Powerful protection amulets for 2021

Amulets and talismans are objects with a very powerful energy charge, having the task of protecting, of attracting luck and of emphasizing important traits that can help the development of the wearer.

Talismans have been used since ancient times to protect against malefic forces.

Amulets emit positive vibrations, which they transmit to the bearer, thus providing protection against evil energies.

It is recommended to wear only one talisman or amulet, which will generate a specific kind of astral or energetic force.

If two talismans are worn at the same time, one will neutralize the power of the other. This is why the talisman is not a transmissible object.

Differences between talismans and amulets:

The difference between AMULET and TALISMAN resides in their role: THE AMULET PROTECTS against certain influences, while THE TALISMAN ATTRACTS or GENERATES specific aspects (luck, success, love etc.). The symbol varies from one amulet to another, because each amulet has a specific purpose. Therefore, it is correct to say:

  • AMULET for protection, AMULET against accidents, AMULET against enemies
  • Love TALISMAN, Protection TALISMAN, Luck TALISMAN, Health TALISMAN etc

In this article, we will present you the most powerful protection amulets for 2021.

Protection Amulets (Charms) against Evil Spirits

Malefic energies influence the health state of human beings, which deteriorates suddenly, with no objective cause. Even if it’s hard to believe, magic spells can get control of our lives, pushing us on the verge of despair.

Safety and security talisman with protection role against enemies and adversaries, against negative energies, black magic and curses.

It offers stability, maturity, wisdom, a different perspective for understanding reality. It also provides longevity.
It alleviates stress, apathy, blockages, frustrations, negative thoughts, and it reduces pessimism.

Wear copper amulets if you want to ward off evil spirits and to protect yourself against curses

Ankh (or the Egyptian Cross)

Ankh, the Egyptian cross with a handle, is associated with an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph symbolizing life.

The talisman represents the breath of life, immortality, eternal life, which is the reason the ancient Egyptian gods were often portrayed bearing the Ankh cross in one hand.

This type of talisman gifts with divine Sun protection, blessing the life of its wearer with luck.

Wiccan Protection Charm

Home Protection Amulets

Display a “Lucky Eye” talisman at your home or office to have your house and your assets protected against enemies and envious people.

“Lucky Eye” or “Evil Eye” is an amulet which, according to the Turkish beliefs, protects against “evil eye”: a type of negative force or malefic power which, through a conscious or unconscious dose of envy or resentment, can hide even in the kindest compliments or glances.

Throughout the entire history of humanity, the eye has been considered a powerful symbol, having the function to protect against malefic forces.

This universal tradition has gained a new valence in glass art, which is 3000 years old and originates from Anatolia, Turkey. Here, a glass art master combines the symbolical power of the eye with the force of the fire, creating a special talisman, called the “Evil Eye”.

Chinese Protection Pagoda

Use this five elements Pagoda house as a decoration – it will provide protection against accidents and illness.

In the Oriental culture, Pagodas are Buddhist temples of knowledge, peace and tranquillity.

They represent the harmony between the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – and they are a very powerful remedy against accidents, financial loss or very serious issues, represented by Flying Star 5.

A five elements Pagoda can also protect you against Flying Star 2, the star of illness and severe affections. In the Chinese year of Rat 2021, it is important to have a five elements pagoda in your house, whether golden or metallic, to ward off the negative energies, specific to this period.

Protection Charms for Travelers

In Feng Shui tradition, Wu Lu is a talisman for health, longevity, for protection during travels (recommended especially for carrying in the cars), for success and luck.

It protects against any accidents, negative incidents, negative energies and thoughts, it keeps at bay bad fortune and attracts luck in any sphere of life.

Recommendation: Best if it’s placed at the house entrance, in the car, next to the bed or if it’s always carried by its owner (in the handbag, on the key ring etc.)

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What Talisman Protects your Zodiac Sign in 2021

Aries and the key symbol

The key is the symbol that protects the Aries natives this year. Wear a pendant with a key or attach a little key to your wallet.

You can also wear blouses embroidered with a key symbol or scarfs with the same lucky symbols.

Taurus – protected by number 7

Taurus zodiac sign is mostly influenced by the numerology’s lucky numbers, and, this year, the most suitable number for protection is number 7. Wear 7 bracelets or a figure 7 silver charm. Always keep 7 separated coins in the wallet and be careful not to spend them until the end of the year.

Geminis and dices

Everyone likes dices. They are some of the oldest symbols of luck, and this year they will bring luck to all Gemini natives. A pair or oversized dices would be perfect for the office, because the Gemini natives are facing career problems in 2020.

Cancer bets on ladybugs

The Cancer natives feel very connected with nature and they need a talisman that would remind them of their affectionate nature. This year, the ladybug or the ladybird beetle is their lucky charm and, probably, many natives of this zodiac sign will soon wear them as trinkets, starting from March 1st, to celebrate the beginning of spring. But it would be great if they keep wearing them all year round!

Leo and shiny crystals

Pendants with precious stones or shiny crystals are auspicious for the Leo natives every year. This year especially, they should wear white, transparent and shiny crystals, such as diamond or zirconium. The light that gets reflected upon these stones will protect the Leo natives.

Virgo needs to wear pendants with the “Evil Eye” symbol

The blue Evil Eye is the best talisman for Virgo this year. It will keep them safe from any trouble and it will protect against any negative energies that might undermine their plans. It is recommended to wear a pendant with the famous blue evil eye every single day.

Libra finds balance with the help of triangles

Any pendant or jewelry in the shape of a triangle will protect the Libra natives from tribulations, envy or jealousy. This year, triangles bring luck in love and in the family life.

Scorpio chooses the horseshoe

Horseshoes made of gold, whether in real size or small and delicate, can protect the Scorpio natives. And they will need horseshoes whenever a business or money come to mind.

Sagittarius needs an anchor

The symbol of sailors and adventures on remote seas, the anchor is perfect for the Sagittarius natives this year. It will protect them during long journeys, because they will want to travel a lot, but more importantly, it will help them maintain a balanced life.

Capricorn bets on four-leaf clover

It is said that it’s not easy to find a four-leaf clover in nature, but the Capricorn natives must really wear one during 2021.

It will be their lucky talisman when very difficult financial and professional issues are in sight.

Aquarius natives need a heart

Men or women, the Aquarius natives must wear a small and discrete heart, whether attached on their bracelet, necklace or on their watch.

It will be their source of positive energy during the key moments when they need to take major decisions.

Pisces natives need a dreamcatcher

You are already familiar with the dreamcatchers resembling a spider web, with hanging talismans and feathers. The origin of the dreamcatcher resides in the native Indian beliefs from North America.

They say that dreams get caught in the web, the good dreams slide in the feathers, while the bad dreams get lost through the dreamcatcher’s middle hole. And the Pisces natives need to escape all the bad dreams this year and learn to keep the good ones.

How to Make a Protection Amulet

Pick a round or faceted crystal, which you previously purified. If you want to wear the amulet on your body, choose a drilled crystal.

Perform an energetic cleansing, keep the crystal in your hand and pray for protection, health, abundance or whatever it is that you want.

State very clearly what you want the stone to do. If you work with a personal deity or with an angelic being, pray to infuse the stone with its energy. If you work with symbols, draw the most adequate symbol with a permanent marker.

Place the crystal in a little sack and carry it in your pocket or wear it at your neck. If you want, you can wear the amulet permanently.

The crystals traditionally used for creating an amulet are: agate, amethyst, hematite, carnelian, chrysoprase, emerald, silex, jade, jasper, sardonyx, smoky quartz and tiger eye.