Pagan symbols and their meanings

Celtic cross

The name comes from the Greek Keltoi, and it was given by Herodotus. It is also known as Odin’s cross – a symbol of the Celts from old Scotland and Ireland, and it represents the four cardinal points.

Some say that, by wearing this talisman, the wearer gains nature protection, and stability.

Most likely, without knowing the true symbol of the Celtic cross, nowadays it is also used as a symbol of the far-right neo-Nazi movement.

Egyptian cross (Ankh)

It is associated with an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, representing life itself, and the pharaohs received such an amulet at birth.

The symbol can also be found on the pharaoh’s sarcophagus, and this handled cross, as it also called, was placed on the chest of the Egyptian monarch. It is, in fact, the symbol of eternal life, of life in death.

The wearer of the talisman enjoys the divine protection of the Sun and is blessed with long life and fortune.

Eye of Horus

Horus, the Egyptian Sun god, lost his eye in the battle with god Set, which was later restored by another god, Thoth. The remade eye is the basis of the legend about the magical power of the Eye of Horus

The legend says that Horus offered this healed eye to his dead father to bring him back to life. 

The pagan cults use it as a magical means of protection against evil. 

Nowadays, it is used by those who need to distance themselves from personal or professional events, to gain a perspective view on life. 

Awen: the symbol of divine illumination

Awen is a neo-druidic symbol of balance. The symbol appears in The Mabinogion, by Lady Charlotte Guest. This is a translation of some old Galician tales and folklore about the legendary King Arthur.

Various neo-druidic groups have different interpretations of this symbol. The three lines are related to the earth, sea, and air, body, mind, and spirit, or love, wisdom, and truth.

Awen represents inspiration and truth. It is a divine symbol of illumination without which you cannot find the truth.


Hamsa is known as a universal sign of protection, and it is used to ward off the people who can do you harm, such as the evil eye.

Known as the “evil eye”, Hamsa is widely recognized for the protection it offers to its wearers.

Hamsa is the Arabic term for number “five”, and it represents the five fingers of the hand. It is one of the best known universal symbols for protection.

Phoenix Bird

A universal symbol of the Sun, rebirth, and resurrection, this legendary red firebird was believed to die cyclically in its self-created flames, to be reborn from its ashes. It is associated with the worship of a merciless sun or a sun deity, such as the Mexican god, Quetzalcoatl.

For alchemists, it symbolizes destruction and the creation of a new form on the way to the final goal: the philosophers’ stone.

Tree of life

The tree of life has been a representative symbol for a vast number of cultures and religions from all over the world.

Also known as the “Cosmic Tree”, the tree of life is associated with birth, life, death, and rebirth in the circle of life.

From Christianity, we learn that this tree was in the Garden of Eden. From this tree, Adam and Eve took and ate the forbidden fruit.

The tree of life is used by shamans to travel between the three worlds – the upper, lower, and middle worlds, and it is considered sacred by those who practice Asatru. Also, it is believed that this tree represents a metaphor for the human brain.


A Tao Chinese representation of the universal harmony and the unity between opposites: light-darkness, man-woman, etc.

Yin is the dark, passive, negative, feminine principle, while Yang is the light, active, positive, masculine principle.

Because it is a configuration of monism (all in one) and of pantheism (everything is God), it is contrary to Christianity, respectively, to monotheism.

This symbol is the expression of the consensual process, the vision of global unity, and the merging of opposing energies at the core of Holistic Health.

Evil eye

The eye has always been considered a powerful symbol, which has the purpose of protecting against malefic forces.

It is a pagan symbol, which attracts more and more people, although some of them have no idea what it symbolizes. The evil eye is very popular in Turkey, but also in Greece, a talisman worn to guard against the evil eye and spells.

In Turkey, it is known under the name of Nazar Boncuk, and it can be seen hanging above doors, applied on the clothes of babies, worn as a necklace, or hanging on the rear-view mirror of the cars.


This is the symbol of the pagan religion Wicca, and it is commonly accepted as a symbol of the human being.

It is said that those who wear this symbol are protected against evil. The upper point represents the spirit, and the other four points represent the four elements.

Triskele: the symbol of the course of nature

The triskele is an ancient, 5000 years old Irish symbol. It represents the unity of number three, which is sacred for Celts.

For Celts, the three elements are the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Also, it symbolizes eternal life, the course of nature, and spiritual growth. 

The Celts believed that everything comes in three. The symbol can be found at Newgrange, dating back to 3200 BC, in the Neolithic period. It also appears on coins and clay pots in Ancient Greece. 

The triskele is the symbol of Sicily, which is an old Greek colony. 

Triquetra: the symbol of eternal life

Also known as the Trinity Knot, it is similar to the Ouroborus, the ancient symbol of infinity.

The Triquetra is an overlapping continuous line, symbolizing the beginning with no end, an eternal spiritual life.

The Celts believed that everything in life has three stages. Also, they believed that there were three elements, three realms, three relationships in the past, present, and future.

The Triquetra is sometimes drawn around a circle, symbolizing the union of the parts.


Wrongly used as a symbol by many health organizations, the caduceus is the symbol of Hermes and depicts two snakes coiled around a winged staff.

The caduceus offers the basis of an astrological symbol, representing the planet Mercury.

This symbol is also a representation of life energy. The two snakes represent the Kundalini energy, which rises from the base of the spine, one feminine, and one masculine.

Lucky crystals

It is said that by wearing the crystal that suits you, you can attract auspicious energy in life.

Picked based on zodiac signs, the birthstones are amid favorite amulets. They are made of minerals, which create special energy, the color of the stone being as important for each zodiac sign.

In general, it refers to semiprecious stones, the wearer of a diamond with many carats couldn’t be considered anything but lucky.