branches at the top.

Tree of Life Jewelry

Wearing a Tree of Life pendant, bracelet or earrings made by using the symbol of the sacred tree will remind you of the power you have inside you. Which, of course, requires responsibility.

A Tree of Life jewel will act as a sacred map of your energetic inner landscape of all of you, guiding you through the transformations necessary for evolution.

The Tree of Life is found even in Feng Shui, due to its symbolism, this time having the role to provide inner balance.

Especially if you want to wear something that keeps a drop of divinity inside, then these jewellery are a perfect choice.

A Jewel with the Tree of Life can be a special gift for someone who is at the beginning of the road in a new career or studies, because this symbol will provide wisdom, encouragement, self-confidence and stability.


This bracelet with the Tree of Life is associated with knowledge and wisdom, vitality, fertility, connection, individuality, uniqueness, a new beginning, stability, a desire for personal growth, inspiring abundance and prosperity in your life.

The tree of life, with his seeds, branches and roots represents the family tree.

Whether you want to start a family or strengthen the one you already have, The Tree of Life bears importance.

In many religions and beliefs, The Tree of Life is considered a symbol of fertility and keeps the family ties very strong.

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The Tree of Life teaches us how to have a good relationship with ourselves, others, and the Divine, how to balance our emotions, how to quiet our hyperactive mind and raise our level of awareness to make room for intense happiness.

The Tree of Life earrings represents a talisman for balance, peace of mind, spiritual knowledge, wisdom.

Special occasions in your life will become unique if you wear a jewel with this symbol, inspired by nature. Elegant dresses will be beautifully displayed by choosing this jewellery as an accessory.

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Wearing a pendant that has this symbol can help you find strength and stability. A simple necklace with the Tree of Life will keep you inspired and encouraged.

The Tree of Life is made up of natural semi-precious stones corresponding to the 7 chakras (Rock crystal, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Citrine, Carnelian, Sunstone)

The Tree of Life symbol has a connection with Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist tradition: the human energy system with the pranic tube, the energy meridians, the seven chakras. The subtle energetic body contains many tiny energetic channels through which we receive spiritual light from the highest dimensions of the cosmos, of divine creation.

The first chakra is known as “root chakra” and the seventh is named “crown chakra”, heart chakra being the mediator between the spiritual worlds (superior chakras) and material ones (inferior chakras).

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A Tree of Life pendant, bracelet or any other accessory that includes this symbol can be a connection between Heaven and Earth, a connection with future plans. Therefore, focusing on such a gift is one of the most inspiring ideas you might have.

You can choose many types of jewellery that include this symbol and the effect is guaranteed.

Your outfits will be highlighted by these special accessories. Produced with great attention and a lot of talent, they represent the perfect choice for all ladies who want to be aligned with the symbols they wear.

This year, these Tree of Life pendants, amulet bracelets that represent this symbol are in fashion. So, if you want to stand out by wearing a special jewelry, then we recommend you buying such a piece.

With such gifts bearing Tree of Life symbolism, you can never fail, because besides the intrinsic value, they are particularly beautiful, and especially have that uniqueness that is more and more difficult to find nowadays.