Hand of Fatima charm – meaning and symbolism

Hand of Fatima’s meaning in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

Hamsa is a pre-Islamic symbol that has existed for several thousand years in the Mediterranean basin. Today, “Hand of Fatima” or khamsa is the most important symbol for protection in the Muslim world.

It is a double symbol because it protects against the evil eye, and, at the same time, the five fingers of the hand represent the five pillars of Islam, respectively, the five duties of any Muslim, corresponding to the Christian commandments.

It is called khamsa, number “five”, in the Arabic language, or “the hand of Fatima”, after the name of the prophet’s daughter who, according to the legend, placed the hand in front of her eyes to defend against the evil eye. 

There are representations whose stylization deviates from the original hand, but they always maintain the five beneficial points.

After hamsa was claimed by Islam a few centuries ago, nowadays, it is an increasingly popular symbol in the Christian world.

The hand of Fatima – a religious symbol

Wearing jewelry such as the Hand of Fatima represents a very well-known symbol of protection, being regarded as a sacred symbol in many religious cults.

The Hand of Fatima is a powerful Arabic talisman. In different cultures, its name is Hamsa, and it is a symbol of protection against the evil eye.

The origins of this talisman are not entirely known. It is said that Fatima was Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, born by Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet. 

How does this talisman help you? It pushes back and repels negative thoughts, glances, and energies, which are bringers of the misfortunes people face during their lives.

It is a symbol of protection and good luck. In the past, the pregnant women from the Orient enhanced their bodies wearing this talisman.

This way, they could successfully bring the pregnancy to term, away from bad luck and all evil.

Hand of Fatima charm: necklace, bracelet

Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima is a powerful talisman, worn as a gold or silver jewelry, but it can also be used as a home decor object since it is considered to bring prosperity and luck in any house.  

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Hamsa is a talisman with a powerful impact on the lives of people, and it manages to go beyond any cultural and religious barrier. For many nations, it is no longer just a simple talisman, but a symbol of hope and world peace.

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We can easily say that it can also be a very inspired gift, especially for those who want to protect their loved ones.

Good luck charm: How to wear the Hand of Fatima?

It can be worn with the fingers pointed upwards or downwards, both positions offering the wearer happiness, peace, prosperity, and protection. The hand of Fatima necklace is an Anatolian (Turkish) jewelry and it carries a special meaning.

If you are looking for talismans and amulets you can wear, convinced they have the power to protect you, well, this symbol is what you need. 

Hang this amulet at the entrance to the house, and you will protect your family against misfortune and disasters. The Hand of Fatima will bring abundance, fertility, luck, and health in the house.  

The Third Eye

In Indian religions, both Hinduism and Buddhism, the divine eye appears as the third eye, marked with a point in the middle of the forehead, between the two physical eyes. 

The symbol of the third eye is also called the inner eye, and it renews the belief that, just like Shiva or Buddha, every person has a third eye with the role to focus on its hidden, inner power, to see beyond the material aspects of this world.

For the Buddhist or Hindu believers, the world whirls in confusion, so people no longer use their third eye to see it as it truly is, to ward off darkness around them, and to make space for light and wisdom. In Taoism, the third eye is also called “The Mind Eye”. 

In the Islamic world, the symbol has evolved in „hamsa” – the evil eye, later on becoming “The Hand of Fatima”, and in the Jewish culture, “The Hand of Miriam”,

The unique, lidless eye is otherwise a symbol of Essence, and divine knowledge. Regarding the evil eye, this unifying characteristic probably helps to nullify envy and the protection of the person who wears the amulet. 

As an amulet, it is often used to protect against any negative energies and energetic attacks.